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Mission: Unstoppable
General Information
Original broadcast October 18, 2019
Season 2
Episode number 3
Overall episode number 23
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5 & ZZ
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Mission: Unstoppable is the twenty-third episode of E-10: Horizons.


Lieutenant Steel creates a task force consisting with the E-10 team as they hunt for mysterious artifacts.



[We open to black, then pan to the side to reveal a rocky tunnel. The camera zoomed into an area where a man was sitting with his legs crossed. Everything spun around to reveal he was sitting in front of a large group of pillars with ancient symbols surround most of the cave. A seal was revealed to be placed in front of him as well. We zoom into the man, who was wearing a black cloak which covered his entire body. The man was praying to the pillars. Meanwhile, another figure with a dark red cloak stepped forward.]

Cult Member: Excuse me, my leader.

[The man in the black cloak stopped praying but continued to have his eyes shut.]

Cult Leader: What is it that is so urgent that you interrupt my time of worship?

Cult Member: Forgive me. I just wanted you to know we have located the artifacts.

[The man in the black cloak widened his eyes.]

Cult Member: We have a ship ready whenever you wish to request them.

[The man in the black cloak stood up.]

Cult Leader: Very well. Gather everybody and tell them to meet me here for further instructions. [He turned slightly toward him.] Oh, and what was your name again?

Cult Member: Miles?

[The man in the black cloak grabbed Miles’s throat at a frightening and unleashed a yellow energy blast. He let go of Miles, who fell ground and grabbed the bloody wound on his throat.]

Cult Leader: Never interrupt me when I’m praying to our gods, you understand? Use that hole as my only warning. Now go clean yourself up.

Miles: Right away, my liege.

[Miles slowly got up and ran out of the cave. The man in the black cloak turned around and stared at the pillars and the seal.]

Cult Leader: Don’t worry, my lords, soon we will have everything ready as planned.

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
Another Day at Horizon - Episode 23

[We shift to the sun brightly shining into the sky and we pan down to Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki at their usual spot as they were making conversation. An exhausted Ethan arrived to the table and dropped his bag at the empty seat.]

Nikki: Oh, and look who decided to walk after bailing out on us last night. And not even with a reply...

Ethan: Sorry guys, I got stuck dealing with another nuclear situation.

Terence: Again?

Ethan: Yeah, that radiator guy got away again, and he almost set off the entire power plant.

Hannibal: I thought that new power you got was supposed to help you out more?

Ethan: It doesn’t come up when I want it to. So far I’ve been able to use it twice. Once to fight Tattooed Man, the other to save Alice from that witch.

Alice: Which you still haven’t told me the full details about that.

Ethan: I’ll get to it later, don’t worry about it.

[Alice made a worried look on her face.]

Ethan: You know, you could make my job easier and let me borrow Hypnotick.

Alice: No way! You are not using Hypnotick as a weapon for your missions!

Ethan: C’mon, it’s not like I’m going to let it get hurt.

Alice: Her! And forget it! And there’s nothing you can say or do to change my mind.

[The song ended. Ethan’s Omnitrix started going off.]

Omnitrix Call

Terence: Speak of the devil.

Hannibal: Uh, what’s up with the Omnitrix?

Ethan: I had A’taenda install a comm. link so I wouldn’t have to pick up my phone every time someone called me. Now, how do I activate this thing again?

[Ethan turned the dial and stopped the alarm. This accepted the call.]

Lieutenant Steel: Hello, Ethan.

Ethan: Lieutenant Steel? Not like you to call me on a school day.

Terence: Yo!

Hannibal: What up, Steel-man.

Alice: How’ve you been?!

Nikki: We haven’t seen you since the school year ended, last year!

Lieutenant Steel: Ah, you’re all here, perfect timing. I can tell you all up front. I need all of you to meet me back at SACT headquarters.

Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki: Huh?!

Alice: What for?

Lieutenant Steel: I’ll tell you all when you get here. Steel out.

Your Mission, Mr. Wellington (Ep 23)

[Lieutenant Steel hung up, and the others looked at each other in confusion. The scene shifted to outside SACT headquarters as the group arrived straight at the parking lot outside.]

Hannibal: So, what do you think he wants us here for? A promotion?

Nikki: I bet he’s giving us honorary awards for fighting that Evil Ghoulseye guy last Spring.

[They entered inside.]

Terence: Who knows, but if he dragged us all the way here just to make us do some dirty work for him, I’m so going to bail.

Alice: Relax guys, it’s probably something important. Besides, after all I get to see my precious wittle Hypnotick after three whole months!

Ethan: Man, are you all excited.

[The five entered inside an elevator and the door shut.]

Nikki: Well, it’s not often he calls us here. So, there must be a good reason.

Hannibal: Whatever it is, it better be something good!

[Hannibal appeared to be feeling giddy and he crossed his fingers together, nearly jumping for joy. Ethan smiled at this while Alice laughed nervously. Nikki rolled her eyes, smiling, and Terence facepalmed. We cut to the SACT working around the monitor room as the group exited the elevator. Lieutenant Steel walked up to them.]

Lieutenant Steel: Just the people I wanted to see.

Ethan: Hey, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Steel: Ahem…

[Ethan began to sweat as he soluted swiftly.]

Ethan: Lieutenant Steel, sir!

Nikki: So, why’d you call us all down here?

Lieutenant Steel: Good question, come with me.

[The six walked into the elevator and the doors shut.]

Hannibal: The elevator again?

Lieutenant Steel: Trust me, kid. You’re going to want to see this.

[Lieutenant Steel selected the floor number and the elevator went down more stories. The elevators doors opened and the group walked out as they followed Lieutenant Steel. The song shifted.]

Welcome to the Hills - E-10 Cut

[The floor included tables of where scientists were working around the clock, creating either experiments or building weapons.]

Hannibal, Terence: Whoa…

Nikki: Whoa is right.

Alice: Where are we?

Lieutenant Steel: This is our new weapons and training operations. Our research scientists use this area to create new weapons, gadgets and anything else you can name. We also use this to hold off any missions assigned by me or the director of SACT.

[Lieutenant Steel walked the others to a nearby room where they spot soldiers running an obstacle course.]

Lieutenant Steel: Not to mention there’s a training box so if ever any soldier gets bored, they can use their time to prepare for any mission.

[As Lieutenant Steel spoke, one soldier inside was firing energy beams from their ray gun, destroying a training robot. Suddenly, a chainsaw went swinging towards the soldier, who jumped out of the way to dodge it in time.]

Hannibal: Sick!

[The group then saw the soldier get electrocuted, causing them all to wince.]

Nikki: You were saying?

Lieutenant Steel: [Clears throat.] Moving right along.

[The group walked away from the training box and continued moving.]

