Minace 2
General Information
Species Rubunite
Home World Rubic
Body Chubby-like Humaniod
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Laser Projection
Extendable Mouth
Extendable Teeth
Radiational Emmision
Side Ramming
Shapeshifting Lower Area

Equipment: Protective Medallion
First Appearance World War III

Minace is a Rubunite from the planet Rubic, in Omniversal.


Minace looks like a chubby/humaniod with a red head, green eyes. He has black hands and a black shirt with a green stripe down the middle. His shoulders are dark crystal, and his teeth are silver, with one of them gold. The Omnitrix Symbol is on the golden medallion he's wearing.


Minace's body material(s) is very hard, giving him enhanced strength and durability. His Ruby had is mainly for concentrated light. He can shoot lasers, the thicker and stronger the lazer, the less amount of distance it goes. In the dark, he can glow a very pure red light. It is also useful for burning up to 350 degrees hot enough to burn asphalt.

His Metallic mouth can extend down to 12 feet (although he's only 4 feet). His mouth is made of material that goes all the way down into his interior, made of the same thing as his mouth. The material is made to withstand any bad material that goes into his mouth.

The silver teeth on his mouth can extend with his mouth, and become sharp. The gold tooth is just an accessory.

His Mediallion might seem just for show, but it holds the Omnitrix. Regular Rubunites do not have the Medallion, as Medallion hold the Omnitrix to keep it safe from the Electro-Radiation his arms and body are made out of.

His Electro-Radiation arms and body are the fire/electric part of him. It makes it easier for him to generate electrictiy. He can manipulate all forms of elecrity and fire (limited). His Radiation part always stays Electricty filled, which is a problem sometimes.

The dark crystal on his shoulder are only for side-rams.

His "pants" are made of a colorized crystal that's usually any color, depending on which Rubunite we're talking about (In this case it's green). It can be used to shapeshift into anything on Minace's mind.


His Electro-Radioactive body/arms can damage the Omnitrix if they touch. He cannot detransform without using an unconductive material to do so. His Radioactive Energy prevents him from toughing any other being without harming them.


Deo 12

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  • Minace is Ren's most powerful alien.
  • Minace was originally named "Menace".
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