General Information
Species Kirlia
Home World The Off-the-ground
Residence Koū
Age 13
Affiliations Derwin 13,000
Occupation(s) Musician
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Derwin 13,000 (Adoptive Mother)
Lynn Gibbs (Adoptive Mother)
Ryan Gibbs (Adoptive Brother)
Alias Mitsuki 13
Voice Actor Sarah Vowell
First Appearance Mitsuki 13

Mitsuki is a character in the Derwin 13 Shorts. She first appeared in Mitsuki 13. She is a Kirlia from The Off-the-ground.


She is tall and pale. She wears an intentionally tattered black gothic lolita dress with large tattered black and white striped sleeves. She has thigh length messy dyed black hair.


Mitsuki is agressive but shy. She has a temper. She is rather smart.

Powers and Abilities

She has electrokinesis and psychokinesis like her family.

She has an Omnitrix, with 13 aliens.

  1. QK-N (Kineceleran)
  2. Traprincess (Thep Khufan)
  3. Dry Cell (Nosedeenian)
  4. Faerie Dust (Nemuina)
  5. Vibe Vibe (Sonorosian)
  6. Cerebellum (Galvan)
  7. Slime (Polymorph)
  8. More Arms (Tetramand)
  9. Ikamp (Amperi)
  10. CamoLeon (Merlinisapien)
  11. Fireball (Pyronite)
  12. Spillout (Cascan)
  13. Kibunzuki (Moonflower)


Her electricity can be drained, leaving her tired until she build a charges back up.


Before Mitsuki 13, she joined a band.

In Mitsuki 13, Mitsuki gets her own Omnitrix, and tries to help, but has trouble caring.



Derwin 13,000

If you wear sunglasses, they won't notice you in public.

–Derwin 13,000

Her adoptive mother is one of the few people her asocial self can stand. Derwin has many tips on avoiding fans, and has endorsed her musical career.

Lynn Loud

Ugh! Where does she get that attitude from? Can it, Maton.


Her other adoptive mother often fights with her, due to their similarly abrasive personalities. Lynn is loud and agressive, and Mitsuki is quiet and agressive

Ryan Loud-Gibbs

I just can't stay mad at you.


She has a great amount of care for her adoptive baby brother. Ryan, despite his young age, keeps note of what sets her off.


Her Band Mates

The band gets their kicks by being as loud as possible. They can get quite rowdy at times.

Love Interests


She is hopelessly in love with him. She even forgives him in Mitsuki 13, after he worked for Aggregor.


Otto Maton

You ain't never had a friend like me!


She is pretty ambivalent with Otto.


  • Mitsuki 13


  • One of her aliens' names had to be changed: Kibunzuki.
  • Her art is based on Samus’ art from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


QK-NMitsuki VibeVibeMitsuki SlimeMitsuki FireballMitsuki SpilloutMitsuki Kibunzuki

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