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Missing Link is the tenth episode of the first season in Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open in the heart of an unknown city on Earth. Tall buildings line up the many-lane streets, populated with backed-up lines of cars, front and rear lights ablaze in the night. Many lights continue to flash as people honk their horns. Traffic has been started 3 blocks from where our focus is now. Drawing that focus to the source of the disturbance, we find a large fire in a pit created by a crashed-down aircraft. Police officers surround the area, guns raised and pointing into the area. A crew of shielded officers enter the site in search of a body, breaking apart pieces of the craft with their tools. They emerge from the wreckage moments later without a single body. The officers that were previously standing by, outside of the pit, have fallen to an unknown villain. The shielded crew stand in fear as they walk out of the pit. They are met by a humanoid silhouette which speeds in front of them. It speaks.]

Humanoid (semi-deep male voice): Any bodies down there?
Shielded Officer #1 (standing in front of the crew): That's private.
Humanoid: If you don't give me a yes or no answer, your bodies are going to end up public.
Shielded Officer #1: And officers will come after you for it.
Humanoid: Do you really think they pose a threat? Widens their arms to point to the fallen officers.
Shielded Officer #1 (squinting before making a decision to speak): Alright. No bodies were found. Footprints lead onto the sidewalk up this street.
Humanoid: Thank you. I'd say I'm going to spare your lives, but that would be a lie.

Without even moving a muscle, the officers before the Humanoid stand upright, then close their eyes and fall to unconsciousness just as their colleagues had. The humanoid turns around to face the crowd of people. Standing at a corner in front of a casino, a single man in a brown trench coat, black shirt, and blue jeans stares into the eyes of the humanoid. The man's eyes widen, the humanoid grins. The man begins to shove his way through the crowd of people as the humanoid rushes after him, knocking people down as it goes by. The escape effort is taken to an alleyway mistaken from a distance by the man for a shortcut into another street. The man rushes to the end of the alleyway and stops, frantically looking around for a way out of the trap. The humanoid sees the alleyway and walks calmly into it, disrupting its superspeed roaming. When finally 5 feet away from the man, the man speaks.

Man: You're with them, aren't you?
Humanoid: I am them. Come back with us now; we'll make this easy for you.
Distant Voice: How 'bout Rath makes it easy for you? Rath drops down in the alleyway between the Humanoid and the Man. He faces the Humanoid and reverts to human Ben.
Ben: What's going on here?
Humanoid: You're not involved in this, B--
Man: Help me, please. Whoever this guy is has kept me in a jail cell for nearly a month. When I made it out on one of his ships, it set my autopilot to Earth and locked my controls so it would crash anywhere it felt with me in it.
Humanoid: This being is lying. I only wish to help him; he's sick.
Man: You're the sick one.
Humanoid: Ben Tennyson, you can tell this man is obviously experiencing dementia. Let me take him back where he belongs. To a mental asylum.
Man: That's not where I belong! Don't believe him, Super Ben!
Ben: Alright, if no one's giving me a straight answer, then I'll just have to get the answers out of you. Who are you two?
Humanoid: I am...James. I work at the local psychiatric hospital here in Central. This man was checked in months ago. He's your average John Smith there.
Man: He's lying! I don't know who that person is behind that disguise, but my name is Cyanne. I've been trapped in this human form by something from their ship. I'm a Necrofriggian, and I'm just trying to make it to my brother before he passes away.
Ben: Wait...Cyanne? Your brother, is his name Chili?
Man/Cyanne: Yes! Do you know him?
Ben: Not too well, but he's still got more time; I'm working with somebody who's keeping me up to date on him.
Cyanne: I need to get to him.
Humanoid/James: Enough of this, you shall not escape us. Its shape morphs into that of a Pyronite. Its glow illuminates the alleyway, making the human Cyanne and Ben visible to passersby.
Ben: I'd normally say to fight fire with fire, but we're in a pretty populated area. His Omnitrix tower pops up and he immediately selects a winged alien.
Articguana (analyzing his form): Yes, because when I ask for Big Chill, you give me the next best thing.
"James"/Pyronite: I take it you'll hand over the Necrofriggian now, Tennyson.
Articguana: I don't know what you're taking, but you better give it back. He opens his mouth wide and blasts the Pyronite, freezing him immediately. You'd think another shapeshifter would be nearly as powerful as--The Pyronite transforms into a Vaxasaurian, knocking out the light in the alleyway, and breaking through his ice prison.
"James"/Vaxasaurian: Alright, Ben Tennyson, out of the way! He grows to full size and kicks Articguana blocks away. He shrinks down to his normal size and picks Cyanne up. He then transforms into an Aerophibian and with Cyanne held by his feet, he flies quickly through the air.
"James"/Aerophibian: Tennyson won't be able to catch up to me now. His fastest flier will not be able to get within a mile of me, and his largest form will only be able to kill us both in one swing.

A portal opens in front of Cyanne. As the Aerophibian flies, he accidentally lets his lower body into the portal, letting Cyanne go straight through the portal. After flying miles away, he realizes the weight shift in his feet. He stops abruptly and turns around to see the portal far away, the hand of Streak waving from inside. The Aerophibian squints at the portal, angered, and flies off into space.

[On the other side of the portal, Streak and Cyanne stand before the portal. It closes and Streak reverts to human.]

Ben: Do you know what's keeping you like this?
Cyanne: This. He lifts his left pant leg, revealing a band tightly wrapped around the leg. I don't know how or when they put it on me, but every time I come close to getting it off, my hand changes back for a moment. It's got to be the source.
Ben: You sure?
Cyanne: Almost positive.
Ben: Good enough. He transforms into Grey Matter and walks onto Cyanne's show. He taps the band twice. He looks at it from every angle by climbing on Cyanne's leg. It is white with red and blue buttons dotted around it. A line cuts through the center of it on every angle. He jumps off of Cyanne's leg and transforms into Obsorber. He creates a small blade that he uses to cut the band right at the center. All of the lights on the band turn green as it falls off of Cyanne's Necrofriggian leg. Obsorber reverts to human to admire the Necrofriggian. You're welcome.
Cyanne (Necrofriggian, hovering, flapping wings slowly): Thank you, Ben Tennyson. I haven't used my wings in a while. I think I might be too rusty to rush off to my brother.
Ben: Don't worry about it. I'll have a Plumber ship headed here in a bit. Right now, though, I have to head home.
Cyanne: That's great. See ya 'round, Ben Tennyson. And thank you for this. My brother will love to hear about how you helped him.
Ben: Don't mention it. Without even touching the Omnitrix, he transforms into XLR8. He waves to Cyanne and rushes off into the distance.

