Moon-Lee is a modest and down to Earth Anodite, who became Xadim's love interest

Moon-Lee is in fact an Anodite, who became Xadim's love interest after spending some time with him. Here's the official information about her:

Although Xadim still cherishes the memory of his old deceased girlfriend, he decided to start his love life all over again, and during one of his adventures, he met a beautiful young Anodite called Moon-Lee. Unlike a few anodites, Moon-Lee was down to earth, ( But with some Wild Imagination And a fiery personality) modest about her powers and loved to spread justice and happiness, and was fond of new cultures, including the humans'. After some time spent with Xadim, they both became Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Moon-Lee's favorite Color Is magenta Mauve.

In her Human form, she looks like a stunning Redhead with a graceful body, who wears round glasses.

Small image of the 2 main couples of Imad 10 made for Purple Month October against bullies.

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