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MindMatter 1010.png
General Information
Species Sentient Chemicoal
Home Planet Chemicon X
Body Floating Crystals
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Telekinesis
Limited Flight
Enhanced Durability
Space Survivability
Heat Durability
Weaknesses Sonic Vulnerability
Used By Ben Prime
Ultimate Ben 10'000
Appears in Death of Ben 10
Ben 10: Road Trip

MindMatter is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sentient Chemicoal from the planet Chemicon X in Earth-1010.


MindMatter is a floating mass of predominantly red crystals held together by an invisible force. Of these crystals, two on either side form an arm-like structure with a hand on each end. Two symmetrical pieces of crystal either side of the central 'head' piece are coloured green, with the Omnitrix dial on the 'head' crystal.

Powers and Abilities

MindMatter's main ability, as his name might suggest, is telekinesis. This allows him to lift objects and people, including himself, and move them around as he pleases. This ability is what keeps his multi-crystal body afloat and in formation.

He has a high degree of temperature resistance, enough to allow him to survive on the surface of Pyros where humans cannot.


MindMatter was shown to be vulnerable to sonic blasts, with Haywire's attack overpowering his telekinetic powers and launching him backwards.


Death of Ben 10

MindMatter is used as an Aspect Transformation by Ultimate Ben 10'000 in his Ultimate Ben form in Death of Ben 10Chapter 13. He is used to protect Eon from Ben 23 as Dino-Mighty and Ultimate Ben 10 as Wildvine.

Ben 10: Road Trip

This alien was one of the ten aliens given to Ben along with the T2 Omnitrix and was first used in From The Ashes. He attempted to use the alien to break into the Castle on the Invictus Flats, predicting it to have a more destructive or interesting power. Instead he learned of the alien's telekinetic abilities and lifted his allies in the Starlit Sky to the roof. MindMatter was used again later to apprehend Ignis.

MindMatter was used again twice in Time Trials. First he was used to pass the second Crucible vault trial, and then again later to defeat Overbite. He was defeated by Haywire. Ben used MindMatter in The Only Good Necroterran to catch Doctor Osiris, but was forced to drop her by Nurse Adria.

He proved completely ineffective against the tomb creature in Dead London, however in Life On Mars Brave New World allowed MindMatter to hold him aloft. MindMatter ripped a fire hydrant out of the ground and smashed it into the monster before switching into Hightide.

In Tides of War, MindMatter was used alongside Powerhouse, Hightide, and Triedge to help rescue and revitalise the T'zun Army political prisoner Marinium.


Death of Ben 10

Ultimate Ben 10'000

Ben 10: Road Trip

Ben Prime



  • MindMatter was one of the five aliens to appear in Death of Ben 10 ahead of his official debut in Road Trip.
  • Prior to Road Trip, Ben's sample of MindMatter was supposed to be primarily cyan, with green accents. This can be seen in the poster for Aaronbill3's Alien Arsenal!
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