[Our focus is thrown a distance away, back at Ben's Bellwood home. XLR8 arrives out front immediately in front of his car. He reverts to human and pulls out his house keys. He walks up to his door and stealthily twists the knob with his key inside. Upon entering, he is met by his mother, Sandra Tennyson, with an irritated face. He removes his keys behind his back, and she closes the door.]

Sandra: Do you know why I'm standing here, Benjamin?
Ben: Because you'd like to congratulate me for my work tonight?
Sandra: Did you "save the universe" again?
Ben: Not exactly...
Sandra: Then the sarcasm is noted, young man. You have school tomorrow now that the holiday break is over.
Ben: But--
Sandra: No buts; you do not want me to go wake your father. You have to work to get through high school, Ben, whether you're an alien superhero or not. Now, go to bed.
Ben: Yes, mom. Head dropping and back slouched, he heads to his bedroom.

[We return our focus to the Necrofriggian Cyanne. The humanoid arrives at the end of his alleyway once more.]

Cyanne: I'm able to fight you now, villain.

The form walks out of the shadows and reveals himself as a blonde human male Plumber, indicating by his armor that covers every part of his body but his head.

Plumber: Don't worry, now. I'm here to take you to the ship Ben Tennyson ordered for you. You are Cyanne, right? That dying Necrofriggian's brother?
Cyanne: Unfortunately, yes...
Plumber: It's alright, man. As soon as we rush you to him, the procedure will begin.
Cyanne: Thank you, Plumber. Lead the way to the ship.
Plumber: Alright.

The Plumber walks Cyanne to a Plumber ship parked in the middle of a dark, empty one-way street around the corner. The ship's landing steps are open, and two Plumbers are posted at either side of it. The Plumber stops Cyanne before he heads inside.

Plumber: Alright, Cyanne. It's just inside.
Cyanne: I really do want to thank you for what you're doing here.
Plumber: It's no problem. Ben Tennyson hailed us after all.
Cyanne: What's your name? I want to commend you when I mention this to my brother.
Plumber: Oh, my name? He puts on a malign grin. My name's James. His left hand glows magenta, and a ray shoots out of his palm, grabbing Cyanne and throwing him inside the ship. The two other plumbers mounted outside remove their helmets, revealing themselves to be Scarogus and Albedo. They head inside with helmets in hand, the landing retracting into the ship behind James as he enters.

Inside the ship, a device is shot onto Cyanne's back, reverting him yet again to his human form. Scarogus and Albedo hold his hands behind his back, and James stands beside them as Cyanne is walked to the leader of the mission. They meet the pilot, who turns their chair to face the group. A light turns on in the room, revealing Karin Frikton in her Kineceleran form, dressed in her Plumber garbs.

Cyanne: Karin, you''re helping these people? After they've been keeping you in a cell nearly as long as they've had me?
Karin: I'm not Karin.
Cyanne: Then who are you?
Karin: I am the Commander of the ship that you were held captive in, the one you managed to escape. But not again. We're taking you somewhere you won't have a chance of escaping before you rot. James suddenly transforms into Elena, but she is wearing Plumber garbs over most of her body similarly to her colleagues.
Elena: Is all patched up between us, Commander?
Karin: Not yet. Removes an ID Mask which reverts him to his Thep Khufan form. He is the only one not wearing Plumber garbs, wearing simply what he does usually--nothing, set aside his paper skin. We're done in this city; let's go.
Cyanne: You aren't getting away with this. The Plumbers will find me no matter where you bring me, or at least, Ben Tennyson will.
Thep Khufan Commander: Ben Tennyson was brought to you because we brought him there. All is going according to plan. Scarogus, fly this Plumber ship. I haven't the experience with these inferior proprietary models.

Scarogus salutes the Commander. He lets go of the hand that he was holding of Cyanne's, handing it over to Elena. The Commander gets out of his chair and shuts off the light within the ship. Scarogus sits for a moment and gets adjusted to the controls. Just as the Commander becomes skeptical, as evidenced by his squinting, about Scarogus's ability to fly the ship, the ship begins to rise. His skepticism becomes intangible as his eyes widen. He stands at the window that stares out onto the streets as the skies become the only thing visible in the ship.

[As we watch from the rear of the ship, the stolen Plumber aircraft blasts from its location becoming practically invisible from its starting point thanks to the distance scoured.]


Part II

[We open the next morning at the Tennyson domain. One Plumber ship cruises through the skies. Immediately after it's out of view, several much smaller Plumber cruisers speed through the air after the ship. At this point, our focus is moved to the Tennysons' front door. Ben emerges, dressed in his usual garbs. He swings his keys around his fingers as he heads to his car. He gets inside and listens to the purr of the starting engine. He watches the sky for a bit while the car gets ready, admiring the contrails left by something that just passed. Unbeknownst to him, these clouds were left by Plumbers on a mission. The car is ready, and at this point, his attention is drawn to the dashboard. It begins to beep and play music. Its ringtone is a Sumo Slammers theme song.]

DX Mark 10: Call from Karin Frikton.
Ben: I seriously need to find out how to change this car's number. He pushes down on the pedals as he begins his journey to school. He then taps a screen on the dashboard that shows video of the caller, Karin, who sits in her Plumber outfit inside a Plumber ship.
Karin (intercom): Ben, we have some bad news.
Ben: What?
Karin (intercom): It appears Chili truly passed away this morning. It's no longer possible for a transplant to be done.
Ben (abruptly stopping in the middle of the road, fortunately out of traffic's way): Oh, no.
Karin (intercom): Yeah...And I heard you called for assistance last night. That transport ship you hailed was mine.
Ben: Yeah, sorry it's always ending up yours.
Karin (intercom): It's nothing. We couldn't transplant Cyanne's Cyogen, though. We made it to the infirmary, and it appeared that he was far too low on the amount of Cyogen in his body to donate. We've handed him over to proper care so he can deal with his current ailment.
Ben: Ailment? What's he got?
Karin (intercom): We believe it to be a sometimes fatal Necrofriggian disease called Cyogen Detriment Disease which used to be more common amongst Khoruans, but what it essentially means for him is that, he's losing Cyogen at an alarming rate and we don't know why.
Ben (begins to drive again): Hope he gets better then. I bet it'd be painful for a mom to lose two kids that quickly.
Karin (intercom): I heard you should be one to be able to feel that pain; you have a few Necrofriggian kids yourself.
Ben: Hey, I never got a chance to even meet them. Chances are I'll never even see 'em again.
Karin (intercom): Who knows, Ben.
Ben: Yeah...alright. I'm heading to school. Tell Cyanne to get better; I'll visit him later.
Karin (intercom): Sure thing.

