Omniverse Award Winner!

Mig X: Revolution won Best Fanon Movie at 2016 and 2019's Omniverse Awards!

Mig X: Revolution
Season None, Episode None
Air date December 22, 2015
Written by Mig
Directed by Mig
The End of Something New, Part 2
The Terminus of Gamma

Mig X: Revolution is a movie that takes place after the events of Mig X. It premiered on December 22, 2015.


1 year after the tragic events of the Mig X incident, or better known as the Devastation, the remaining inhabitants of the fallen Central City have made a brand new community in its "sister city," Soledad, a once booming town for the discovery of silver and gold in its closed down mine shafts. While still struggling to move on from his past, horrific experiences, Mig decides to make something of his life, and becomes a private investigator, as well as his uncle, and befriends someone new, Shiar Shreen. However, secrets begin to unwind, and absolute mayhem is about to rain down upon his life yet again, including a key part of his past.

The kursses of Central City do not die with it. New flames arise from the ashes of the old. In this franchise finale, you will see Hell with your very eyes. Don't ask questions. Don't trust everyone you meet, especially those closest to you. Don't even trust yourself, as you may play a role in the wicked game of chess, and being the pawn of one of the opposing sides. Most importantly, do not come near the Transmundane.

The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

Dedicated to: Toon, Jack, Alan, Yopo, Sci, and Sif. Thank you guys for helping me out, making me feel better about my writing, and being such amazing friends. I'll always remember and cherish each and every one of you.


Unknown Location
November 13th, 2015 5:38 PM PST

(Not a single thing is in sight; everything is clouded with black, except the tiny silhouettes of a female and a male, both sitting opposite to each other).

Figure: I never...I mean, I did see it coming, I guess. You could s-say that...(uneasy swallow) well, things do happen for a reason, you know? A-And...I can't really mess with the way things work. No one can (light chuckle). We just accept it, or watch as it consumes ourselves and entombs us in a state of depression or anger or...something worse.

(The movement of a hand is heard brushing against its opposite; you hear a small sigh, and then movement, more so an adjustment in seating).

Figure #2: Let me ask you something: have you been abused as a child? I'm starting to pick out the very minute detailing within your words. You seem...distressed, is the best way of putting it.

Figure: (swallow) Um, I don't see what that has anything to do with this...this may be a waste of time, can we move on?

Figure #2: Okay, if it's what you want. I'm trying to help you out here. 

Figure: Thanks. 

(The female persona sighed and leaned back, confirming she is sitting; she turns her head to face something in the dark, seemingly whispering; footsteps are heard walking toward her, and the silhouette of a man beholds her).

Figure (mentally): She probably thinks I'm crazy...then again, after the Devastation, who wouldn't? 

(The female nodded to the man, and the man stepped out of scene, his footsteps growing more and more faint as he left; the female faced the other).

Figure #2: I think we're done here. I hope I helped out! Do you, maybe, want to reach out to me tomorrow? It's Friday, so I can be in the office tomorrow within the afternoon hours. You've been coming to me for around two weeks now, so I'm starting to get worried.

Figure: No, no. I think-think I'm fine. I just, need some time to myself for once. 

Figure #2: Are your cuts healing? I helped pay for your hospital visit, since your uncle was brutally murdered. I know, things have been...rough, to say the least, as of late. I want to be friends, you know? Always here to help!

Figure: (sniffling) They're getting better, thanks. Are we done now? I want to leave, sorry.

(The female grew in height, getting up).

(With a loud clap, the lights had snapped alive, with impetuous vibrancy; the woman wore a white, flannel shirt, with a scarf bestowed curiously around her neck; she had her up in a fancy bun, with a hairpin keeping it upright; she wore pink lipstick, and minor blush, as well as enhancements in his eyes; her hair was a chestnut brown; she wore a business-like skirt, with red heels; a clipboard was held to her chest with both her arms; her ID read "Monica Albright").

Monica: Alright, Miguel, it's glad to have discussed with you today (holding her hand out, smiling).