Lieutenant Steel: So, this is pretty much the base. Now, there’s something I’d like to inform you of before we-

[A female figure with blue hair walked towards the group. She wore a navy blue SACT jacket, a white sweater and black pants with brown boots.]

Maria: C’mon now, Lieutenant, I think you’re forgetting about the free lounge right at the back of the base.

Lieutenant Steel: I was getting to that.

Ethan: Hey, Maria, long time!

Maria: Hey, Ethan. How’ve you been?

Alice: You know her?

Ethan: Yeah, before I went to Horizons, she trained and helped me learn how to use my powers. We also went on a few scouting missions a few months back!

Maria: It was a tough mission, though. Those Pyrannas weren’t very friendly.

Lieutenant Steel: Everybody, this is Agent Maria. She’ll be joining us in our briefing room. Now, if you’ll follow me...

[The song ended. We cut to inside a room where Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki were sitting by a table while Lieutenant Steel sat in the front and Maria, with her arms folded, was standing up.]

To Adventure! (Steel's Offer, Ep 23)

Lieutenant Steel: Now, you might be wondering why I called you all down here.

Nikki: Yeah, we’ve been wondering all day.

Lieutenant Steel: Well, I’ve assembled you all down here because I’m forming a new hit squad. [Glares at Ethan.] Since you can’t seem to push your friends out of your missions...

[Ethan sweat drops and scratched the back of his head.]

Lieutenant Steel: …and you guys always find yourselves into trouble, I’ve decided to take some precautions and decided to assign you all new part time jobs, if you’re interested.

Alice: There’s a catch to this, isn’t there?

Lieutenant Steel: Correct. You see, we’ve been able to keep aliens contained from this world for sometime. But after Ethan let Hex remove Ghoulseye from the Omnitrix, they revealed the aliens’ existence to the world, which has made our job a lot harder. [Sigh] Not to mention, people kept trying to storm into Area 51.

Hannibal: Wait, what?!

Terence: Hold on. That actually happened?!

Ethan: Yep! I was on duty on all week because of that meme.

Lieutenant Steel: Which turned out to be real.

Maria: In fact we had to brain zap all of them. [Glances to the side] It wasn’t pretty...

Lieutenant Steel: In order to assure our planet’s safety, my bosses and I decided it was time we formed a task force, a task force to make sure we keep the Earth safe in case something like Sha’Rrow’s invasion happens again.

Maria: Not to mention, you four are friends with the most powerful soldier in the SACT. And if we can't manage to keep him in check, then you four can.

Terence: So you need us to keep Ethan in line.

Alice: We always needed to keep him in line.

[Alice rubbed Ethan’s hair, and Ethan waved his arms to stop her.]

Ethan: Hey!

Maria: So, you interested?

Hannibal: What about my two jobs? I’m already providing for both my family and my education.

Lieutenant Steel: We’ll make arrangements to make sure your expenses are paid off.

Hannibal: Damn, well that’s something. What do you think?

Nikki: I don’t know, this is a pretty big decision.

Terence: Think about it, Lieutenant Steel probably already has many different offers from other soldiers. There’s like hundreds of them here. I know we’re Ethan’s friends, but why should we be the ones to help out when they’ve got other operatives who can do the job better than we can?

Alice: Because no one can help out Ethan like we can. Think about it, every time we’ve had to face against Ethan’s villains, we were the ones who were always able to lock them up, not them. And even if we do join, it’s not like anything’s changed. We’ve always had to help Ethan out before, at least this way we’re doing it to play our part for him. I say we do it!

Nikki: Yeah!

Terence: [Groans] Fine.

Hannibal: Sure, count me in!

Ethan: Thanks, you guys.

[In the background, Maria smiled.]

Lieutenant Steel: Great, now that that’s decided, there’s some things that I’d like to discuss. As you work for me, you’ll be joining Ethan for most of his missions.

Hannibal: Wait, what if we have school when you call us?

Maria: Simple. We decided to call our task force the G.L.E.E. which stands for Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaries. You can just call it Glee.

Terence: So, what? We have to say we have glee practice or something.

[Maria gave Terence a distinguished look.]

Terence: Oh god… [Covering his face.]

Lieutenant Steel: We won’t always need you guys to help us, but when we do, we’ll call you and expect you to be here ready for our next assignment.

Nikki: There’s another thing I think I should point out. How are we supposed to be able to help out Ethan if we don’t even have any armor or weapons to protect ourselves?

Lieutenant Steel: I thought you might say that.

[The song ended. The scene transitioned to Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki standing in front of a giant circular elevator. The doors opened, placing six spots in front of them.]

Lieutenant Steel: Get in.

Ethan: Okay?

[Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki stepped inside and the doors shut. Inside the elevator was a dark green color with light green circular lights surrounding the area.]

Hannibal: So, what’s supposed to happen now?

Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaires

[The elevator began moving up to their surprise. Suddenly, different colored suits started to surround their entire bodies. Ethan’s was green, Alice’s was red, Hannibal’s was cyan, Nikki’s was purple, and Terence’s was orange. The suit surrounded Ethan’s torso. Alice looked at her arms as the suit formed around them. Terence raised his foot up as the suit finished forming onto him. Then, solid metallic armor began forming around the suits. Chest armor surrounded through Nikki's torso. Shoulder plates appeared on Hannibal’s shoulder, and forearm plates formed after that. Hannibal flexed his arm.]

Hannibal: Sweet!

[Metallic armor formed onto Alice’s shoe and she tapped her foot a couple times. We zoom out from Ethan as the armor finished forming, to zoom further out to reveal everyone was completely armored. Ethan raised his arms up and struck a pose.]

Ethan: Alright!!!

[The elevator moved further upward as we zoomed into the group from above them. The song ended. The scene then shifted to inside a surveillance room. A figure pushed a green button, and the elevator doors opened. The tubes shifted to normal colors as the group stepped out. It was revealed Maria and a lab scientist were inside the room with them.]

Ethan: Maria, how did you…?

Maria: We took another elevator.

Ethan: Oh.

We're Back on the Trail (Ep 23)

Maria: Your suits are designed to have enhanced combat and electrical abilities. Each armor is also designed to be different and distinct from one another so they can match each one’s personal fighting style and skills.

Alice: How so?

[A loud bang was heard behind them, they turned out to see Hannibal, with a giant arm, crushing the ceiling. Hannibal shrunk his arm to normal.]

Hannibal: My bad.

[The monitor turned on, showing live footage of Colonel Rozum.]

Colonel Rozum: Well, I can see Lieutenant Steel already has his new recruits in order.

Alice: Hey, you’re that guy we met back when the Tideslayer attacked San Diego.

Colonel Rozum: Colonel Rozum, at your service.

Ethan: What exactly are you doing here?