The call ends, and Ben continues on his route to school, uneasy after hearing the news about Cyanne and Chili.

[Our focus is shifted to the front of an abandoned warehouse. The previous 3 Plumber cruisers fly through the skies for a few miles before disbanding from their formation, all heading in different directions. In front of the abandoned warehouse, the original Plumber's ship appears, just having exited from incognito mode. Its landing stairs slowly descends to touch the ground. Kineceleran Karin Frikton in all but her Plumber's helmet, a disguise taken on by one of the Commander's group, emerges, walking down the landing. Standing on the ground, she faces the interior of the ship, and just before motioning her crew mates, an unfamiliar voice speaks from behind her.]

Voice: Hands in the air.

[We see behind Karin a human Plumber with a Ulam pistol in-hand held right behind Karin's back. The Plumber presses a button near their head that shields them with a helmet, making their identity unknown. Karin slowly raises her hands above her head, and the Plumber continues to speak.]

Plumber: Name.
Karin: What's yours?
Plumber: I asked first. Plus, I've got a weapon.
Karin: Alright. Magister Karin Frikton of the Plumbers; I promise you I'm just here on a mission. Now, what's your name?
Plumber: That's on a need-to-know basis. Karin Frikton, the Plumbers have suspected that you're behind a bigger plot.
Karin: Why would they think that?
Plumber: I don't know. He pulls a Plumber's badge out from his back pocket and taps the hourglass symbol on top. A feed begins to play.
Feed (through Plumber's badge, Karin's voice): "Ben, we have some bad news." Karin's eyes widen as she's forced to recall a past conversation. There's some crackling sounds, then more speaking. "It appears Chili truly passed away this morning. It's no longer possible for a transplant to be done." There is more crackling. "It's nothing. We couldn't transplant Cyanne's Cyogen, though. We made it to the infirmary, and it appeared that he was far too low on the amount of Cyogen in his body to donate. We've handed him over to proper care so he can deal with his current ailment." Louder crackling that lasts longer than before. "We believe it to be a sometimes fatal Necrofriggian disease called Cyogen Detriment Disease which used to be more common amongst Khoruans, but what it essentially means for him is that, he's losing Cyogen at an alarming rate and we don't know why." Crackling, then the Plumber taps the hourglass symbol once more and puts away his badge. Karin: Where'd you get that?
Plumber: Need-to-know basis. You were talking to Ben Tennyson, and you fed him the lie that a currently-hospitalized Necrofriggian known as "Chili" is dead.
Karin: I thought he was dead. When I visited--
Plumber: By the way, when did you visit? There is no record of any past visit to the infirmary from you, Karin, especially not since last night.
Karin: Uhh...well you see...
Plumber: Come with me, Ms. Frikton.

Ulam pistol held to Karin's back, he shoves her forward into her ship. After moving only inches up the landing, the ear-piercing sound of gunfire goes off. Karin's eyes close at this point as she takes in the shot, but after moments without pain, she opens her eyes. Ahead of her, she sees Elena with gun in-hand, aimed at Karin. Karin turns around to find the Plumber's body on his back, a gun wound straight through his stomach. Karin lays the Plumber's left arm over the wound and pulls the body by its legs into the ship. She lays it in a dark corner and removes her ID Mask, revealing herself to be Thep Khufan Commander yet again. He turns to Scarogus who sits comfortably in the pilot's seat.

Thep Khufan Commander: Scarogus, have you another ID Mask I can use to disguise this body? Scarogus: Yours was the only one, Commander. Took me a while to get that one alone; they've been taken off anywhere but the black market since the Atasian Wars. Thep Khufan Commander: Fine. I assume this ship is safe anyhow, and if it isn't, we'll deal with any other intruders. Elena, Albedo, where is the Necrofriggian?

Albedo suddenly becomes visible in the room as Negative Ghostfreak, holding human Cyanne by holding his hands and covering his mouth. Elena rushes over to Cyanne and holds him by his hands. Negative Ghostfreak floats backwards then transforms into Negative Anos, whose skin is maroon in place of purple and hair red in place of magenta. He snaps his finger.

Negative Anos: Step aside, Elena. It is revealed that he had tied Cyanne's hands with his red mana and covered his mouth with a red mana band that wraps around from his mouth to the back of his head. Cyanne struggles to speak, only managing mumbles past the tape. Thep Khufan Commander motions Negative Anos to allow him to speak, and with the snap of a finger, the mana band is torn and disappears.Speak. Cyanne (breathing quickly): You people are insane! And that Plumber, he said my brother is alive! You lied to me.
Negative Anos: Yeah, when you've got a greater cause, you tend to do that.
Cyanne: What's your greater cause? To kill my innocent brother?
Thep Khufan Commander: That's a side effect, happening only because of what has to be done to you.
Cyanne: And what's that?
Thep Khufan Commander: We're getting rid of you. You know too much, and we can't have the mission compromised. And we can't allow for anymore slip-ups that may compromise us any further. Scarogus, make sure all communications to and from this ship are encrypted. Also make sure we can't be tracked.
Scarogus: Yes, Commander. He turns around in his chair and begins to pull up several GUIs over his control panel.
Cyanne: Can't you guys wipe my memory or do something else to me? Why kill me?
Thep Khufan Commander: Because we can't trust you not to rat us out, because there is no means of wiping memory without the memory being retrievable, and because we *want* to get rid of you. You're taking up extra space in our cells that doesn't need to be occupied. We're throwing away a lot of risk by ridding ourselves of every last prisoner on our ship, no matter whose lives are going to be torn. The mission's come too far, and we edge ever closer. Now, Elena, Albedo, mute him, and bring him inside.
Negative Anos and Elena (in unison): Yes, Commander. Negative Anos snaps his fingers once more, and immediately before Cyanne gets the chance to speak, his mouth is covered once more, and his legs are also bonded. He and Elena wrap their arms around either of Cyanne's and bring him in front of the warehouse.
Negative Anos: Hold him on your own for a sec.

