MoonSystemThe Moon System is a large group of moons orbiting Object 129. The moons are home to the Moonflowers in Pokémon Sky. Its planet is in the Triangulum Galaxy.


There are many moons in the Moon System. Some are water filled, some are magical, and some are beings themselves. They are all filled with color, unless the Big Bad attacks.

The planet is covered mainly in highly elevated plains and very chaotic seas. The large landmasses and lack of inhabitants made it an easy new homeworld for the Megasaurids.


All moons are threatened by a monster called the Big Bad. No one knows where it came from or what it wants. It moves through the System as it pleases, if it can please, destroying moons. The Moonflowers try to fight it, but they almost never win. However, with enough Treasure Trees, a Moonflower could win. However, this usually requires multiple Moonflowers and favoritism from Little Dreamer.

Known Inhabitants

Main Planet

  • Megasaurids


  • Moonflowers
  • Mazzadrils
  • Alterlings
    • Hemka
    • Zikoros
    • Little Unicorns
    • Flochis
    • Slooths
  • Sentient Topography
  • Moon Creatures
  • Big Bad
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