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Mig (me) in my series looks like an average human being. I have brown hair in the series and brown eyes as well and very light tan as well for skin color. I wear an OV shirt that is brown and black along with AF/UA dark blue pants as well and AF/UA shoes too. I have an OV trix (error) on my left wrist.

In Gamaverse[]

In Gamaverse, I am OV designed now and a little less pure white as it was in Mig 10. I have a black and orange shirt this time and OV pants which are dark brown along with OV shoes which are white and orange. I have the OV trix which is orange and brown eyes and brown hair too. 


Mig 10[]

(All episodes)


(All episodes)


  • Mig is almost exactly likee Ben Tennyson when he was younger.
  • The image for this page is on The Gamaverse page.
  • Mig is the main character of Mig 10, obviously.
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