General Information
Species 1/2 Moonflower

1/2 Sentient Chemicoal

Home World 1/2 Moon System

1/2 Chemicon X

DNA source 1/2 Kiyoshi
Body Armored Flower Teen
Powers and Abilities
Voice Actor Marcus Toji

MoodMatter is the Biomnitrix's DNA fusions of a Moonflower and a Sentient Chemicoal from the Moon System and Chemicon X in Pokémon Sky. He is a fusion of Moodswing and MindMatter.


MoodMatter look like Moodswing using MindMatter as armor. MindMatter’s arms hang near him.

Transformation Sequence

Ben 1000 turns into Moodswing and gets MindMatter armor.

Powers and Abilities

MoodMatter’s white tips and crystals change color based on his emotions.

  1. Red - Anger 
  2. Orange - Wacky 
  3. Yellow - Happy 
  4. Lime Green - Fear 
  5. Dark Green - Mellow 
  6. Teal - Pretty 
  7. Blue - Sad 
  8. Purple - Brave 
  9. Lavender - Inspired 
  10. Pink - Love 
  11. Black - Despair 

In possession of a Treasure from the Moon System with a Mood Glow he can supercharge it with their emotion, giving it their color. They can then throw it on the ground to grow a themed Treasure Tree. The Treasure Tree can be used for cover, elevation, cushioning, and protection from dark magic. The fruit juice forces the emotion of the tree on the person who eats it, except for black Treasure Fruit, which is acidic. Black Treasure Fruit can also show the future to those who are skilled in growing Black Treasure Trees. However, MoodMatter is not.

Another of MoodMatter's abilities is his Telekinesis, which allows him to manipulate matter with his mind. This is how he and his hands can float. Remaining more than a few feet off the ground is straining on him.

Being partly made of crystals, MoodMatter is highly durable.

MoodMatter can dig his crystal into the ground to grow Teal Trees regardless of emotion.


The Treasure Trees can be cut down or uprooted, which makes it lose its power. Uprooted Trees can be replanted, however.

Black Treasure Trees do not protect against dark magic. The only redeeming factor (the acid), is hard to access, as the user must be depressed.

If his Telekinesis is ever somehow nullified, his crystals will collapse into rubble.

MoodMatter’s telekinesis can be rendered useless by creatures with greater matter manipulating abilities than he has, like Galileans.




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MoodMatter is a combination of Moodswing and MindMatter.


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