Elena nods in response, stepping behind Cyanne to have full control of him. Negative Anos reverts to Ghostfreak and by touching the warehouse's large garage door, makes it entirely intangible. Negative Ghostfreak nods to Elena, and she walks through the door with Cyanne. After completely phasing through the door, Ghostfreak himself phases through, leaving it tangible once more. From inside the Plumber's ship, we observe through Thep Khufan Commander's eyes searching through a window, just how long Elena and Albedo spend inside the warehouse. After five minutes, they emerge, both in their Plumber garbs, wiping their hands to commemorate an easy job well done. They step inside the ship.

Thep Khufan Commander: Is everything set up?
Elena and Albedo (in unison): Yes, sir.
Thep Khufan Commander: Good. Scarogus, send the signal.
Scarogus (pressing a single blue button on his control panel): Done.
Thep Khufan Commander: Then phase 2 is complete. Elena, you know what comes next.
Elena: Yes, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: We return in a matter of hours, then. Scarogus, retract the landing. For now, we're done here.

[From the exterior of the ship, we see the landing retract into the ship once more. The ship begins to rise up from the ground, and as the ship blasts away, it enters incognito mode once more. Our view is shifted from here to the interior of Ben's school, in the empty hallways. The bell for the end of class rings, and the halls flood with students in all sorts of clothing, all bearing backpacks as well books in hand. As everyone heads in every direction, the final door to open in this section of the hallways is one belonging to Dr. Menzio. Students file out of the classroom and join the crowd, and at the end of the line is Ben, arguing with his teacher.]

Ben: But Dr. Menzio--
Dr. Menzio: No buts, Mr. Tennyson. Your work as a "superhero" is dully noted, but there is absolutely no way that in your weeks of break, you were constantly caught up with heroics. All jobs present leisure at some point, and to say you didn't have an ounce of it would warrant my calling your parents. They'll be the judge of whether you had time or not.
Ben: Well, we don't have to go that far, do we?
Dr. Menzio: No, we don't, if you head to your next class and stop arguing this with me. You will have time to study and complete your missing assignments when you come in on Saturday.
Ben: SATURDAY?! That's my relaxing time!
Dr. Menzio: Aha!
Ben: Oooh...
Dr. Menzio: Now, go to your next class, Mr. Tennyson. As opposed to you in your current state, I am not afraid to speak to your parents right now.
Ben: Alright, Dr. Menzio. See you on Saturday.
Dr. Menzio: Mhm.

He shuts his door as Ben walks into the hallway. Ben is seen with a rather thin backpack with two books in hand, one thick green hardcover and another thin orange paperback. Just in front of his next class where a few kids are in line to get inside on time, his Omnitrix begins to beep at a fairly low tone. His raises his hand to his face, and upon his wrist, the Omnitrix is blinking, a green glow turning off and turning on in a loop. He taps the hourglass without popping the tower, and his eyes widen as he skims the holographically projected alien symbols. He rushes around the corner to his locker. Lacking time to get through the lock, he transforms into Streak after checking for teachers in the area, backpack and books still in hand. He puts his luggage on the floor and opens a portal and tosses everything inside. He closes the portal and reverts to human.

[Our attention moves to inside a nearly-full class with blue desks and walls. A rather rotund teacher in a dark green shirt and sweat pants with graying hair stands at a podium at the front of the room. As the bell goes off, he begins reading off his list of students for attendance. After getting through nearly everybody, he comes across one name and repeats it several times when there is no response.]

Teacher: Ben Tennyson? After moments of refusing to raise his head, he finally does so, and sees the missing Ben Tennyson, as well as the crowding of a few students at his window. Everybody, be seated now. What is the commotion?

The students refuse to be seated, and the teacher trudges over to the window. Outside, Ben is seen running out onto the grassy fields.

Teacher: Ben Tennyson!

Ben barely gives any attention to the teacher as he smacks down on the Omnitrix, transforming into Jetray and flying away.

Teacher: In all my years, I have no idea how to respond to a student with the ability to transform into *aliens*. He turns to see the students still standing at the window, expecting to find Ben fly past the window. Any student that doesn't wish to stay here on Sunday for three hours cleaning my blackboards better get seated within the next five seconds.

[As every student rushes to their seats, the teacher puts on a devilish grin in accepting that his threat was successful. He steps back to his podium, and our attention soars into the skies at Jetray talking to himself.]

Jetray: Oh man, oh man, oh man. I have to speed up. He boosts forward, flying through the air at over mach 25 speeds. In mere seconds, he arrives at his destination: the warehouse. He descends to the ground, unfortunately being unable to descend fast from his faster-than-re-entry speed. To avoid heating up and painfully crashing down to the ground, he transforms into Heatblast to cool the crash. Shoveling a 10-mile deep hole into the ground with his head, Heatblast arrives at the ground. He is quick to emerge from the ground, not even caring for the amount of pain just induced. At the warehouse, he burns a circle around the area he'd like to jump in through. He transforms into Four Arms, not even caring for the fact that he tried for Humungousaur, and bashes the hole in the door that Heatblast had outlined for him. He jumps inside the door and transforms into Humungousaur.
Humungousaur: Alright, where is she? With the sound of a girl screaming, Humungousaur's jaw drops and eyes widen. In attempt to follow the sound of the scream, he transforms into Wildmutt, beginning to run around the interior of the room he is in, a fairly small rectangular room with absolutely no contents other than a tall blue wall and a small door. He opens the door and walks inside the next room. He is on the other side of a trap. A large section of the middle of the room is a pit in which spikes dress the floor. Across the room, there is another platform on which Julie sits in a wooden chair, tied to it by her ankles and hands tied behind her back, attempting to scream through paper taped over her mouth. Wildmutt roars at the sight. He transforms into Ultimate Wildmutt.
Ultimate Wildmutt: I don't know who did this to you, Julie, but I'm here to help, and soon I'll be going after whoever's behind this. He jumps onto the side wall and begins to run along it to the other side of the room. As part of the trap, the wall begins to lean inward, pushing Ultimate Wildmutt closer to the spiked floor. Going to need some wings for this job. Transforms into Jetray and flies out of the trap towards Julie. He arrives on the other side of the platform. Standing right in front of Julie, yet another trap is set off. A sticky substance is spat out on Jetray, and the floor below him opens up, dropping him underground. Unable to fly due to the substance sticking his wings in one state, he transforms once more into Spidermonkey. He climbs out of the tube-shaped trap leading to a pit of lava. Outside of the tube, he shoots a web that sticks to the ceiling and hangs upside down on it to avoid further tricks. He unties Julie's legs, hands, and gently rips the paper off of her lips.
Spidermonkey: Julie, are you okay? She doesn't speak. You're speechless; you're traumatized. We have to get you to a--She suddenly fades into nothing. JULIE! He drops onto the chair and looks around for her. In front of him, Julie appears. Spidermonkey exhales a great sigh of relief. Oh, good. Julie, we need to get out of here. Julie merely stands before him. Julie, I'm going to pick you up now. He gets up out of the chair and stands before Julie. As he attempts to take her, she hits him, knocking him to the other side of the platform they're on, nearly into the spike pit. She transforms into Elena. Elena...
Elena: Hello, Ben. A Galvanic Mechamorph suit grows over her body, and she races over to Ben using Kineceleran speed. She picks up Spidermonkey by the neck, who kicks as he attempts to escape captivity. And goodbye. She punches the Omnitrix, reverting him to human and timing out the Omnitrix. Ben's human neck is now held by her one hand. She waves at him with her other hand, which begins to glow green as a ball of energy appears in it. She blasts him with it.

