The name of this series is completely original and is not a parody of anything. It is simply a mere coincidence that a former governor of Massachusetts and United States Presidential Nominee was named Mitt Romney. In fact, if it wasn't, it would be Mitt Romney that is a parody of this series.
Additionally, any comedy found within this series is not intended to be offensive or inappropriate. Nothing out of this series is intended to hurt Mitt Romney, his family, friend, fellow party members, or any of the human race except for Chuck Norris. We don't really care about him. Oh crap, he heard us...
Also, when viewing this page, keep in mind that:
  • Our political views are not reflected in anyway by the content of this series
  • We are not associated with either political party
  • This series is meant to be a comedy, even the disclaimers, although if anything is meant to be serious it is the disclaimers
As a final precaution, we are unfortunately forced to rate this series TV-14 due to politically incorrect and satirical humor and brief references to terrorism.
If anyone has a serious objection to the point where they feel extremely threatened by the content of this series, then they can report it on the discussion thread.

Mitt 10: Romneyverse was a series created by Paper and AB. It was cancelled after only a few episodes. It is located on Earth-47 of the New 52 of BTFF. See what I did there?


The series followed a boy named Mitt as he finds the Romneytrix, gets transported into an alien city, and goes on wacky adventures.



  • Mitt Conners
  • Paul Cannyn
  • Sarah (Earth-47)


  • Superbird
  • 47 Arms
  • Bindblast
  • Wolfbane

Recurring Characters

  • Priemuth


  • Khyden
  • Leahware
  • Dr. Obamos
  • Osama ben Laden


Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Welcome to Murrika, Part 1 Paper May 27, 2013 101
Mitt and his friend Paul find a mysterious rift in Mitt's locker that takes them to Eastwood, an alien city on the planet Murrika.
Welcome to Murrika, Part 2 Paper TBA 102
Having discovered the Romneytrix and met its creator Priemuth, Mitt and Paul are attacked by Khyden, Leahware, and Dr. Obamos, who want the Romneytrix. They also meet Sarah, an alien girl.

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