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A timeline of events from before Mig X through and including The Terminus of Gamma.

Prior to Mig X

Unknown; ages ago

  • A Pure Aqasian, known as Gamma, is born in the Mig X universe.
  • Apokalipse is born in the Forge of Creation.
  • Terox is born on Aqasia.
  • The Aqasian Civil War begins.
  • Apokalipse grows interested in the concept of humanity and travels to Earth.
  • Apokalipse tries to conceive a child, but fails.
  • Apokalipse meets Terox and is ultimately betrayed and absorbed into him.

Sometime in 1551

Sometime in 1604

  • Deristroll is killed, resurrected, and joins the Blade Dancers.

May 15, 1933

  • Zeke Rivers is born.

July 7, 1933

  • Linda Rivers (Carter at the time) is born.

July 7, 1951

  • Linda and Zeke get married.

November 13, 1953

  • Cole Rivers is born.
  • Vincent Bernard is born.

Sometime in 1953

  • Terox comes to Earth.
  • Terox alters Cole's genetic structure to distribute Apokalipse, but realizes it will not suffice.

May 11, 1954

  • Zeke Rivers is shipped off to fight in the Korean War.

Sometime in 1955

  • Zeke Rivers is captured and tortured to death.
  • Linda Rivers is murdered by Terox; thought to have been a suicide.
  • Rosemary and Alfred "adopt" Cole.

April 18, 1965

Sometime in 1968

  • Rosemary and Alfred are killed by Terox.
  • Cole moves to "Boom City," Oklahoma, and meets Elise Peters.

Sometime in 1971

  • Cole and Elise move to Central City, California. 

August 16, 1972

September 1, 1972

  • Vincent gets married to Yolanda Sanchez.

March 2, 1974

March 15, 1974

May 1, 1974

  • Miranda Sanchez (Albright) is born, though put up for adoption soon after.

Sometime in 1974

  • Elise is driven insane by Terox and gets sent to the Central City Asylum.

Sometime in 1975

  • Cole puts Ryan and Dan into a foster home.
  • Terox murders Cole.
  • Terox places Apokalipse into Dan's body, as he also has the genetic mutation originally placed in Cole.

July 29, 1976

October 3, 1976

  • Cornelius is born.

December 31, 1979

December 31, 1990

  • Dirty is kidnapped by a gang.
  • Vincent threatens to kill Virginia; she leaves.
  • Yolanda is tortured by Vincent.

Sometime in 1991

  • Dirty and Furtim Vernon meet.

Sometime in 1993

  • Ryan and Virginia meet in college and begin dating.

May 11, 1996 

  • Ryan graduates from college in the biological field, like Cole.

Sometime in 1995

  • Ryan and Virginia decide to get married in Paris, France.
  • Dan joins in on the Gamma File project started up by Tekk, a Galvanic Mechamorph scientist.
  • Terox turns Sly into Pslycho.
  • The Gamma File is sabotaged by Pslycho and Terox.

Sometime in 1996

  • Ryan and Terox (disguised as Charles) form a research facility.
  • Virginia starts her career in writing.

November 20, 1996

November 22, 1996

November 29, 1997

  • Dan injects Mig with the Gamma Energy out of pure insanity.

April 3, 1998

June 10, 1998

September 13, 2002

  • Vincent kills Yolanda.
  • Dirty makes his first kill and kills Vincent.
  • Terox exposes himself and attempts to take Mig's Gamma Energy.
  • Ryan and Virginia are murdered in their home.
  • Terox transforms Ryan into Kurss.
  • Dan takes Mig with him.

During Mig X

March 30, 2014

  • The events of How It All Started take place.

April 10, 2014

April 24, 2014

October 24, 2014

  • The events of The End of Something New, Part 1 take place.
  • The events of The End of Something New, Part 2 take place.
  • Terox escapes and flees to the abandoned city of Soledad, forming the Transmundane and bending the fabric of reality.
  • Terox turns Father Alan into Dread and tells him the plans.
  • The surviving citizens of Central City move to the nearby Soledad en masse, including Mig, Dan, Shiar, and Sly.

December 15, 2014

  • Mig goes to Tekk to turn the Gammatrix into weaponized gauntlets.
  • Terox kills Tekk.

October 29, 2015

  • Mig is captured by Terox and put into the Transmundane.

November 13, 2015

  • The events of Mig X: Revolution (in the present, anyway) take place.
  • Dan comes into contact with Gamma for the first time.
  • Ryan Rivers is restored life, requiring years of healing.

Prior to The Terminus of Gamma

January 12, 2016

  • Dan and Miranda get married.

September 5, 2016

  • Dan and Miranda have intercourse.
  • Their child is stillborn months later.

November 23, 2020

  • Shiar and Flint Maxis get married.

February 17, 2023

  • Dan murders Miranda unwillingly.

During The Terminus of Gamma

November 14, 2030

  • The events of The Terminus of Gamma take place.
  • Every universe manipulated by Gamma is effectively dissolved. 
  • Terox is the final one standing; the result is unknown.