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General Information
Home Planet Alpha Proxima
Body Tall Salamander
Gender System Binary
Predators Swamp Swarmers
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Power Mimicry
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Dexterity
Alternate Abilities Enhanced Mimicry (Alan 10)
Weaknesses limited Mimicry Powers
Weakness Mimicry
Present In Omnitrix
Alternate Counterparts Similamander (Earth-1799.A)

The Mimewts are Similamander's species. They live on the planet Alpha Proxima.

Mimewts, alongside Similamander, are free use aliens.


Mimewts are relatively small quadrupedal aliens with murky green skin. Their is a dark green double helix-like marking running down their spines. The colour of their skin helps them naturally camouflage amongst the swamp lands of Alpha Proxima.


Mimewts possess the unique ability to mimic the powers of any organic creature they encounter. Whilst they cannot mimic these powers perfectly, nor to the strength of the being they copied, this is normally enough to scare off any predators.


Cannot mimic powers to 100% of the power of the being they copied it from.

Can only copy the powers of creatures immediately present to them, and can only retain those powers for short periods of time once the being they copied leaves.

Cannot copy the powers of technological or mechanical beings, only purely organic beings.

Known Mimewts


Mimewt is a portmanteau of 'Mime' and 'Newt'. This references their amphibian design, and mimicry ability.

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