This page covers all of the aliens who, so far, have appeared too briefly in Ben 10: Road Trip to warrant their own pages. Some aliens may not have appeared on screen at all.


Blitzwolfer Crop
Blitzwolfer is the T2 Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Loboan from the moon Luna Lobos in Earth-1010.

Blitzwolfer has yet to appear in Ben 10: Road Trip. He was scanned from a Loboan civilian on the planet Anur G'rrnay in The Only Good Necroterran.

Powers and Abilities

Blitzwolfer's primary ability, aside from being a tough animalistic alien, is his ability to generate powerful subsonic howls capable of damaging opponents, immobilising incoming projectiles, or even launching himself upwards if fired towards the ground.


Blitzwolfer is vulnerable to supersonic sounds, such as dog whistles.

Ben does not like Blitzwolfer, he considers him to be a weaker Echo Echo.


Dumbell Crop
Dumbell is the T1 Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Long-Nosed Phantidean from the planet Chordate XI in Earth-1010.

Dumbell was first unlocked in Let's Do The Time War Again off screen in Omniverse, however Ben found him difficult to use and therefore opted simply not to.

Powers and Abilities

Uniquely, his long trunk can be blown like a trumpet. This noise is difficult to weaponize, it is just a noise, BUT it is a distinctive sound that can be heard over or through just about any other noise regardless of volume. For example, Dumbell's cacophony could be heard even if he were trapped inside Echo Echo's Echo Chamber. Ben did not find a use for this power in his brief time using the alien during practice sessions prior to replacing the T1 Omnitrix. He primarily found it annoying to those around him.


Unfortunately, despite being a strength alien, Dumbell is fairly weak for his size and is completely outclassed by most other aliens.


  • Dumbell was among three aliens unlocked during the time resets in Let's Do The Time War Again. He was first used off-screen alongside ImmoBile and Ventrilosquid.


Eelectricity Crop
Eelectricity is the T2 Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Teslamorpha from the planet Aquillis in Earth-1010.

Eelectricity was first unlocked in Tides of War by scanning a civilian.

Powers and Abilities

Eelectricity is an incredibly powerful swimmer and, as his name would suggest, can generate electrical attacks as well. Being sampled from an Ocean Teslamorpha as opposed to a City Teslamorpha, he is physically much stronger than any of the Teslamorpha he had to fight in his debut appearance.


Eelectricity's mobility is reduced to nearly nothing outside of water. He can still fight, relying on his arms to throw his weight around, but it is incredibly tiring.



CaT Nada Surf Crop

Art by CaT

Sudstorm is the T2 Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Aquaera from the planet Floaeria in Earth-1010.

Sudstorm has yet to appear in Ben 10: Road Trip. He was scanned from an Aquaera civilian on the planet Aquillis in Tides of War.

Powers and Abilities

Sudstorm can generate and control water bubbles from air moisture or surrounding liquid water. If he can generate enough bubbles, he can ride them over land like a wave. If he compresses the bubbles down- and therefore the air inside- they will pop with an explosive force.


Sudstorm's powers are useless in dry environments.


  • Sudstorm is the Earth-1010 equivalent of the free use alien Nada Surf by CaT
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