[Alice elbowed Ethan.]

Alice: Don’t be rude!

Ethan: Ow!

Colonel Rozum: Well, I am here to make sure everything is in order. I did approve of this task force after all. You see, the idea of this project was to protect the world from threats we can’t. And since we have a changeling working on board with us, we thought we outta set up a task force for him to assure our victories. Now to assign you your first mission. There’s been reports of energy levels spiking all over across the globe, which appear to be alien artifacts.

Hannibal: They kind of look like weapons.

Terence: They are.

Colonel Rozum: And we can’t risk them falling into the wrong hands. We’ve been keeping track of them for a while, but it appears they have recently attracted attention from various parties. Your mission is to retrieve them and make sure nobody is harmed.

Ethan: You can count on us, sir! Teams E-10 and G.L.E.E. reporting for duty! [Salutes]

[Terence and Hannibal chuckled in the background.]

Ethan: That’s going to take some getting used to.

Colonel Rozum: Good luck, Colonel Rozum out.

Maria: Now we have one more thing left to cover. If you’ll follow me...

[The song shifted. We shift to the garage outside as they walked over to find motorcycles appearing before them.]

Ride Into Action! (Episode 23, GLEE Bikes!)

Hannibal: Whoa, are those?

Maria: The newest in the SACT Tech. Energized Motorbikes. Think as if you’re riding those bikes from Tron.

Ethan: I’ve always wanted to ride on one of these!

Alice: You have a sports car [Crossing arms.]

Ethan: And now I have a motorcycle!!!

[Ethan’s pupils turned to hearts.]

Alice: Do you even know how to ride one of these?

Terence: I don’t.

Maria: Don’t worry, once you get on, you let the bike do it themselves. They’re automated. All you have to do is worry about the accelerator and the breaks. But don’t worry, you’ll adjust to them in no time.

[The group sat down on their bikes as their armors formed helmets around them.]

Maria: I’m sending you the coordinates.

Ethan: Roger that.

[Ethan grabbed on the peddle and revved up his bike.]

Ethan: Okay, team! It’s Action Time!

[Ethan, Alice, Hannibal and Nikki drove off.]

Terence: Wait, how do you work this thing?!

[Terence accidentally pressed on the accelerator and drove off, screaming from the top of his lungs. The five had left the SACT base.]

Investigation and Down the Block, Ep 23

[We shifted to the five parking their bikes near the crime scene. The setting took place at an empty street where they noticed police tape scattered all over an empty lot.]

Hannibal: Looks like we’re too late.

[Nikki grabbed her radar and scanned the area. She wasn’t detecting anything.]

Nikki: I don’t think so, I’m not detecting any energy off my radar.

Alice: Ethan?

[Ethan nodded in response. Ethan tapped the Omnitrix, slammed down, and transformed into Wildmutt in a green light.]

Wildmutt: RUWAAA-GO-RUFF!!!

[Wildmutt sniffed around the area and caught onto a trace of someone’s scent. Wildmutt followed the scent and it lead him over towards an alleyway. Wildmutt turned over to find a figure in a red cloak was hiding behind a building. The figure noticed and ran for his life. Wildmutt chased after the figure. The figure pushed aside some crates, hoping for it to get in Wildmutt’s way, but Wildmutt hopped over them. Eventually, the figure was grabbed by a yellow energy rope as he was brought over to Alice and was knocked into the ground. The song ended. The rope went back into Alice’s palm.]

Alice: Well, that should do it.

Terence: Nice.

Nikki: Now, tell us what’s going down here.

[The figure in the red cloak turned over and noticed that Wildmutt was growling in his face as drool dripped from his mouth.]

Red Cloaked Figure: I-if you think that mutant mutt of yours is going to make me talk, then you have no chance!

Alice: Here, let me be the one to do it.

[Wildmutt stepped back as Alice approached the figure. The figure scooted backwards.]

Red Cloaked Figure: Wh-what are you going to do me?!

Alice: Oh you’ll see…

[Alice moved in closer as everything went black. We cut to the red cloaked figure with a terrified look on his face.]

Red Cloaked Figure: They’re at a warehouse down by Old Hickory Lane, just on the east side of town. They’re after this really powerful artifact, known as the Torrential Rattles. There are also these other two, called the Obsidian Mirror and the Inferno Viper, which we haven’t located yet. We plan to use these to reawaken our masters. That’s all I know, I swear!

Alice: Good, but you’re still hiding something...

[Alice bent his arm backwards, almost dislocating his shoulder. He screamed.]

Red Cloaked Figure: Agh! Okay! Okay! Our founders, they don’t have energy suits like the rest of us. They are highly trained assassins, who want to make sure that nobody gets in our way.

Alice: And?

Red Cloaked Figure: And… I used to wet my bed until I was 11! Please don’t tell my girlfriend...

[The others sighed. Alice relocated his shoulder and dropped him to the ground.]

Alice: See, that wasn’t so hard. [Smiles]

[Alice walked back over to the group as the others had frightened looks on their faces.]

Hannibal: Yikes.

Terence: I’m glad I’m not her boyfriend.

Alice: What is that supposed to mean?!

[Alice began punching them in the shoulders, and Nikki grabbed her.]

Nikki: Alright, that’s enough guys! They’re going after the Torrential Rattles, and if we don't move now, they'll get it and dip before we even see them!

Ethan: She’s right. So let’s get moving and stop that before it happens!

[They went back on their cycles and began to rev up their engines.]

Red Cloaked Figure: Wait, you’re not just going to leave me here, are you?!

Alice: Oh yeah, we are. Don’t worry, you’ll be arrested in 10 minutes or so.

[A helmet surrounded Alice’s face and the Red Cloaked Figure looked at her with disappointment. Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal, and Nikki drove off down the road and the scene shifted to outside a warehouse.]

The Echoing Distraction (Ep 23)

[Soon, the five arrived, parked their vehicles, and stepped out of their cycles. Nikki grabbed her radar, and it suddenly went off. Nikki raised it in the air as she detected large amounts of energy.]

Nikki: Lieutenant Steel was right. These energy levels are off the rail!

Ethan: C’mon, let’s take a closer look.

[A group of red hooded figures were blocking the entrance. Meanwhile, Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal, and Nikki sneakily ran to the back of the building. Ethan walked into a corner to notice something. Nikki walked past Ethan.]

Nikki: What? Why are you stop-

[Ethan grabbed Nikki’s mouth and pulled her back to the corner and stopped the others from moving.]

Ethan: They got the back entrance blocked, too.

[Hannibal looked up to notice there was an open window.]

Hannibal: There’s a window up there!

Terence: Great, how are we supposed to get up there?

