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General Information
Species Moonflower
DNA source Maroshi
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Arbokinesis
Emotion Control

Moodswing is the Omnitrix’s DNA sample of a Moonflower from the Moon System.


Moodswing appears similar to Maroshi. He wears a reverse of ten year old Ben’s shirt. He wears brown pants and green shoes. He has the standard Omnitrix belt.

Powers and Abilities

Moodswing’s white tips change color based on his emotions.

  1. Red - Anger
  2. Orange - Wacky
  3. Yellow - Happy
  4. Lime Green - Fear
  5. Dark Green - Mellow
  6. Teal - Pretty
  7. Blue - Sad
  8. Purple - Brave
  9. Lavender - Inspired
  10. Pink - Love
  11. Black - Despair

In possession of a Treasure from the Moon System with a Mood Glow they can supercharge it with their emotion, giving it their color. They can then throw it on the ground to grow a themed Treasure Tree. The Treasure Tree can be used for cover, elevation, cushioning, and protection from dark magic. The fruit juice forces the emotion of the tree on the person who eats it, except for black Treasure Fruit, which is acidic. Black Treasure Fruit can also show the future to those who are skilled in growing Black Treasure Trees. However, Moodswing is not.


The Treasure Trees can be cut down or uprooted, which makes it lose its power. Uprooted Trees can be replanted, however.

Black Treasure Trees do not protect against dark magic. The only redeeming factor (the acid), is hard to access, as the user must be depressed.


Mood swings are rapid changes of emotions and and people swing from trees.


  • I originally was going to make Moodswing non-canon, but decided against it.
  • Moonflowers, Moodswing’s species, belong to Hasbro.
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