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Mind Trix is episode 5 of Season 2 of Ren X.

Ren X
Season 2, Episode 5
Written by Ren
Directed by ^
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Twins Oppose


Evil Ren: (beat up) Speedy.....

Speedy: what!?! (anger)

Evil Ren: (smiles and pulls out what seems to be a lazer pointer) Good Night. (zaps Speedy, hynotizing her)

Speedy: Master Evil Ren. How may I serve you today oh, great one?

Evil Ren: oh great one? Creepy, but ok. (gives Speedy the ray)

Speedy: what should I do with this Mind Overtaking Device?

Evil Ren: Zap every good guy with it.

Speedy: Yes, master. (runs off)

Evil Ren: Yes! I have done it! 0.0 I could have just made Evil Speedy do that. -_-

(everyone has been zapped by Speedy)

Evil Ren: (smiles to himself)

Ancy: Masta Ren!

Ren: Masta Ren!

Reg: Masta Ren!

Mig: Maste-

Evil Ren: It's Master Evil Ren!

All: Yes, Sir.

Zon: what's going on?

Evil Ren: You aren't hypnotized?

Zon: No.

Evil Ren: Everyone, get that mutt!

Zon: Uh-oh (digs a hole and gets away)

Speedy: sorry, master. I wasn't fast enough.

Evil Ren: You weren't running fast enough! (sighs) forget it!

Speedy: Im greatly sorry!

Evil Ren: Ok, I have assingments for each of you, Speedy you will....

Wherever Zon is....

Zon: Whoa! What happened to everyone? (sees Regular designed something and rushes over to him)

Reg: go away!

Zon: Reg, I need to talk to you.

Reg: I am not aloud to talk to strangers

Zon: snap out of it, dude!

Reg: snap out of what?

Zon: you better stop pretending! we're trapped in a haunted house, we don't know where we are, and you're playing around!?!

Reg: i guess so.

Zon: You must be hynotized like the rest....give me a minute (burps out aloud)

Reg: How disgus- 0.0

Flashback of Reg's memories

Reg: (burps in Speedy's face and Run's)

Speedy: Why yo- (runs after him)

Zon: (burps)

Reg: (burps)


Zon: (burps)

Reg: (burps)

(they both laugh)





Speedy: (burps, then covers her mouth)

Zon and Reg: (laughing)

Speedy: -_-

Ren: (laughs)

Flashback of Reg's Memories over

Reg: xD. I remember!

Zon: you do? (smiles)

Reg: Yah!

Zon: So everyone else can be unhypnotized by remembering their memories?

Reg: Um, I think so.