[Ethan pressed his fingers against the wall, and static electricity attached them to it. Terence turned to Ethan as he smirked. Ethan began to climb up the wall.]

Terence: You just had to show off, didn’t you?

[Alice, Hannibal and Nikki attached their fingers to the wall and began to climb up with him. Terence groaned and followed them up. As the five climbed up the wall, Ethan first snuck into the window, then later Hannibal, and he helped Alice and Nikki down. Terence snuck through the window and fell to the ground.]

Terence: Ow!

Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Nikki: Shhh!!!

Terence: Not even bothering to help me in, I see how it is...

[The five were standing on the upper level as they looked down below to see a group of red hooded figures making a weapons deal with some shady figures.]

Cult Member: Do you have what we’re searching for?

Black Market Salesman: Oh yes. Morty! [Snaps]

[Morty opened the trunk of their car and pulled out a briefcase. He walked up to them and opened the briefcase, revealing the Torrential Rattles. The Cult Member gazed at it and reached out his hand. Morty closed the briefcase.]

Black Market Salesman: Nuh-uh-uh! You gotta give me the money first, or are we going to have a problem.

Cult Member: You know, I could just blast you and walk right out of here with a free artifact.

Black Market Salesman: [Laughs] I see you like to play dirty. So do I. [Snaps]

[The shady figures aimed their guns up in the air, and the Cult Members raised out their arms, with energy circling their palms. There was a moment of silence between them. Ethan looked down to see a set of stairs before him. Ethan passed Hannibal, Terence and Nikki and quietly made his way toward the stairway. The black market salesman laughed and set his weapon down.]

Black Market Salesman: You’re a wild funny man. Alright, I’ll give you deal, you can give me 75% of what we originally planned and I’ll let you off the hook. Deal?

Cult Member: I’m good with that.

Cult Member 2: Me too.

[The cult members, the black market salesman, and Morty walked toward each other, preparing to exchange. Ethan was hiding in the shadows behind a couple objects. Ethan tapped the button off the Omnitrix and the core popped up. He turned the dial from XLR8 to Ghoulseye to Lodestar. Ethan raised his arm up in the air.]

Ethan: And I’m good with Lodestar. So I can go on home and get out of here.

[Ethan slammed down and a green light blinded the screen. The song shifted.]

E-10 Transformation - Omni-Splicers (Official)

[GOOP TRANSFORMATION: A swirling ball spun to the right side of the screen. Ethan’s face began to squirm as it appeared to be melting. The same happened to his left hand. We cut to Ethan melting into the ground as his skin turned a bright green as a small UFO entered the transformation and it lifted his body up into the air, forming it into a blob-like creature. Goop raised up his arms to strike a pose. The transformation background turned from green to gold, and yellow electricity began to spark around Goop. Goop raised his arms up as a white light surrounded Goop’s body.]

Goop: Huh?!

[GOOP OMNI-SPLICER TRANSFORMATION: Golden armor began to grow out from his Omnitrix and surrounded his chest. Yellow electricity went down the rest of his torso as he grew a spinal cord. Goop’s shoulder began to mutate to grow lizard-like skin as muscle formed on his body. The rest of Goop’s arm changed. Goop’s head changed as he grew a mask around his eyes. Goop’s UFO changed as yellow electricity formed around the sides, growing to be a sharp electrified razor disc. The bottom of the UFO had also changed slightly, as it opened more vents, allowing yellow energy to shoot out from it. We zoom out from Goop’s new body as he raised his arms out and struck a pose.]


[A white light blinded the weapon salesman and cult members. They turned over to see the light fade behind them. We shifted to over to see the light fading from Goop’s body.]

Omni-Splicer Goop: Uh oh…

[Hannibal, Terence, Alice and Nikki were watching from above.]

Alice: We better get down there.

[We shift back to the lower level with the other salesman panicked.]

Black Market Salesman: Gah, What the hell?! Kill that thing!

[The song shifted.]

Not This Time! (Episode 23, GLEE VS Black Market)

[The shady figures all ran towards Goop, but to their surprise, their first step sent them flying into the air. As they flew above Goop, they tried to grab him, but were too high above him to reach him. They floated 20 feet away from him, then crashed to the ground as gravity seemed to correct itself.]

Omni-Splicer Goop: Huh… Well, I guess that works.

Cult Member: So you can manipulate gravity. I’d say that’s pretty impressive, if most of us weren’t able to do it.

[The cult members surrounded themselves with yellow energy and walked towards Goop without getting affected by the low gravity field. Goop looked at his UFO.]

Omni-Splicer Goop: Wait a minute, does my UFO have gravity powers?!

[Goop raised his arms up as his eyes sparkled up]

Omni-Splicer Goop: Awesome! And I think I’ve got an idea…

[Goop sent out his UFO to the cult members and aimed at the closest one. The UFO released an anti-gravity beam on him unexpectedly, and threw him into the air.]

Omni-Splicer Goop: Guess even your suits can’t handle my UFO’s gravity power!

[Goop continued to toss around more cult members and shady figures. Meanwhile, Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki ran down the stairs as they noticed some of the weapon deals men approaching them.]

Terence: I got this!

[Terence charged his fist as he raised his out his palm and flashed a bright white light to blind the dealers. The weapon salesman’s henchmen stopped running and were frozen in place as their eyes swirled with dizziness.]

Terence: Aw, yes! Flash photography! I knew Steel cared.

Hannibal: And now for the finishing blow!

[Hannibal jumped in the air and his arms began to transform. Hannibal’s forearm and fists became a larger size, and he smacked them on the ground, creating a shockwave which threw the weapon salesman’s henchmen backwards.]

Nikki: C’mon, let’s not let the boys have all the fun!

Alice: Right!

[Three henchmen approached from behind them. Nikki noticed in time, and as electricity surrounded her body, she uppercut the henchman at sonic speed and sent him flying. As Nikki sent another one back, Alice created an energy sword and slashed through the air, which created an energy charge that threw remaining henchmen backwards.]

Nikki: Now that’s what I call girl power!

[Nikki was blasted from behind, causing her to almost fall over.]

Nikki: What the hell!?

[Some of the cult members were approaching towards the four. Hannibal turned over to them.]

Hannibal: Hey! Leave my girlfriend alone!

[Hannibal attempted to punch one of the cult members, who disappeared at the blink of an eye.]

Hannibal: What?!

[The cult member appeared above Hannibal and kicked him in the face, sending him into the ground.]

Nikki: Hannibal!

[Alice, enraged, created an energy rope and used it to grab one of the cult members and swung him backwards. To Alice’s surprise, she was blasted from behind and was knocked to the ground.]

Terence: Alice!

[Nikki and Terence moved back to back next to each other.]

Nikki: Things aren’t looking so good…

Terence: You think?

