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This page was the Featured Alien of March 2019
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General Information


Home Planet:

The Semblant Tear



Other Info

Minor Reality Alteration
Invisible Construct Creation
Extendable Limbs
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Speed
Stealth Mastery


Invisible Constructs
Other Terrifiants

First Appearance:


Mimecraft is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Terrifiant from the Semblant Tear.


Mimecraft appears similar to a mime, although his proportions are all wrong. His body and limbs are too thin and long to appear as a regular mime. He wears white gloves and black boots, along with black pants and a white top with black stripes. He has a black beret, and a white, emotionless mask. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his waist.


Mimecraft is one of Ben's more mysterious aliens, as he does not talk at all, or convey his emotions through his expressions.


  • Mimecraft has minor reality altering powers, which allows him to generate invisible structures only he and members of his species can see. These structures can vary, being weapons, traps, walls, anything the user can think of.
  • Mimecraft's limbs are all extendable.
  • Mimecraft has enhanced flexibility and speed, which when paired together along with his extendable limbs, allowe him to evade attacks easily. Also pairing this with Mimecraft's silent nature allows him to be excellent at stealth.


  • Mimecraft's silent and unexpressive nature can make it difficult to determine what he wants someone to do at any given point.
  • Mimecraft's constructs being invisible can cause some issue for his allies if they unintentionally interact with them instead of the intended target.
  • Mimecraft's constructs can be seen by other Terrifiants.






  • Mimecraft's name is a play on "mime" and "Minecraft," together referring to his ability to craft things by miming them out. It is also a subtle reference to the stereotypical trapped in a box trick mimes do, as Minecraft is made up of cubes, similar to a box a Mime might pretend to be trapped in.
  • Mimecraft's species name is the French word for creepy.
  • Mimecraft's planet name comes from the French word "faire semblant," meaning pretend.



  • Mimecraft's design was somewhat inspired by the Marionette from Five Nights at Freddie's.
  • Mimecraft was the Featured Alien for March, 2019.
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