General Information
Species Amorphyte
Home World TBD
DNA source TBD
Body Amorphous (no true form)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting
Short range EMP blast
Short range magnetic blast
Short ranged neuro-electrical blast
Voice Actor Any Volnteers?

Mimicury is the Creatorix's DNA sample of an Amorphyte from the planet (home planet) in Get Animated.


They have no real appearance, but they are energy and metal for what they are made of.

It tends to be mercury and green colored energy for Helene's Mimicury. It can take on any shape or form, but it always starts or ends as a puddle of metal, the other selective default form is a human-like metal body.

Transformation Sequence

You just turn into a puddle of metal and strange glowing color splotches, with one being the signature symbol of the Creatorix (Omnitrix).

Then you spring up into a human-like form only made of Metal with colorful bands.

Powers and Abilities

Shapeshifting. They can copy things in every detail including the voice.

Energy from the core can be used to fire short-ranged EMP blasts that go out about 10 ft. average.

Energy from the core can be used to fire short-ranged magnetic blast that comes from the hand starting at 10 ft. and with training in can be further, but the effects are only temporary.

Energy from the core can be used to fire a short-ranged neuro-electrical blast, sort of like a psy-blast up to a mile away with a focus point, no focus point 100 ft.


Removing its core is like taking away Goop's anti-gravity projector, but worse for it is their lifeline.

Despite their spot-on mimicry, they lack the powers of what was mimicked.

Using too much energy from the core is draining on the body and if used too much can leave one immobilized, but completely draining it can result in death.

If the are drained forcefully of energy it can not only immobilize them but damage them or worse.



  • Giant puddle of mercury, with colorful glowing streaks one of which is the Creatorix symbol, Green for Helene.
  • Humanoid shaped mercury, with eight colorful glowing bands located at middle or shins, thighs, upper arms, and forearms. (*Note: All or most wielders will have this as body type.)


The name comes from the word Mimicry which usually refers to the imitating a person of their actions or what they say, usually in a teasing manner.

Along with that it also combines the word Mercury using the term for the metal, It is usually in a liquid state and is can be known as quicksilver.

Combining the two in a pun on words to form the name Mimicury.


  • The true form is just the core.
  • The Omnitrix can't pick up there DNA unless in the normal metal self, otherwise, it will just ignore them.


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