Moranna Ceres
MorannaSS S3
General Information
Species Cybernetically Augmented Human
Home World Earth
Friends Napoleon Eldridge
Relatives Isaac Logical (By Marriage)
Theodore Logical (Son)
Age 41
Status Alive
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Natural Abilities
Equipment AemuTrix
Associated Tarot II - The High Priestess
First Appearance The Hero



After an unknown number of years where Moranna, Tech (now going by Isaac), and Napoleon continued hero work, the three decided to settle down a bit and move on with normal lives. During the aforementioned period, Isaac and Moranna had slowly developed a relationship, which continued even after moving along in life. They eventually married and had a single child, Theodore Logical.

Initially needing quite a bit of assistance from Aquadilus as neither of them had any idea how to care for a baby, Isaac and Moranna eventually became good parents in their own right. They both agreed to keep their dangerous past largely a secret from Theo, as not to involve him in any returning issues that may arise.


Moranna retains her cybernetic implants from adolescence, which enhance her speed, strength, and durability, among other things.


Moranna's basic physical appearance is largely unchanged, with exception to the normal changes that come with maturing in age.

Her outfit consists of a light purple shirt and purple jeans with gray shoes and a silver-buckled belt.


While still somewhat quiet and reserved, Moranna has opened up a bit more, becoming more amiable over the years. Her attitude in general is fairly lighthearted compared to her older personality.



Though she doesn't use it very often anymore, Moranna still usually keeps the AemuTrix on her person in case of an emergency.

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