[From Ben's point of view, we watch the blast arrive in slow motion, dealing a blow to his stomach. Everything turns white, then black, as he goes unconscious.]


Part III

[Our eyes slowly open. We look around. No matter what direction, though, we see nothing but pure darkness. Someone begins to walk towards us. Their glow emanates from their direction which we stay focused on. Arriving a few feet away from us, it begins to speak.]

Voice: Ben.
Ben (squinting into the distance): Grandma, is that you?
Voice: No, Ben. The voice's owner walks closer to Ben, revealing themselves to be a female Anodite. Halting Ben's repeated question, the Anodite reverts to their human disguise.
Ben: Chelsey. Wow, am I glad to see you!
Chelsey: We need to get you out of here.
Ben: Out of where?
Chelsey: We're in your head right now, but this is only so I can wake you up before worst comes to worse.
Ben: Alright, then get me untied from this chair.

What we see is no longer what Ben sees. We watch the next events from third-person. Ben is tightly tied to an uncomfortable chair by rope. With the snap of Chelsey's finger, the rope falls off. Ben jumps up to his feet, and raising his hand over the Omnitrix, he speaks.

Ben: Alright, Elena, give up. I know it's you under there.
Chelsey: What? No, Ben, it's me; it's Chelsey.
Ben: No, you're not. Transforms into Anos and holds his hands to Chelsey's cheeks as he reads her mind and checks her mana.
Anos: Oh...He removes himself from her face. So sorry, Chelsey.
Chelsey: It's nothing. From the memories I saw, I'd probably react the same way. Since we're both Anodites, I can link up our powers and get you out of here a lot easier. Now stand still...A flat mana circle appears under Chelsey's feet. Out from it comes mana tentacles which wrap around Chelsey's figure. Creating a cocoon using the tentacles, she speaks a spell which comes out as mumbles to Anos.
Anos: Chelsey, what are you doing?
Chelsey: NEIRUS!

[Our attention is brought to the real world, where Ben is dangling from the ceiling by rope over a lava basin. As his eyes open, he realizes a figure whose hairy blue face lies just inches from his own. As Ben comes to, he sees the figure for what it really is--Spidermonkey, minus the chest-mounted Omnitrix symbol and green eyes turned yellow.]

Ben: Simian?
Arachnichimp: That's just the disguise I've taken on. The alien moves backwards, revealing itself to be hanging on the ceiling. It leaps off the ceiling and lands on a platform adjacent to the lava basin, raised slightly higher to avoid...accidents. The Arachnichimp grows to a humanoid figure, rearing its human head to face Ben. The human is Elena.
Ben: What are you doing, Elena?
Elena: It's not me, really.

From the shadows casually exits Scarogus.

Scarogus: Hello, Ben.
Ben: Scarogus. You're behind all this!
Scarogus: Sure, let's go with that.
Ben: Why did you bring me here? Just casually getting rid of me?
Scarogus: Someone's getting rid of someone.
Ben: Not going to happen. As he tightly shuts his eyes expecting to transform, he yells the name of his wanted transformation. Big Chill! He opens his eyes when he realizes his old voice had enunciated the name. Omnitrix, Big Chill.
Omnitrix: That feature is not available.
Ben: Omnitrix, list inactive safeguards.
Omnitrix: No inactive safeguards.
Ben: Omnitrix, activate Master Control.
Omnitrix: That feature is not available.
Ben: What's going on?!
Scarogus: It's taking you far too long, so I suppose we might as well tell you. We disabled the Assault Omnitrix's Master Control, as well as its voice command functions. We also locked out override permissions. Only Azmuth can get through it now.
Elena: Scare...
Scarogus: He can't get to Azmuth, at least, not in his current shape. He'll be packaged nicely and sent to Azmuth when we're done here, though.
Elena: Well, we don't have to go that far, do we?
Scarogus: We don't have to. But we will. We'll show the galaxy what the Thep Khufans are up to. With Ben Tennyson out of the way, we'll--
Elena: Enough; he's right there.
Ben: If I only knew what you people were talking about. Messing with his fingers behind his back, he removes some rope and begins to twist the Omnitrix dial behind his back in an attempt to re-unlock the Omnitrix's lost features.
Scarogus: You're not going to get the chance to, Tennyson. He turns around and walks into the shadows once more. Only a second later does the rope Ben hangs from begin to plunge towards the lava. Ben halts his attempts at re-unlocking features, now swinging back and forth on the rope while trying to dial in an alien. Unable to tell which he's chosen, he crosses his fingers on his Omnitrix hand as he smacks down on the dial. A moment later, the rope appears broken through, and falling just onto the edge of Elena's and Scarogus's platform is Rath.
Rath: Alright, which one of you wants the first beating? He steps closer to Elena, who begins to edge towards the center of the platform. Rath gets immediately in front of her and swings at her. She ducks, and a thick, hairy hand emerges from the shadows to uppercut Rath just over the edge of the platform. Using his claws, he climbs back up to the edge and leaps onto the platform once more. Alright mysterious hand belonging to someone in the shadows, SHOW YOURSELF!

