Mixtape Bro
General Information
Species Sonorosian
Home World Sonorosia
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sonokinesis
Sonic Screams
Mixtape Meltdown
Sonic Fire
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Equipment Bro Headphones
Bro Medallion
Bro Belt
Bro Kneepads
Bro Shoes
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Unknown
Yo, bro, mixtape coming soon and when it drops, imma spit that SONIC FIRE!

–Mixtape Bro

Mixtape Bro is the Brotrix's DNA sample of a Sonorosian from Sonorosia and the Dimension 7 equivalent of Echo Echo.


Mixtape Bro looks similar to his Dimension 1 counterpart, but he's got the bro makeover, bro! He wears the bro headphones on his head, as well as the bro belt around his waist and them bro kneepads and bro shoes, bro. The circle shaped indents on his arms are dark orange, bro. He wears the orange bro chain around his neck, with the bro medallion showing a mixtape on fire, bro. His eyes and the inside of his mouth are dark orange, bro.

Mixtape Bro wears the Brotrix symbol on his chest, hidden behind the bro medallion, bro.

Mixtape Bro sounds similar to his Dimension 1 counterpart, but his voice is enhanced by the bro effect, bro.

and Abilities

Same as his Dimension 1 counterpart, bro.


Same as his Dimension 1 counterpart, bro.

Mixtape Exclusive

Where you at, Bro? by Mixtape Bro

Mixtape Bro is standing at the top of a barren hill, watching the battle that is unfolding below: Dozens of Sonorosianssss are fending off Chronosapiens, Supreme Order forces and Shadow Beasts. Among them stands a tall, dark blue robotic humanoid, with dark blue drones orbiting around him, guiding them into the battle. Mixtape Bro begins tapping his right foot to the ground.

Yeah...This is getting serious...yeah...bro...(mixtape coming soon 3022)...Okay here we go, bro!

Yo, bro, where is Matruence at?

Looks like he disappeared, like a wet cat!

(Ooh, that's gotta burn!)

Sending his minions to do his dirty work...

You know who does that? A dork!

Come on, bro, I'm bringing the heat!

All you gotta do is face me, that's it!

Maybe you ain't got the guts.

Rhymes iller than the Black Plague rats!

(Too soon, bro, too soon)

I'm gonna ask this again: Where you at, bro?

Where you at, bro? (Yeah!) Where you at, bro?

Where you at, bro? (Yeah!) Where you at, bro?

Look, Mal, you ain't gonna ruin my day.

I bring the thunder, I say thee nay!

I got bro things to do, a bro universe to save.

So stay hiding in your little cave.

Anyway, that's besides the point.

Admit it, I just killed you in this joint.

There's no way you can recover from this!

Face me and then we'll...we'll...

Uh, bro, I gotta find something to rhyme...

Looks like I got dizzy from all those travels through...time!

Where you at, bro? (Yeah!) Where you at, bro?

Where you at, bro? (Yeah!) Where you at, bro?


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