[As more of the cult members ran toward them, we transitioned back to Goop who continued to throw the other cult members and henchmen around.]

Black Market Salesman: Enough of this!

[The black market salesman grabbed his glock and aimed it at Goop’s UFO. He fired and it shot the UFO. The UFO went flying backwards, dragging Goop with him as he screamed and splat to the ground. Nikki and Terence took notice.]

Nikki: Ethan!

[Nikki and Terence were kicked and were knocked to the ground. A cult member grabbed the briefcase.]

Cult Member: We got what we came for, let’s go!

[The cult members and the weapon salesman ran out of the warehouse. The song shifted. We zoom out from inside the warehouse, and we shifted back to the SACT headquarters. Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Alice and Nikki were sitting in an office room as Lieutenant Steel was lecturing them.]

After All This Time - Ep 23

Lieutenant Steel: You let a group of cult members get away with the alien artifact, not to mention you let another group of criminals get away. How does this happen? You’re wearing biosuits. I mean, how could this happen?!

Terence: The cult members have energy powers, too. Not only that, but they were able to move as fast as XLR8.

Lieutenant Steel: Still, you had the Omnitrix bearer with you! Haven’t you mastered all of your aliens by now?!

Ethan: Up until recently...

Lieutenant Steel: What do you mean?

Ethan: I should’ve told you about this sooner. See, about a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a new power from my Omnitrix, it transforms the genes in my DNA and transforms me into a more powerful version of my previous aliens. Not to mention it equips me with battle armor, so…

Lieutenant Steel: And you didn’t tell me firsthand?! Why?!

Ethan: It’s because I don’t know how to access this power, and it doesn’t just transform me into them whenever I want.

Alice: C’mon Lieutenant Steel, don’t you remember back when you were still a rookie and you were learning the ropes?

Lieutenant Steel: Quiet!

[Alice shook in fright and pouted.]

Lieutenant Steel: Until you five have had enough training, I’m not sending you back out in the field anymore. You’re also staying out of hunting after those artifacts until we’ve learned more about these cult members. Understand?

Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki: Yes, Lieutenant…

[Lieutenant Steel walked toward the doorway and groaned.]

Lieutenant Steel: I should’ve sent my other squad to handle this. If only they weren’t in Guatemala!

[Lieutenant Steel slammed the door. The song shifted.]

E-10 - Don't Cry

Nikki: “Until we’ve had enough training?” He never trained us to begin with!

Hannibal: He’s probably assuming we’ve had the training because of how much we’ve worked with Ethan.

Terence: Still, that doesn’t give him any right to lecture us. We can handle our own, those goons were just too fast for us to handle!

Ethan: Exactly! I bet you they’re going after one of the other artifacts tonight. And if they do, they’re definitely going to get their asses handed to them by those cloaked guys.

Alice: So what are you suggesting? We go after the cult guys and try to grab the artifact before they both do?

Nikki: You heard what Lieutenant Steel said! You know how tired he is of us disobeying his orders?

Terence: I don’t think he cares.

Nikki: [Sigh] Even if we do go, do you know where we’re supposed to go?

Ethan: Nope. But I know exactly which alien is going to help us get us there.

[The song shifted.]

Under the Villain's Lair

[An Omnitrix symbol slided to right and the scene transitioned to inside an empty, dark office. The door creaked open as a bright yellow light shined in the room. Ethan, as Zerox, sneaked inside and walked toward the cabinet files. Zerox opened the drawers and searched through the folders.]

Zerox: No. [Pulls out folder] Nothing here. [Pulls out folder] Nothing there…

[Zerox grabbed a folder that had the artifacts listed on it.]

Zerox: Got it!

[Zerox grabbed the file of the next location where the SACT was going to go. Zerox opened his mouth and a small red laser scanned the paper from top to bottom. Zerox aimed his tubes out and one of them slowly shot out a copy of the paper. Zerox grabbed it from the floor.]

Zerox: Worked just like a charm!

[A green light flashed from Lieutenant Steel’s office, and Ethan stepped outside where the others were waiting.]

Nikki: Did you get the location?

Ethan: Oh, yeah.

[Ethan held the copied piece of paper and it revealed the exact location. The scene shifted to the entrance of a mineshaft. Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki were standing outside.]

Ethan: This is the place.

[Nikki turned over to see SACT trucks parked outside.]

Terence: Huh, looks like the SACT managed to beat us here.

Hannibal: If that’s the case, we should get going. We don’t want to let Lieutenant Steel know we snuck over here.

Nikki: Get a grip on yourself, Hanny. Now’s not the time to be a boy scout. Lives could be at stake here! Besides, you wouldn’t want to leave me all alone, would you?

Hannibal: No… sorry.

Terence: Can you cut it with the romance and get moving already? Ethan and Alice have already went ahead of us.

Hannibal, Nikki: What?!

[Hannibal, Terence and Nikki ran inside and caught up with Ethan and Alice. The five walked past the tunnels and eventually they stopped and gasped as they found many SACT soldiers lying on the ground. Some of the bodies were impaled with reflective shards. The song shifted.]

The Flame Keeper's Circle

[Meanwhile, a few SACT soldiers and Lieutenant Steel were still battling the cult members. Lieutenant Steel continued firing his gun but was smacked away by one of the cult members. Lieutenant Steel struggled to get up.]

Cult Member: Still you fight. Why? Don’t you realize that you infidels’ attempts to stop the righteous are futile?

[Lieutenant Steel looked over and saw Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Alice and Nikki watching from afar.]

Lieutenant Steel: What are you doing here?! Get out of here, now!

Ethan: Welp, looks like It’s Action Time…

[Ethan ran over towards Lieutenant Steel while the others followed him. The cult member prepared to fire an energy blast from his palms.]

???: STOP!

[The cult member put his hand down. Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki stopped running when they made it to Lieutenant Steel. An army of cult members appeared before them. Some of the cult members moved out of the way as a female figure walked towards them. She was carrying a black mirror.]

Terence: So who are you, the lapdog behind this operation?

Emeline: I wish, but no. The name’s Emeline Grass. You can say I’m an admin among these hordes of goons. Unluckily for you, you’re interfering with important business. So you can either leave and be hunted down, or stay and have a quicker death.

Ethan: Did… Did you just reveal your real name? I thought criminals like you were smart enough not to do that!

Emeline: Wait, shoot… Well, it doesn’t matter anyways!

[Hannibal took a closer look and noticed Emeline was holding the artifacts.]

Hannibal: The Obsidian Mirror! And the Torrential Rattles!

Ethan: Hand over those artifacts, Emeline! Those artifacts are very dangerous and if they’re in the wrong hands, they could cause some great big evil thing or something!

