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General Information
Species Cajamovilian
Home World Rescorporis
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Intelligence, making stuff swap bodies, telepathy
First Appearance Season 2 of The Omni-Knights

Mindswap is a Cajamovilian from the planet Rescorporis in The Omni-Knights. He is confirmed to appear as an additional in the second season.


Mindswap is a tall humanoid. He has a black body, and all his limbs are floating. He has a pink head, with a huge pink brain, with a blue eye on the head. He has no mouth, but he talks through telekinesis.


  • Super intelligence
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis (not that strong though)
  • Can swap people's bodies
  • Can swap his body with someone to get his powers
  • Swapping bodies of objects (when he switches a body of an object, the object's traits are changed; for example, swapping an anvil with glass will make the glass super heavy and the anvil fragile)
  • Wiping a person's memories, or giving it back (can give memories/info to people or than the person that he wiped his mind)


Cannot talk, uses telepathy instead. His brain is exposed too and can be harmed easily. He can't communicate with robots or anything artificial either.


  • Not yet


  • This alien is the same as the confirmed Simien 10 alien Mindwipe, but the creator changed the alien's name to fit his powers more.