A red flash emanates from the shadows alongside the sound of a reverse transformation. Albedo emerges from the darkness and crosses his arms.

Rath: Albedo?
Albedo: Scarogus, I thought you said you disabled his useful Omnitrix functions and locked him into a single playlist.
Scarogus: Well, I disabled the Omnitrix functions. You didn't inform me of locking the transformations.
Albedo: Why must it always be true that if you need something done, you've got to do it yourself.

Albedo transforms into Negative Spidermonkey and webs up Rath. Rath trips back up to the wall where Negative Spidermonkey jumps onto him and kicks him in the face. He then transforms into Negative Articguana and freezes all but the Omnitrix symbol on Rath's chest. Negative Articguana reverts to human and pops Rath's Omnitrix symbol up. With the tower revealed, he pulls something out of his pocket that resembles a much thinner version of the tower. Transforming into Negative Four Arms, he holds it onto the patterns inside the tower. He twists it, and suddenly the hourglass on the Omnitrix turns red as well as the patterns on the tower. Albedo removes the device and pockets it once more. He smacks down on Rath's Omnitrix symbol, reverting Rath to human. Negative Four Arms shatters the ice around Ben by punching with his right set of arms. Ben falls on his back onto the ice-covered floor. The Omnitrix hourglass turns green once more, and Negative Four Arms abruptly reverts to human.

Albedo: What's going on?
Scarogus: What do you mean?
Albedo: I didn't choose to revert back to--oh, no...
Elena: What, Albedo?
Albedo: I'm forced to use whatever aliens Tennyson has unlocked, and I've locked him into his "useless" playlist. In an attempt to transform back into Negative Four Arms, he achieves only a transformation into Negative Gravattack.
Negative Gravattack: Oh, great. Reverts to human.
Albedo: Let's get out of here. Deploy the trap for Tennyson. We've probably less than a minute till he comes to about the temperature under his back.
Scarogus: On it. He rushes back into the shadows, and one is able to hear him pressing buttons. He emerges with bad news. I can't deploy the trap.
Albedo: What?! Why not?
Scarogus: The systems say insufficient energy. Unless you've got something that can charge it up.
Albedo: Tennyson left a Gimlinopithecus in his so-called useless playlist, but I have a method that will let us dispose of my little device as we leave. He rushes into the shadows with Scarogus to enable the trap. It's ready. We've got a few seconds before this thing gets started.
Scarogus: Then why are we wasting time?

Elena rushes into the Darkness alongside Scarogus and Albedo and three sets of footsteps audibly rush into the distance. Ben returns to consciousness, jumping away from the cold. He faces the shadows and pops the Omnitrix tower in an attempt to find a transformation that can chase them down. He transforms into Fasttrack, the second transformation on his list (just after Gravattack), but just then, a wall appears before him, sliding in from both ends of the warehouse room.

Fasttrack: Oh no. He twists his Omnitrix dial and in an attempt to transform into Obsorber to blast through the door, he transforms into Shocksquatch.
Shocskquatch: Alright, use all the aliens in my bad playlist. He punches the wall, making a fist-shaped dent in it. Yet another wall comes in the way of that one, though. As he throws his hand, yet another wall appears. Oh, no. Beginning to run away from the cascading walls, Shocksquatch reaches the edge of the platform just above the lava basin. The walls behind him edge closer and closer. Alright, give me what I want, even if he is from the bad list. He transforms into Crashhopper who jumps rather easily over the lava over to the other side of it, where yet another platform lies. The walls continue to come closer and closer at even faster rates. Crashhopper turns around to a door kept closed thanks to a combination lock.
Crashhopper: I don't have time for this. Transforms into Gravattack and manipulates the gravity within the lock to unlock it then to remove it from the door. He bashes through the door and to his left, a screen becomes possible. On it, the Commander's head appears.
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Hello, Mr. Tennyson.
Gravattack: Scarogus?
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): No, but you have met me before. To refresh your memory, here's a secret file I salvaged off of my old ship. Onscreen, a picture of Lodestar mid-duel with the Commander appears.
Gravattack: You're the Commander, from that ship.

The screen returns to a head shot of the Commander.

Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Indeed.
Gravattack: What do you want? Other than to send out your crony Scarogus after me?
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): He's far from a mere crony, Ben. Now for the reason you're here. Across the dark room Gravattack is in, a spotlight shines down upon a human Cyanne tied to another chair.
Gravattack: It's just another trick, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): It might be, Tennyson, but would you risk it?
Gravattack: I don't see exactly what I'm risking.
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Cyanne is going to be pushed into a pool of Piscciss Carchaiss.
Gravattack: Those are those shark aliens that prey on Volanns...
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): The same.
Gravattack: How are you going to push him in anything? There's nothing in this room.
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Oh, I almost forgot. An area of the room lowers into the floor. Water fills into the new pit. Upon such time, a great amount of shark-like Piscciss Carchaiss are poured into the pool as well. They swim up to the top of the pool and attempt even to climb out of the pool and chomp down on Cyanne. Gravattack reverts to human at the sight.
Thep Khufan Commander: I'm going to give you a choice, Tennyson. You can go after Cyanne, which will take you a bit of effort since there's no possible way to simply jump over that pool with those Piscciss Carchaiss standing by. Or (another spotlight shines at a door just to Ben's right, already wide open and ready for Ben to exit through) you can leave now. Should you choose to leave through that exit, Cyanne will be dumped in the pool with those Carks, but you'll also receive access to all of your aliens once more, accompanied also by the restoration of all your past settings. Your decision.


Part IV

[We return with Ben making a grand decision of whether to risk trying to go after Cyanne with his transformation limitations or to retrieve all his old aliens and Omnitrix settings but sacrifice a life to do so.]

Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Your choice, but you better make it quickly. I don't have all day to wait, and these Carks are getting a bit jumpy for their meal.
Ben: I've made my decision, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): Splendid. Now, go over there and try to save--
Ben: I'm getting my aliens back.

Across the room, Cyanne attempts to yell through tape tied around his face. Ben rushes over to the door, much to Cyanne's dismay. Immediately outside the door, it shuts on its own, and Albedo appears before Ben.