(Mig, being the male figure, got up, however out of sight; his hand came into sight, very pale, and had two-three slashes running up his arm; he shook her hand weakly).

Monica: See you...?

(Mig's body begins coming into view, first starting downwards; he is wearing black pants, with tears in them, and notable blood drenching the bottoms of his pants; his shirt is orange, also tattered and stained with blood, though in less spots; his head contains multiple bruises, dark marks under his eyes, and his hair had orange highlights, though the top is coming in as a black-brown, very vaguely).

Mig: Never again. 

Monica: Miguel...I am sorry, truly, if I did not help you out today, but come on. We have to see each other again someday, it's good for you to let out your thoughts like this. 

(Mig began shaking, glancing at the floor; he sighed heavily, and reached his hands into his pockets; he pulled out a black pistol, stained with blood).

Monica: (fearfully) Put it down. Right now. 

Mig: (cocking it, aiming it forward) I won't put it down, not anymore.

Monica: Miguel Rivers, please. I can help you through this...through all of this maelstrom. You don't need to give in to what your life has become. Don't be a part of it. Stay yourself. 

Mig: (tearing up) STOP IT. SHUT UP. Dammit, SHUT UP!

Monica: (walking forward) Your uncle is dead. Your mother was too weak to survive, and your father? 

(The scenery around Mig begins to transmogrify; the walls begin peeling, exposing blood pouring out; the ground begins to crackle and shake, as if a 9.9 earthquake had just struck; Mig collapsed onto the ground, dropping his gun, and snapping his neck; Monica continued walking, not phased).

Monica: You...you're an idiot, a failure, nothing. No one cares for you anymore, as you lost ALL of them. Face it, you're done. Give me the gun and I'll finish you off myself. No point in watching you struggle trying to end it yourself. I'd rather do it swiftly.

(Mig yelled out in pain, and blood began pouring out of his eyes, rather than tears; the walls blew up into fragments, yet everything froze, with the exception of Mig and Monica).

(Monica knelt down, grabbed the gun, and leaned over Mig's corpse; she twisted the gun in her hand, and aimed it directly at Mig's chest, pushing downwards to apply pressure).

(Monica's skin began to crack, and tear apart; she glowed all red, and contorted violently; the appearance of Terox replaced that of hers, and the skin disappeared with a gust of wind; everything around the two disappeared as well, and the faces of Virginia, Ryan, and Dan Rivers, as well as Wayne Rogers and Trinity Michael's, circled Mig, bloody and screaming in agony).

Terox: You aren't fun anymore. C'mon, man, I invited you to my house for some warm cookies and a cup of tea, and you get feisty? That's rude. 

Mig: (blood rolling down face) W-W-Why...am...

Terox: Because, why not? You're a dumb ass, that's why you're here. Everything had led up to this moment. 

Mig: Why am I ALIVE? Why keep me here to suffer FOR ETERNITY? What day even is it? I've been here for years, it seems. I don't even know!

Terox: Two weeks, in your terms. Here? No idea, I sacrificed all of my power to reside here. It's my house, my rules, I can do whatever the hell I want. 

(Ryan's face grew, almost engulfing Mig; he stared into the image of his father's eyes, watching as he transformed into Kurss; he began screaming, looking away).

Terox: (laughing) Weakling. The only reason you are alive, really, is to watch. I just want you to watch. My children are behaving well, they're just helping me prepare the last piece of the puzzle.

Mig: (coughing) What...what piece...?

(Mig breathed in pain; Terox grabbed his head, pulling it upwards, to face him, and then shoved his sharpened fingers into his eye sockets).

(Everything cuts to an ominous black, as screams of agony sound off, emulating from Mig).

The 7th Planet Studios Presents 

Written by: Migster7 


ACT 1: A City of Nightmares

Miami Avenue, Soledad
October 29th, 2015 8:16 PM PST

(Thick, dark clouds bombard the sky, eliminating any trace of anything inside; the faint glow of the full moon blinked through the clouds, but did not do much to illuminate the area; street lights were turned to their brightest, and many baron trees lined the roadways, with leaves scattered among the moist Earth, as it had recently stormed).