Emeline: Yeah, yeah. Heard that one a million times. What do you expect me to do? Say I’ve already gotten away with this whole scheme? The only thing that matters is that you’re here… And I could probably use your abilities to my advantage!

Terence: Uh, what does she mean by that?

Emeline: Tezcatl… Omes… Huītz!

[Emeline raised out the Obsidian Mirror and she shot a white light from it. Ethan and the others covered themselves from the light. They looked at each other to notice nothing happened to them. But suddenly, they looked up to see mirrored copies of themselves were standing before them.]

Hero's Counter Attack! (Ep 23)

[The group stood, shocked, as they stared at the mirrored clones standing in front of them.]

Emeline: You see, the Obsidian Mirror allows one to distort reality with light. If you aren’t aware of how that allowed me to create perfect copies of you just a couple of seconds ago, this mirror can make perfect copies of you out of light! You all shall die at your own hands!

[The mirrored copies of Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal, and Nikki ran towards them, along with the cult members. Hannibal helped Lieutenant Steel up.]

Terence: Nice position you’ve put us in, Ethan!

Hannibal: We should have listened to you, Lieutenant Steel.

Lieutenant Steel: We can talk about that later. For now, destroy the copies!

Terence: With pleasure! Hannibal, combo move!

[Terence aimed his palms at the cult members and unleashed a bright flash, leaving the cult members blinded and stunned. Hannibal jumped in with giant fists and legs. Hannibal stomped into the ground, creating a huge shockwave sending the cult members back. Meanwhile, Alice created an energy saber and sliced more cult members one by one. The mirrored Alice stepped toward her with her own sword.]

Alice: I was waiting for someone to have a sword fight with!

[Alice ran toward her mirror copy and they began slashing their weapons at each other. Meanwhile, Nikki fought off against more cult members. Nikki nearly punched one of the members, but he disappeared in front of her. From behind Nikki, the cult member appeared again as he prepared for his next attack. Nikki grabbed his foot in time.]

Nikki: Not this time!

[Nikki’s fist charged and she sent him flying into the ground. We zoom into Nikki’s eyes as orange static appeared around her pupils. We cut to her fingertips glowing orange.]

Nikki: Huh?

[Nikki looked up to see a cult member run toward her. Nikki fired the electrical blast and the cult member went flying.]

Nikki: Wait a minute, did I just do that? I know my suit can produce electricity, but this felt different. Was that coming from me…?

[Nikki looked at her fingertips against seeing that they were still sparkling with orange electricity. We cut to Ethan trying to dodge the cult member attacks. He was smacked backwards and Ethan slid back. Lieutenant Steel fired bullets at some of the cult members and turned to notice Ethan was struggling. Ethan noticed the Omnitrix glowed green as it was finished recharging. Ethan raised his hand toward the dial.]

Lieutenant Steel: Hey, have you tried out your new biosuit powers yet?!

Ethan: No? I didn’t even know I had any!

Lieutenant Steel: [Shoots a cult member] I programmed abilities in all of your suits, numbskull! Try them out!

[Ethan made a fist and energy sparkled through the biosuit, criss-crossing throughout his body like veins.]

Ethan: Oh yeah!

[Ethan made a fist and punched one of the cult members. It sent them flying back into the other cult members and they fell down, defeated.]

Nikki (Voice): Hey, Ethan. You mind giving me a hand?

Ethan: Sure, I’m on-

[Ethan was smacked by Mirror Nikki into the ground.]

Terence (Voice): Hey, over here!

[Ethan turned around and was smacked again.]

Hannibal (Voice): No, over here!

[Ethan was smacked again, and Ethan looked up to see Hannibal, Terence and Nikki walk toward him. Ethan froze, not knowing what to do.]

Lieutenant Steel: They’re copies, Ethan. Come on, get your head in the game!

Ethan: [Shakes head.] Right!

[Ethan powers his feet and jumped into the air. Ethan charged his fists and made his way towards the remaining cult members and mirrored copies.]

Ethan: One For All… [Powers Fist] Merridale Smash! [Smacks the ground] Foul Cowling!!!

[It unleashed a giant energy explosion, throwing everyone into the ground and shattering the remaining mirrored clones. The area was clouded with smoke, which faded as Ethan had his fist planted on the ground as he took deep breaths.]

Ethan: Wow, and I didn’t even have to use the Omnitrix this time!

[To Ethan’s surprise, he was strangled with fiber from behind, immobilizing him.]

Emeline: So you think you have won! Think again, for tonight you have toiled with Emeline Grass! You’re toast!

Alice: Nope!

[Alice sliced off the fiber and Hannibal sent Emeline back with a giant blow. Emeline went crashing into the ground and slowly stood up.]

Emeline: No, I can’t lose!

[Emeline tried to grab the mirror before standing up, but she realized it was no longer in her possession. A purple cloaked figure, covered with metal armor and black and gold symbols was standing from the walls. It was revealed he was carrying both the Obsidian Mirror and the Torrential Rattles.]

???: You have failed, Emeline. Once I eliminate them, you will be next.

Emeline: Wait, what? You can’t just kill of a high-ranking member like that!

???: Our leader and I share a mentality that we must execute anyone who will become a liability for our goal of salvation.

Emeline: The boss is more merciful than you, though.

???: I agree.

[The figure disappeared from the walls and appeared in front of Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, and Nikki, who was helping Lieutenant Steel up.]

Ethan: Look, I don’t know who you are, but we just kicked all of your squadmates butts and I didn’t even have to use my watch. So unless you have some trick up your sleeve, you’re going down!

???: Cehuetzi!

[The figure grabbed the Torrential Rattles and shook them. For a moment the group was weirded out as they thought he was just making music. But in an instant, a powerful cold gust of wind blew right to them. The group tried to block the blast. Alice looked down her foot and saw her foot froze up.]

Alice: Uh, guys?!

[Half of Hannibal’s body froze up and he struggled to move arms.]

Hannibal: I can’t… move…

[Everyone else struggled to move as their bodies continued to freeze up. Ethan tried to reach his Omnitrix, but suddenly he failed to as his face froze up. We zoomed out to see Emeline and G.L.E.E completely encased in blocks of ice. The song shifted.]

???: Disappointing, they couldn’t even handle a little cold weather.

Omni-Splicing Battle! (Heatblast VS The Knight!)

[The figure put the Torrential Rattles away and walked away from the group. We zoomed into Ethan’s statue. Suddenly, energy criss-crossed through Ethan’s arms, and Ethan’s statue shattered into bits and a green light blinded the screen.]

[HEATBLAST TRANSFORMATION: As Ethan's hands caught on fire, black coal began to crack through his surface. Ethan spun around from the right. Once he got to the front, he adjusted his coal as if he was putting on a jacket. Then red coal formed from his torso as up towards the top of his head. Ethan’s head caught on fire and he spun in a circle. Ethan’s arms were raised up as he stood in a stance. We zoomed out further from Heatblast as the background turned gold with circuitry appearing behind him. A white light surrounded Heatblast’s body.]

