Misticon is an alien from Tech 10: Ultimatrix unleashed. He has yet to appear, but has been mentioned by Igneoux as his world's Alien 10

Motto: "Prepare to get lost in the Mist-icon!"


Misticon can manipulate the very fabric of time and space, and is able to control matter. He is made of warped star matter and time matierial. He is one of the most powerful being in all of reality, not just the universe. He is not from any reality, but is part of a species that stays in a fold in time. They are not a violent species, and they just want to be left alone.


Misticon has a number of appearances, but his regular one is vaugely humanoid in appearance, with three horns and eyes on each one.



It is impossible to tell whether he has any weakness.

Species and planet information

Misticon's species is the Celestialsapien's 2nd attempt to create a peace-keeping species, but act more like their creators instead of taking any actual action. It is unknown where they reside.

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