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He is similar to Teleportal, in being a monkey.



Home Planet[]



He looks like a normal monkey except he has diffrent, more alien like eyes and has gloves. His fur is dirty blonde, but is still pretty light. He is swift on his feet and has hollow bones, that make him very light. His tail is prehensile and moves around uncontrollably, but calmly, unless Monk-ey is actually using his tail as a hand. He makes very swift movements and is very hard to hit. He is also rather small like my other alien, Turbine, so he is somewhere between 3'0" and 4'0". His ears are round at the base, then flat at the top. His nose is black and rather dog looking. Also, his toungue is bright, neon pink and is very short, but fat. He also has pretty sharp teeth. His is rather acrobatic and like a gymnist. He has a metal staff that can shrink up and it held in a little compartment in his left glove. His fur is neat, but every once and a while there is a sticking up piece of fur. His feet are pretty flat, except in the middle it gets lower, allowing his feet to be perfect for climbing. He is a would more be considered a brain alien than a brawn one. He speaks very spirtually and is proven to be quite wise. He is a very calm species.


None yet


  • Levitation
  • Super Agility
  • Super Balance
  • Spiritual Fighter (As in the way of making fast movements only in self-defense)
  • Wall Climbing (As said in the description, his feet are perfect for climbing and his hand can grip even a flat surface)
  • Prehensile Tail (Can be used basically as a hand)
  • Minor Emotion Control (As in turning people calm and happy or making them worried, angry, or sad, but it requires a lot of concentration, he also barely uses this ability)
  • Telekinesis


  • When he is levitating, his defenses go down minorly and makes it harder for him to dodge
  • Sometimes his tail just doesn't react fast enough or doesn't listen at all
  • If the surface he is climbing is too flat, with absolutely nothing, not even a crack, it makes it more difficult for him to climb.
  • His Minor Emotion Control takes a lot of energy even though it is minor
  • He needs to plant his feet down firmly to use his Super Agility
  • His telekinesis may not work, depending on the weight of the object


  • His original name was Tele-Ape.
  • He was going to have teleportation until I found out about Teleportal
  • His species was almost wiped out, kind of like the Aburian Perlotas, now only few remain, one or two being plumbers.
  • He also was originally going to be able to multiply