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Moolinda Wu is the professor of life magic at the schools of Ravenwood.


Moolinda Wu is a white cow with black hooves. She has black hair, and a yellow pony tail-like object in her hair. Her ears are pink, along with her nose. She wears a brown and green robe, with a brown and light green rope-like part in the middle.


  • Life magic


  • Death magic


Not mutch is known about Moolinda Wu's history, except that she used to live on MooShu. She replaced Sylvia Drake, Malistaire's wife, when Sylvia died. This meant she was know the life proffesor at the school of magic in Ravenwood. She was one of the first people in Wizard City to ever do gardening.


She is completely gratefull about everything, since she is also trying to make a good thing out of everything. She is very peacefull, and nice.