General Information
Species Microbio
Home World N/A
Body Orbs
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Conditional Molecule Manipulation
Classification Undefined
First Appearance TBA

Molecinite is an alien from Tech 10: Combalien Evolution.


Molecinite's abilities include:

  • Conditional Molecule Manipulation
    • Molecinite has the dormant ability to manipulate molecules and molecular bonds in various ways; however, Molecinite himself lacks the willpower to use this ability, as it takes a tremendous amount of concentration.

      As such, he can only use this ability in accordance with the will of another person; if their goals align, he will be able to funnel their willpower into using this ability. The easiest method of doing this is making "deals" with those around him, which will automatically allow him to call upon their willpower.
  • Flight


Molecinite is a green and white orb-like alien about the size of a golf ball.

His primary body is modeled in shape (if not necessarily color) after a water molecule, being comprised of two small white orbs and one large green orb that forms his main body.

He has one large black eye with a thin green pupil, and the Ultimatrix symbol is on the lower half of his front body.


Molecinite's small size and lack of limbs can prove problematic at times.

Planet and Species Information

Molecinite is a Microbio from the Milky Way Galaxy.

Microbios are a rare form of life that comes into existence when seemingly random atoms and molecules somehow clump together into an orb, becoming a sentient living thing that rather bafflingly seems to have DNA.

Scientists are still investigating the causes behind this odd phenomenon, but as the Microbios seem to break several basic laws of physics by merely existing, not very much progress has been made.


  • Molecinite was created in 2008, as part of the very first alien set CaT ever made, along with Carbon, Velcrosaur, Steelth, Shard(now Shadard), Airthrower, Phsyicic(now Psikick), Rockoustic, Calcus(now Calkules), and Electrolyte(now Electrolite). At the time, Molecinite himself was called Molectur.
  • Molecinite's personality is somewhat wry and sardonic in nature, usually overwriting his user's normal personality to a certain extent.
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