[OMNI-SPLICER HEATBLAST TRANSFORMATION: As the background began to spin, golden armor started to form from outside the Omnitrix symbol onto his chest.]

Heatblast: Whoa?!

[OMNI-SPLICER HEATBLAST TRANSFORMATION: The armor formed around his neck as his yellow flames turned white. Heatblast’s face swiftly changed into a phoenix-like creature. We cut to Heatblast’s back growing out flaming phoenix-like wings. We spin to the front as the rest of Heatblast’s body changed. Heatblast raised his arms.]

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: OH YEAH!

[A bright white light blinded the screen, ending the transformation. Heatblast stepped toward the figure.]

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: I’m all fired up!

[The figure turned around to see Heatblast standing before him.]

???: What is this?

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Heatblast, with an extra flame boost!

[Heatblast raised out his palms, as he prepared a fireball covered in electricity. Heatblast fired it at the figure and he jumped in time to dodge the attack as the fire hit the ground below him. The figure grabbed the rattles from his pocket. He shook the rattles and fired a cool gust of air. Heatblast created an electrical flamethrower and it collided with the air, and it shrouded the room with vapor. Soon, clouds began to form around inside the cave and it suddenly began to rain. The flame on Heatblast’s head went out, but was suddenly charged with electricity, putting his fire back on. Electricity surrounded through Heatblast’s body and he began to make it thunder. A bolt of lightning struck the figure and he was thrown back. The clouds faded from the area and Heatblast gained footing. Heatblast made a squawk-like noise, bent his legs down and flew towards the figure. The figure looked up and quickly jumped backwards to dodge Heatblast’s attack. Heatblast continued trying to blast him with fireballs as the figure bounced back to dodge his attacks. The figure also unleashed his energy bolts as Heatblast dodged his attacks. Heatblast locked onto his position.]

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: I got you now!

[Heatblast raised his arms in the air and charged his fireball as he prepared to unleash a supernova blast. The figure widened his eyes. Heatblast threw the massive supercharged fireball, and the figure grabbed an energy sword from his pocket. He tried reflecting the fireball until it sent him flying back, as he bounced back and forth on the ground until he eventually stopped. Heatblast flew toward the figure and landed on the ground.]

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Whoever you are, it’s over! Now cough up those artifacts or they won’t be the only ones on my menu tonight!

???: Do you actually think you can pin me down?

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Well, I am standing in front of you, aren’t I?

[The figure’s body bent and flattened until it was almost like a piece of paper, which slid under Heatblast. The figure then reshaped back into his regular form.]

???: I wouldn’t say that.

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: WHOA!? What the hell!

???: I will admit you bested me in this form. And even if I had folded myself in that battle, it would probably end up the same way. So I’ll let you win this one, but I still have a prize to collect.

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Don’t even think about it! You and your chatty co-worker are coming with us!

???: I suggest you focus on thawing out your friends, first. Otherwise, they might get frostbite or hypothermia.

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: You really think I’m going to fall for that?

???: Fine, but just so you know, if they die while they’re inside their prisons, their deaths will be on your hands! Objects are just objects after all, but your friends, they’re only something you come across once in a lifetime.

[Heatblast looked at his frozen teammates with a worried look on his face]

???: It’s your choice… What are you going to do, hero?

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Agh! Fine, but if I ever see you again, [Turns back] I will-

[Heatblast noticed the figure was no longer in sight. The song ended. We zoomed out as Heatblast sighed and turned around back to his comrades. We shift to Heatblast melting Alice out from her frozen state. Alice shivered.]

E-10 - The Ortus (Short)

Alice: W-what took you so long?

[It revealed Terence, Hannibal and Nikki were already freed.]

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Sorry.

[Heatblast walked over to free Lieutenant Steel. He nearly fell over but Heatblast caught him in time. Lieutenant Steel looked around.]

Lieutenant Steel: What happened?

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: They got away…

Terence: Great, now they have two of the three artifacts.

Lieutenant Steel: We can discuss this further back at HQ. For now, free the other henchman, I’m going to do some scoping around.

[Heatblast sighed and the scene shifted back into inside the SACT headquarters as soldiers were taking a frozen Emeline into custody. Meanwhile, Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki were standing in a hallway as they overheard Colonel Rozum yelling at Lieutenant Steel in his office.]

Terence: Wow, he’s really that mad, huh.

Nikki: Yeah…

Ethan: I can’t believe I let him talk me into letting him get away. I’m supposed to be a hero, how could I just let this happen?

Alice: It’s not your fault, Ethan. You were only doing what you thought was the right thing.

Ethan: Yeah, well it sure doesn’t feel like I did the right thing.

[The door slammed opened as Colonel Rozum adjusted his cap. He walked past the group.]

Colonel Rozum: Excuse me!

[Colonel Rozum left the hallway and Lieutenant Steel stepped out of his office.]

Hannibal: I’m guessing he didn’t handle it well.

Lieutenant Steel: No, he didn’t.

Alice: Look, Lieutenant, we’re sorry, we-

Lieutenant Steel: I don’t wanna hear it!

[Lieutenant Steel rubbed his fingers between his eyebrows and turned to the nearest soldier.]

Lieutenant Steel: James! Escort these four to the medical bay for any injuries. I need to have a moment alone with Ethan.

James: Right away, sir!

[James walked over and escorted Alice, Terence, Hannibal, and Nikki away from the scene. Alice looked back at Ethan in concern. Lieutenant Steel walked into his office as Ethan took a deep breath and stepped inside with him.]

Lieutenant Steel: Close the door.

[Ethan closed the door.]

TG, TTO, Promise (E-10 Cut)

Lieutenant Steel: How could you let this happen? Once again, you and your friends disobey direct orders, you risked the lives of not only your comrades, but other operatives, and look where that got us. Now we have a mysterious threat out there that has two of the three artifacts. If they manage to get their hands on the other one, who knows what they are going to do?

Ethan: And we’ll stop them.

Lieutenant Steel: You sure about that? You were pretty sure you were going to stop them when you let that man convince you to let him walk away.

Ethan: I was put in a position! It was either saving you guys or grabbing the artifact. Do you really think I’m just going to let you stay frozen as statues for the rest of your lives?

Lieutenant Steel: No, but what I am asking you to do is to do your job. You know this isn’t the first time this has happened. You confronted Phoebe after I told you not to, you went after the Gifted after I ordered you to stay put, and don’t get me started on the Sha’Rrow incident!

Ethan: Sha’Rrow was not my fault!