Ben (his Omnitrix arm readied to transform): What do you want, Albedo?
Albedo: The Commander wanted me to give you access to your old aliens in the case that you decided to throw away that innocent Necrofriggian's life.
Ben: Just hurry it up, Albedo.
Albedo: Whatever. Pulls out a device like the one he used to lock Ben to one playlist. He pops the Omnitrix tower up and arms the device onto the side of the tower. This'll take a few seconds.
Ben: Alright.
Albedo: You know, Tennyson, in doing this, you've shown that you've got a dark heart inside you. You should join us. Together with Ben Tennyson, nothing will stand in our way.
Ben: I would if I only knew who "we" was, and if I wasn't in the position to take you down on my own.
Albedo (standing up as the Omnitrix completes the restoration): The Omnitrix is ready, Ben. And remember that the offer still stands. Transforms into Negative Jetray, but just before he flies off, a green flash appears behind him, and something grabs hold of his tail. Negative Jetray turns his head to find the 2 upper arms of Tetramand Four Arms holding tightly onto his tail.
Negative Jetray: Release me, Tennyson!
Four Arms: I don't think so, Albedo. He swings Albedo down onto the floor and transforms into Diamondhead. Using Diamondhead, he punches Negative Jetray in the face, reverting him to human and knocking him unconscious. He then creates a diamond barrier around him just as Negative Articguana had done to Rath before. He transforms into Big Chill and phases through the warehouse wall. He sees the Thep Khufan Commander onscreen in the middle of maniacal laughter at Cyanne slowly being pushed into the pool of Piscciss Carchaiss.
Big Chill: Hello, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen, laughter immediately halted): Tennyson!
Big Chill: The one and only.
Thep Khufan Commander (onscreen): I hadn't accounted for this outcome. Grr...The screen he projects on suddenly breaks. The warehouse begins to shake.
Big Chill (yelling, to Cyanne): Don't worry about this place coming down! I'm coming! Now to himself. Now if flying over these things worked before, Jetray would be my best bet at getting through this with ease. Transforms into Jetray, and attempts to fly over the pool of Piscciss Carchaiss, but all three simultaneously jump for him. One catches him by the end of his tail, pulling Jetray down into the pool. As Cyanne looks on, still being pushed in his chair into the pool, his eyes widen at the sight of Jetray's defeat. Moments later, Brainstorm emerges from the waters with a force field around him. He flies in his force field over to Cyanne's eyes. He transforms into Eye Guy and blasts the legs on Cyanne's chair off, halting the seat's automatic movement. Eye Guy unties Cyanne and puts him at his side.
Eye Guy: Are you alright?
Cyanne: Not as long as my brother's still out there and still hasn't gotten his transplant.
Eye Guy: Then we've got to get out of here first. Transforms into Big Chill and holds Cyanne as he phases through the warehouse to outside. He places Cyanne outside and reverts to Eye Guy whom he uses to melt through the transformation lock badge on Cyanne's back. It falls in halves onto the ground as Cyanne reverts to his natural Necrofriggian form.
Cyanne: I must thank you for all you've done to help me, Ben Tennyson.
Eye Guy: I'd love to make sure you have a safe flight to the Plumber infirmary, but I've got to get home or my mom's gonna kill me.
Cyanne: It's fine. So long as I've finally got access to my natural self, I think I can fare pretty well on the way. I'll stay intangible the whole time just in case. No one will be able to sneak up on me and place one of those devices on me again.
Eye Guy: Alright. Good luck on the flight. I'm off. Transforms into XLR8 and blasts away into the distance, as Cyanne turns around and looks down at something on the ground. Our view shifts ever so slowly as we observe what he observes: Albedo's unconscious body.

[Hours later, a Necrofriggian arrives on his knees in the hangar of the Thep Khufan Commander's ship, located light-years away from Earth. Several of the Commander's Thep Khufan guards, led by Scarogus, are quick to surround the Necrofriggian, believing him to be a threat, with weapons aimed and ready. The Necrofriggian flashes red, which the guards believe to be part of a weapon, so one guard commands the rest to fire. Before they all do, Scarogus speaks out.]

Scarogus: DO NOT FIRE! He runs through the crowd of guards and arrives at the source of the glow and kneels next to it, where Albedo lays on his back, stomach covered by his hand. He's hurt. Which one of you shot at him?
Guard #1: None of us, sir.
Scarogus: Then explain this.
Albedo (murmuring): me...went off...his brother...
Guard #1: What? Scarogus rises from kneeling at Albedo's side.
Scarogus: Take him to the nearest on-sight infirmary.
Guard #1: You mean, on the ship, right?
Scarogus: Of course. Now, go.

Every guard salutes Scarogus. It tooks six of the guards to create a thick and long enough bed to lift Albedo to the infirmary on. Scarogus rushes up a super-speed elevator installed in the hangar up to the Commander's private study. He knocks at the door. It immediately opens, and Scarogus runs inside. He hastily heads inside, only to realize Elena already being in the room talking to the Commander. He rushes to her side and bows to the Commander and begins to listen on their conversation preceding his urgent message.

Elena: He escaped...
Thep Khufan Commander: I know.
Elena and Scarogus (in unison): You do?!
Thep Khufan Commander: The plan was for him to escape.
Scarogus: Then what was the purpose of all this? Why not simply let him go to his brother in the beginning?
Thep Khufan Commander: For one thing, it was Ms. Validus's plan to send him offcourse.
Elena: But you agreed with the plan.
Thep Khufan Commander: I did. That was the point at which I devised my own plan. I knew Tennyson would make off with both his powers and the Necrofriggian, but what he didn't make it away with was Chili's life.
Elena: So you mean...
Thep Khufan Commander: Precisely. A holographic screen appears over the window into space, displaying an image of Chili laying in a Plumbers' infirmary. Doctors stand by as they think about the recent death. Minutes ago, Chili became unsaveable. His final Cyogen backups could no longer be controlled on their own, so they led to his timely demise.
Scarogus: How did you know he would be unsaveable at this point?
Thep Khufan Commander: I've been acquaintances with Necrofriggians in the past. All of my acquaintances have fought with the loss of Cyogen. Took 'em all about the same amount of time since you'd stolen that custodian's Cyogen to now for them to become unsaveable.
Elena: Excuse me if I'm missing something, but what's being unsaveable?
Thep Khufan Commander: Necrofriggians can last a period of time without Cyogen, at which point their internal organs will attempt to live off the leftover energy used to generate Cyogen for as long as possible. Depending on the Necrofriggian's age, their extended lifetime will last for a varying duration. In the case of someone like Chili, his health didn't help him too well, but his age helped him cope with this. The unsaveable time comes when all coping mechanisms within the body fail. The term is used because before that point, they can receive a transplant, be saved. It's too late for Cyanne to save him.
Scarogus: But we can't just let Cyanne get away; he knows too much, the same reason we watched Chili so long.
Thep Khufan Commander: Taken care of. Albedo was the bait for this plan. He knew the stakes in helping out, and I commend him for it.
Elena: Will he be okay?
Thep Khufan Commander: With some time off of work, I believe so. Due to how this mission transpired, he has time, and so do you two.
Elena: What do you mean?
Thep Khufan Commander: Our newest member is ready to take on her first mission.
Scarogus (baffled): Her?!
Elena (ecstatic): Her!
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes. Her mission will begin shortly. We have been planning for weeks now.
Elena: Can we meet her?
Thep Khufan Commander: I would say yes, but that would be a lie. She's dormant at the moment, revitalizing herself for her coming mission.
Elena: Oh...
Thep Khufan Commander: At some point soon, you will meet her. You two are dismissed, I have work to be doing.
Elena: Yes, Commander. They simultaneously stand and bow to the Commander once more and exit the room. The door shuts behind them.