(Loud footsteps echoed among the concrete, from a small distance away down the street; the silhouette of a shadowed man, sporting an overcoat, became visible; he quickly stopped, turning back, and felt the breeze brush his overcoat back).

Man: (hesitant) Son of a bitch...

(The man swiftly turned back around to continue onward to his destination, this time picking up the pace; form a distance behind him, a darkened, inhuman arm emerged from the shadows, and clenched into a fist, with a black, mist-like substance circling around it).

(The substance glowed red suddenly, and began to pick up movement, lunging itself towards the man; the man turned slightly, but was too late, as this formed into the shadowed figure's hand, crushing him down).

Man: (coughing blood) GAH.

(The figure pounced from the darkness, zooming down onto its prey; it had a large, red eye covering its entire face, and two eyes on his chest, with blood flowing between them).

(It slammed onto the man's back, caging him; appendages slammed into the man's arms, and then legs, and he began to be yanked up, on the figure's command).

Man: You won't get it. Killing me won't aid you.

(The figure lunged him into the air, its appendages still drilled into him; he began spinning him around, and slashing him up from the inside; the man yelled out at first, then fell silent, as blood sprayed everywhere).

(He then flicked the man's body into a tree, where his body broke in half, and collapsed in the puddle of leaves, turning them wine red).

(The figure then walked over to the man's body, and knelt down; he slurped up the blood as it poured our unevenly, until there was nothing left to be taken in).

Figure: Dammit. I had hopes you would be a good, backup vessel, but alas, not everyone is, I guess. 

(He dug more into the man's corpse, ripping it for sport; laughing as he did so, he slowly began stopping, and leaned back onto the leaves).

Figure: I hope you're watching over me. I'm doing this all for you. Unfortunately, your prime candidate hasn't shown yet. Tsk, tsk, tsk. This takes time. 

(He poked his head up for a brief moment, and heard the faint ring of police sirens nearing the area; he smiled greatly, and got up).

Figure: Perfect timing. 

(The substance once more presented itself around him, however this time more occupant, seemingly gained from the blood absorption; he stared at the ground for a moment, and release an appendage towards the ground, scrawling something with blood; he then quickly jumped away, as police cars came into the scene).

(The cars reached their halt, one in particular; the doors swung open in an obvious rush, and a man in a black suit rushed out; in the passenger seat, however, a kid with a black and orange jacket emerged, this being Mig; Mig, with normal, brown hair, and a casual appearance, stood, staring at the blue and red lights flashing on the pieces of the man's body that the figure had gorged on).

Mig: That's...repulsive. 

(The man in the suit turned towards Mig, appearing to have been Dan, his uncle; Dan took off his sunglasses and rubbed his eyes, correcting himself; he looked down at the body and knelt, as many officers piled around him).

Dan: (clasping mouth) I can't...oh, my God. 

Mig: Do you really think Count Dracula's reincarnation could have pulled this off? Look at h--well, I suppose we shouldn't call that a him anymore.

Dan: Shut up, this isn't funny.

Mig: That isn't his file name? Okay, anyway, what the hell do you suppose we do? Let rats or wolves pick at his body over night? That seems to be the best way, honestly.

(Dan sighed in disbelief, and walked over to Mig, angrily; another man in a suit walked over to Dan, however larger and more bulkier, wearing a tan suit; he had a bald head, with a bushy, black goatee; his eyes were narrowed, and he had sweat beating down atop his forehead).

Dan: (sighing) We...can't do anything about it, Sly.

Sly: Well, shit. SHIT. Crap. How did you guys let this happen...AGAIN!?

Dan: This is clearly the most brutal we've ever seen. Count...Dracula, I believe we're calling him, has been at it for the past week, and his attacks are becoming more vicious.

Mig: Let's think logically for a--

(Sly clamped his hand over Mig's mouth, and walked forward towards Dan more, intimidating him; he breathed in his face like an angry bull, and relieved a heavy sigh).

Sly: (silently) Your nephew shouldn't take part in this. Now, I know he's had his fair share of experience in the past, but this is now. 

