Additional Aliens in AH PUCH AND SYCORAX

New Aliens from Ah Puch and Sycorax

These Additional Aliens are from a DNA bottle forgotten by Vilgax. The aliens have strange abilites and We'll view each of them.


Icestone is a sample of a Pedrofriggians from Moon Plutoniu. Icestone can manipulate ice and stone. It can fly. It can enlarge his hands or body like Humongosaur. Icestone is the mixture of Bigchill, Chromastone and Humongasaur.


Megaray is a large rayfish like creature that produce electricity and fire from his body. Its homeplanet is Aeropela, which is also the home of Jetray's. Megaray can swim through oceans in speed of a tornado. Unlike Ripjaws, they can stay in land forever too. It is a mixture of Jetray, Brainstorm and Ripjaws.


Electroguana are four legged reptile with a long tail with scaly skin. It can shoot electricity from its eyes. Electroguana cannot fly but jump. It is a hydraphotonian from Planet Photon, which is a small planet with strong gravity. Electroguana can alter gravity in an area and sometimes make air pressure go wild.


Mummystar is a wrapped mummy with a star on its head. Unlike Benmummy, Mummystar can freeze everything that is stone and grow his hand. He can float above air even if there is no wind. His leather wraps are too hard that Benwolf's fangs would break. Mummystar is from Planet Anur Noxo, near the home planet of Ghostfreak. It is a Mummiya Photona.

Ah Puch

Ah Puch is a minor villian in the episode, "Ultimate Weapon" where he was protecting the sword of Ekchuah. In the rubble, he hibernated and was freed by Vilgax. Vilgax asked him to help him defeat Ben. Only to be sent flying by Sycorax and Ah Puch was defeated. After that, it was found that Ah Puch was just an Alien. Ben absorbed the DNA of Ah Puch. Ah Puch is a Deuian from Planet Infernal Deus. His powers are too powerful for Ben to use. His powers are using big fire bolt and becoming invisible. Others are levitation, super strength and freezing.

Corona Storm

Corona Storm is a fire aliens with a rocky skin. It is like an Anodite and is made of pure fire elemental energy. It can fly, shoot out fire blast, make a fire barriers, deadly storms and energy circles. It can make Dimensional vortexes. They are Vritraians from Planet Agnis.

Weaknesses of Each Aliens

Aliens Weakness
Icestone Deadly Heat
Megaray Laser in eyes
Electroguana any insulator
Mummystar Fire
Ah Puch Magic or chemicals
Corona Storm Water or anything that kills fire