Lieutenant Steel: Oh, but it is, Ethan! You released Ghoulseye out of the Omnitrix instead of listening to your friends, and exposed alien life to all over the world. Do you know the risks you’ve put us in! You may have saved the day time and time again, but you’ve never learned to listen to me or anyone else, and I’m not going to tolerate that anymore.

Ethan: Well, get this in your head, Lieutenant. If I had listened to you, then you and your other soldiers would’ve died out there! It’s thanks to me, we managed to capture one of the cult members. So it wasn’t a complete loss!

Lieutenant Steel: You may be right, Ethan. But there will still be consequences. As of right now, you will be assigned a bodyguard. They will be watching over you at both school and home, and will be attending your missions with either Team G.L.E.E. You are not allowed to go on missions alone anymore.

Ethan: What?! I don’t need a babysitter!? I’m 22!

Lieutenant Steel: You’re a 22 year old who lacks responsibility and can’t keep his priorities in check.

Ethan: But, sir!

Lieutenant Steel: End of discussion! Now go in the medical bay with the others.

[Ethan groaned and stormed out of the room, then slammed the door. Lieutenant Steel rubbed between his eyebrows again and sighed. The song shifted.]

The Start of a Mysterious Plot

[We cut to inside a dark cave where the cult leader was meditating in front of a group of murals. The purple hooded figure from before slipped in the room in his paper-thin form and reshaped into a humanoid form, as he was covered in knight armor and was a few feet away from the leader.]

???: We have recovered the Torrential Rattles and the Obsidian Mirror.

[The cult leader opened his eyes and turned to the figure.]

Cult Leader: Excellent work, Ken Kishu. We are now only one step away from achieving our plans.

Ken Kishu: However, we are at a slight setback. Emeline has been captured by a group who calls themselves the Secret Alien Containment Team. Once more, it appears the Omnitrix wielder is working with them.

Cult Leader: So, the Omnitrix bearer is finally here. Very, well. Continue moving as planned, be sure that the next time this person gets in the way of our plans to eliminate him.

Ken Kishu: As you wish, my liege.

[Ken Kishu folded himself and disappeared, and the cult leader made a menacing grin. The song ended. Meanwhile, outside Ethan’s house, we cut to Ethan arriving toward his doorstep as he groaned. Ethan grabbed the knob, turned the door and entered inside.]

Maria: Hey, roomy!

[Ethan jumped as he was startled. We zoom out to see boxes everywhere, and things being moved around.]

Ethan: AH! What are you doing here?!

Maria: Oh, didn’t you hear? I’m going to be your new bodyguard now.

Ethan: What?! No way.

Maria: Way. Oh, and I decided to move things around and take your bedroom. Your room had so much closet space and I just had to make use of it.

What Kind of Keys Are These

Ethan: This can’t be happening...

Maria: Oh, and do we have a pedestal? It would look great once I hang up my new ornaments.

[Ethan’s eyes twitched and he began to scream to his irritation. Ethan ran over towards Maria as we begin to zoom out from Ethan’s house.]

Ethan: AH! Don’t put that there!

Maria: Why not? It’ll bring more life into the house compared to the dump you turned it out to be.

[Their voices began to fade.]

Ethan: I don’t care! C’mon! Just put that back! We don’t need to make any more unnecessary changes!

Maria: It’s fine, relax! Besides, I got this new elephant statue that would fit right-

Ethan: No-no-wait, NO!

[There was a sound of an object being knocked over.]

Maria: Oops, sorry.

[Ethan screamed to his frustration, and an iris appeared closing the episode.]

Life - Rude-a - ED 2
E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

Episode 24 preview

[We shifted through scenes of Nikki and Alice telling the group about a play. Then we shift to a performance by the cast until one of the lights fall over. We shift to Maria swooping into to try and save the cast. The last scene shows to Nikki yelling at Ethan as he glared back at her.]


Major Events

  • Maria makes her first appearance.
  • Ethan meets up with Maria after having not seen her since he attended Horizons.
  • It's revealed Maria used to train with Ethan before attending school, and would sometimes go on missions together.
  • Lieutenant Steel assigns Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki to join his new hit squad, the Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaries.
  • Ethan and the others start hunting down a group of three objects they believe can be used for evil.
  • It's revealed the objects are being grabbed by a mysterious cult.
  • Ethan reveals he hasn't told Lieutenant Steel about the Omni-Splicers yet.
  • Omni-Splicer Goop and Heatblast make their debut.
  • Ethan allows them to get away with the Obsidian Mirror and Torrential Rattles.
    • Emeline however gets captured.
  • Lieutenant Steel becomes infuriated with Ethan after disobeying orders and allowing the mysterious cult to get away. This leads him to assign Ethan a bodyguard after no longer being able to trust him.
  • Maria becomes Ethan's bodyguard.


  • Alice reveals its been three months since she was last able to visit Hypnotick.
  • It's revealed Ethan has yet to tell Alice about the events of what happened with Charmcaster.
  • In previous episodes, Ethan reveals he never had a comm. link added into the Omnitrix, until this episode, being one of A'taenda's added features due to his complaints.
  • Lieutenant Steel recaps the events to the Sha'Rrow attack.
  • Alice reveals it's been since the Tideslayer attack since the group last saw Colonel Rozum.
  • Hannibal and Terence are afraid to be near Alice when she doesn't hesitate to interrogate a Cult Member, this is also a nod to what Ethan is going into for if he dates Alice.
  • Ethan reveals he hasn't fully mastered when the Omni-Splicers happen.
  • Ethan's history of disobeying orders leads to Lieutenant Steel losing his trust for him.



  • The Flame Keeper's Circle (first appearance)
    • "Cult Leader" (first appearance)
    • Ken Kishu (first appearance)
    • Emeline Grass (first appearance)
    • Miles (first appearance)
  • Black Market Salesman (first appearance)
  • Morty (first appearance)

Aliens Used


  • The Omnitrix's ringtone is the same one from the Ultimatrix in Ultimate Alien.
  • Maria references the SACT Tech. Energized Motorbikes being like the Tron bikes.
  • Ethan makes a reference to All Might and Midoriya's One For All attack, only replacing "Detroit Smash" for "Merridale Smash"
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • I Want to Return Home
    • Don't Cry
    • The Ortus
    • Thank Goodness
    • Then the Ortus
    • A Promise
    • What Kind of Keys Are Themes?


  • The Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaries went under a few names before finalizing its name.
    • Galactic Enforcers
    • Ultra Guardians
  • G.L.E.E was named by Paradox Multimedia.
  • It was added in last second to throw in the "Area 51" raid gag that happened in September 2019. For Ethan, Maria, and Lieutenant Steel, it was revealed to be a real event and that it turned out to be "a long day" and "it wasn't pretty".
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