Dan: Are you telling me to tell him to screw off in the most polite way? By the way, I smell whiskey on your breath.

(Sly shoved Dan aside, and marched towards the man's body; officers crowded around him, and Mig walked over to Dan, looking at him, worried).

Mig: What the hell is going on? I thought the Devastation ended all the madness, or at least, this kind of bullshit. 

Dan: The hell am I supposed to know? 

(Mig used his peripheral vision to scope the scene around the body, and spotted a strange marking on the ground; he turned towards it, and began to walk).

Dan: Um, Mig...they're kinda convening over there, you might wanna stay over here.

Mig: Just a second. I see something.

(Making his way towards the ground, Sly stepped in front of him, and knelt down to meet his height level; he glared at him sternly).

Sly: Step away.

Mig: I'm freaking 17 years old, how about you? 

Sly: You know what? Screw it, you're fired. I've had enough of this bull. You keep screwing the pooch day in and day out this week; you're just another bag of--

(Mig slammed into his crotch with his knee, and kicked his sternum, causing him to collapse to the side; many officers curiously glanced over, and Dan ran over to them).


Mig: Doesn't matter, I've been fired, anyway (turning to Sly) I suppose you want my badge?

(Mig unhooked it from under his jacket and slapped it onto his already injured chest, causing him to groan; Mig continued walking over to the bloody patch, and looked down).

Mig: Uh, Dan? 

(Dan walked over to him, after tending to Sly's wounds; the officers glared over at Mig, and helped up Sly from the ground).

Dan: Do we need to have a talk? Ever since we got it off, you've--

(Suddenly, Dan stopped moving; he began to cough a bit, uncontrollably, as he looked down at the shape on the ground; Mig looked at it more; it was a small circle, with a diamond-shape in the middle, and four circles on each point of the diamond, with an eye in the center of the shape)

Mig: I feel like I've seen this before, but, I'm not sure. 

(Dan suddenly collapsed right then and there, falling right onto the symbol; Mig quickly backed away, in fear, and tried to shake his uncle, who then began to have a seizure, and shake all over).


(Hearing no response, he began to look around, noticing everyone falling down and having convulsions as well; he stood up, and pulled out his phone, going into his contacts and pulling up "Shiar Shreen"). 

Voice: (sudden) Miguel Rivers, is that you? Aren't you the man of the hour? It seems to be harder and harder to catch you these days. 

(Mig dropped his phone, and looked up, seeing the figure from earlier, referred to as 'Count Dracula;' he laid against the tree, with appendages surrounding Dan).

Mig: GET AWAY FROM HIM! Who are you!?

Figure: I've just been trying to attract your attention is all. But since...Daniel is here as well, why not add a little something extra?

(His appendages wrapped around together in a single, sharp manefestation, and spiraled down towards Dan's head).

(Mig lunged himself at Dan's body, and shoved it aside, as the figure's appendage struck the middle of the symbol; the figure glanced over at Mig, who was laying over Dan's body, seemingly crying).

Figure: Why, aren't you a quick one?

Mig: I've had my fair share of experience, mind you. You probably knew that, and since you seem to know everything, so tell me: what is that symbol you made?

Figure: Caught your eye?

(He unleashed two more appendages from the air, and hurled them at Mig; Mig swooped over them, spinning across them, and landing switfly on the ground; he jumped up, avoiding a low blow by both the appendages, and sprinted towards the figure, with his fist clenched; the figure jumped at Mig, wrapping his appendages around him, and squeezing him tightly inside a caccoon; the figure then whacked him into the tree, which broke in half as he slammed into it without enough force).

Mig: (spitting blood) That...you seemed to recognize what I would do...dirty trick.

Figure: You're pissing me off, and we literally just got started, Miguel. I've been wanting to meet you for a while now, actually, so let's just talk like civilized people, what do you say?

Mig: People? You aren't...(coughing up) a freaking human. 

(The figure glanced curiously at Mig deeply in the eyes, and his eye narrowed; he generated the substance around him, covering him completely).

