General Information
Species Galvanic Mechamorph
Home World Galvan B
Alternate Counterparts Upgrade


Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technological Enhancement
Eye Beams
Voice Actor Kyle McCarley
First Appearance Ben 10: Into the Omniverse
Mod is Derwin’s Omnitrix’s DNA sample of a Galvanic Mechamorph from Galvan Prime’s moon Galvan B.


Upon transformation, Mod looks like an Upgraded Otto Maton. His antenna has a Wi-Fi symbol on it.

His true body looks like Malware’s first form. The lines are not pointed like Malware’s however, and they are white. The eye is also complete.

Powers and Abilities

He has the technical powers of all Galvanic Mechamorphs. Despite his Malware like appearance, his powers work normally.

He starts out Modding Otto, meaning he has access to all of Otto’s powers, such as Weapon Generation, Explosions, Indestructiblility, and Reality Warping.


Being made of metal, Mod is vulnerable to electricity and mangetism.


In Past Aliens Present, Mod takes down the Giant Robot Cerebellum.

Mod fights Malware in Trouble Helix.

Fistina becomes Mod in Inspection 13.

In Derwin 13,000 (episode), Derwin posseses a hoverboard as Mod.

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