[As the Commander prepares for planning, he plays back in his head recent events. We return to outside the warehouse just after XLR8 had left Cyanne there. Cyanne approaches the unconscious body of Albedo down on the ground. He kneels at his side.]

Cyanne (whispering): It's too bad your little mission failed. I'm free, and it's time to save Chili. You'd be extremely mad if you were awake right now. Suddenly, Albedo disappears. What the-? He begins to frantically look around him for the true version of Albedo. We watch as Albedo appears behind Chili and places yet another device on his back. Cyanne finally finds where Albedo was and looks at him.
Albedo: Hello, Cyanne.
Cyanne: Grr...He punches Albedo in the stomach just before the warehouse prepares to collapse. Albedo falls onto his back from the impact from Cyanne's punch. He watches Cyanne fly off into the sky, except what Cyanne doesn't realize is that the device makes him appear in the form of Albedo to anyone but himself. The warehouse collapses, with chunks and planks of wood flying onto Albedo and trapping him on the ground.

[The flashback is moved to the infirmary where Chili is being held. Cyanne, who unknowingly appears as Albedo to everyone arrives at the front door. Two tall guards with electrically-charged staves protect the door.]

Tall Guard #1: You're not allowed in here.
Cyanne: Why not? My brother's in there!
Tall Guard #2: Nice try; we know you have no siblings.
Cyanne: What are you talking about?! My brother's *dying* in there!
Tall Guard #1: Leave or we'll have to use force, Albedo.
Cyanne: Albedo?! Where?! He spins around in circles in search of Albedo. The guards look at each other and shrug. They both shock Cyanne at once, knocking him unconsciously over on his back. One guard heads inside for a moment and returns with a man in a lab coat.
Tall Guard #1: This alien appears to be crazy.
Man: What's his name? Who is he?
Tall Guard #1: Albedo of the Galvans. He's been trapped in the negative form of Ben Tennyson, but doesn't appear to know who he is.
Man: Ah, yes. I'll take him to my place. Might take a long while to fix his condition.
Tall Guard #2: Take your time; the Plumbers will be pleased to have one less alien to deal with on a regular basis.

The man snaps his finger, and a hearse appears at the edge of the curb in the middle of space.

Man: Don't worry, it's not headed to the cemetery. He picks up Albedo, snaps his finger which opens the hearse's trunk, and throws Albedo inside. Thanks for the report, you two.
Tall Guard #1: No problem, Dr. Albon.
Dr. Albon: I'll be off now. He enters through the left front door of the car and seats himself as a driver/pilot of the space hearse. With the inaudible snap of his finger, the trunk shuts, and the hearse takes off.

The hearse approaches a tall, cylindrical alien facility located in the middle of space, free of any adjacent facilities for light-years. Dr. Albon heads down to a hole in the lower half of the facility. It leads into a room full of trash. With another snap of his finger, the hearse's trunk opens and Cyanne/Albedo's body falls out of the ship and into the trash. Dr. Albon snaps again, and the trunk shuts tightly. As he flies away into space once more, the entrance to the trash room shuts. After greatly distancing himself from the facility, the hearse is slowed into safe autopilot speeds. In the pilot's seat, Dr. Albon removes an ID Mask and reveals himself to truly be Mistress.

Mistress: And they say it's not easy dumping someone on Incarceron.

[She regains manual control of the ship and blasts off far out in space.]




Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • Rath (x2)
  • Articguana (accidental transformation; selected was Big Chill)
  • Streak (x2)
  • Grey Matter (brief)
  • Obsorber (brief)
  • XLR8 (x2)
  • Jetray (x3)
  • Heatblast
  • Four Arms (x2) (first time: accidental transformation, selected was Humungousaur)
  • Humungousaur
  • Wildmutt
  • Ultimate Wildmutt
  • Spidermonkey
  • Anos (dream)
  • Fasttrack
  • Shocksquatch (accidental transformation; selected was Obsorber)
  • Crashhopper
  • Gravattack
  • Diamondhead
  • Big Chill (x2)
  • Brainstorm (brief)
  • Eye Guy (x2)

(by Albedo)

  • Negative Ghostfreak (x2)
  • Negative Anos
  • Negative Spidermonkey
  • Negative Articguana
  • Negative Four Arms
  • Negative Gravattack
  • Negative Jetray

Disguises Used

(by Elena)

  • James
  • Pyronite
  • Vaxasaurian (brief)
  • Aerophibian
  • Julie Yamamoto
  • Simian/Arachnichimp

(by Thep Khufan Commander)

(by Cyanne)

  • Human (unintentional)
  • Albedo (unintentional)

(by Mistress)

  • Dr. Albon


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  • This is the first episode to start its premiere cycle late.
  • Before the episode's premiere, Stripes confirmed at least two classic aliens' appearances in this episode. In the end, Missing Link came out with eight (nine if Negative Ghostfreak is included) classic aliens, two of which were not in the original 10. Stripes later confirmed that one of the two originally planned classic aliens hadn't appeared, noting that the missing classic alien hadn't appeared in any Back in Action: Alien Universe episode yet.
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