Figure: Fine. We'll have a nice talk eventually. Name's Dread.

(Dread wandered over to Dan's unconscious and frozen body, and knelt down, laying his hand on it; Mig struggled to get up, but fell face forward, puking). 

(Dread snickered, and then got back up, disappearing as he left the scene; as soon as he had deparated, everyone around had began to regain consciousness, except that of Dan).

(Mig glanced up, worried, and looked over at his uncle; he coughed more blood, and clenched his chest greatly; the officers, including Sly, got up, bewildered, and had no memory of what had occurred; Sly looked at Dan, quickly walking over to his aid).

Sly: Jesus...I'm guessing you did this? To your OWN UNCLE? 

Mig: Why would I do this? Your Count is playing for sport. He's been after-r-r (stuttering)...agh...AGH!

(Mig's eyes began to twitch, and roll to the back of his head, as he gasped for air; he fell onto his back quickly, and began to convulse, between every five second interval, gripping the center of his chest hard).

(Sly looked back to the officers around him, whistled, and then glanced back at the two on the ground; the officers rushed over to them, and called for ambulances; Sly went over to Mig, as he was in the middle of a breakdown; he saw a red flash on his chest, and was curious; he began to rip Mig's shirt off to discover what was underneath, and found the symbol that was on the ground, which was transplanted onto his chest, and off of the Earth; it flashed red, and then dimmed, as Mig's seizure slowly stopped).

Soledad Medical Center, Soledad
October 29th, 2015 10:23 PM PST

(A hospital monitor is heard beeping wildly, mimicking that of a hastening heart; voices are heard over the beeping monitor, as well as a defibrillation device, and the announcement of "clear," multiple times).

(Deep breathing sounded off behind a mask, and the vision of the scene grew into light, although foggy; doctors above began looking down, and shining their flashlights, murmuring unheard words).

(There was a switch to the point of view of a nurse looking downwards at Mig, and then taking off her surgical mask; a few doctors and officers quietly left the room, as the nurse yanked a clipboard from the counter beside the bed).

(She walked over to Mig's bed, pulling off his oxygen mask, allowing him to blink furiously, and take in the air in the room).

Nurse: (clicking pen) Miguel? You okay? I see you blinking a little (chuckling)

(Mig jumped a tad, and looked at her; she smiled and wrote something down, then leaned down on his bed, grabbing onto his hands).

Nurse: I'd like to apologize for what ever happened to you. Seizures occur, it's common, but, you aren't the only one. Your, um, uncle is also here, however...he's comatose, I'm afraid (swallowing). We're trying the best we can, he doesn't seem to want to wake up just yet. 

(Mig's eyes narrowed, and his heartbeat began to rise).

Nurse: Miguel, don't worry, I know it's hard.

(Mig slapped her across the face, and she fell, stunned; he yanked the IVs out of his arms, and ripped off the monitor plug around his finger).


(Mig jumped out of his bed, but quickly fell on the ground, and his hearing began to become fuzzy, as well as his vision; the nurse quickly got herself up, and grabbed him by the arms, yanking him up so that he could stand; she shook him a bit, until everything cleared up).


(Mig kicked her in the chest with his feet, smacking her neck onto the cabinet, and her body slouched forward, and she was unconscious in an instant).

(Mig fell on the ground, and threw up; he felt a large burning sensation on his chest; he pulled off his hospital gown a tad, exposing his chest, wherein the symbol was there, burning him; he gasped for air).

(The doors to the room flung open as the other doctors and nurses from before re-entered, lifting Mig up, and placing him back on the bed).

Doctor: What happened to Rosita?

(Mig jumped back up, screaming; the doctors shoved him down, holding him viciously; one grabbed a sedative and ran over to him).


(The needle was quickly shoved into his forearm, and he suddenly froze up, numbing him down; they then pulled out belt straps and lay them across his bed, tightening them around his wrists and ankles, preventing any involuntary movement).

(A large knock sounded from the doorway, diverting the attention from Rosita and Mig towards it; the main doctor waved two towards the door, which they obliged, and opened it up).

Doctor: We sedated him and had to strap him down, however you might want to sit out for a few-

(A girl shoved the doctor inside and stepped in, glancing over at Mig in the hospital bed; she had black-ish hair, which began to curl on the way down; her eyes were green, and her mascera which made them more vibrant; she had wine colored lipstick, which glistened in the light, and had three earrings on her right ear, each purple colored; she wore a green jacket with a couple of missing buttons, and has filled pockets on either side; her shirt was red, with a few black stripes here and there, and she wore a cross necklace that lay down in the middle of her breasts; she wore black jeans, and red/yellow sneakers, though the colors were faded due to wear and tear).

Girl: It's fine, I can come in. Been waiting out there for a long time, sir.

(She walked over to the right side of Mig's bed, avoiding Rosita, who was being lifted onto a stretcher and out of the room; she tapped him on the shoulder, and then slapped him).

Girl: Hey, wake up, dumb ass.

Doctor: Miss, we just sedated him. He won't be up and about for a while.

Mig: (coughing) The hell...Shiar?

Shiar: (laughing) Yeah, right. Talking about some "he won't be up," PFFFT. (To Mig) How's it going, Sleeping Beauty? Heard about all the crap last night, dad told me.

(The doctor rolled his eyes and walked away).

Mig: Did you see Dan at all? Where's Sly?

Shiar: Uh, he's with Dan, yes, but no, I didn't personally go to see him. Kinda wanted to see you, though, been a little while. 

Mig: (sighing) I need to see him. To see if he, um...

Shiar: If he's alright? He's in a coma, but, he should be fine. I don't know what to say, sorry.

Mig: No, it's...look at my chest, please.

Shiar: (awkwardly) If this is your poor excuse of trying to surprise me and get lucky, especially right now, you're even sicker than I imagined. 

Mig: Ugh, please trust me.

(Reluctantly, Shiar obliged in Mig's asking; she unbuttoned the front of shirt, exposing his chest, however nothing appeared there).

Shiar: Am I supposed to see hair everywhere or something?

Mig: (bewildered) It's not there? What?

(Mig looked over to his own chest, not seeing the symbol there any longer, and he swallowed deeply, quickly flinging his body back against the bed).

Mig (mentally): Am I...losing it? What's going on? I don't see it there anymore, but it was...wasn't it? It burned, though, so that's...

(Without any hesitation, the door to the room flung open, as Sly quickly stepped in, sweating, and tears forming around the sides of his eyes; he looked over at Mig, and walked over to him, slowly; Shiar was questionable, and then suddenly closed her eyes, and swallowed).

Mig: Hello to you too?

Sly: I...I don't know how else to say this to you. I...(looking away) your uncle, um.

(Mig's eyes suddenly widened, and he began to tremble; he opened his mouth a little, and then closed his eyes tightly, clenching his teeth).

Mig: No. Stop. You don't know that, okay?

(The doctor returned to Mig's bedside and sighed heavily, looking at him, and then unhooked the bands that kept him bond to it).

Doctor: I'll let you see him so you can say goodbye. 

(Mig got up out of his bed, frozen in a state of shock, and despair; led by the doctor and a few others, he was taken out of his room, and down the hall, to the last room; many people gathered around the doorway looking inward, and some were writing things down; Mig's vision and hearing clouded, as he saw this, and tears began to stream down his face).

Mig: (yelling) NO! YOU CAN'T DIE (crying).

(He ran forward to the room, however the doctors had to restrain him, as he screamed no, waving his arms outwards; at the doorway, Dan's gurney was rolled out, and he was in a bag; a few nurses rolled him out, and then discussed with one another; they began rolling him to an adjacent hallway).


Doctor #1: Miguel, it's...it's, you can see him later, okay?

Doctor #2: We have to deliver his body to the morgue, that's where you can see him, alright?


(Mig fell down to his knees, as his tears smacked against the tile ground; he weakly fell face forward, however pushed himself upward with his trembling arms; he looked back down the hallway, seeing the gurney fully disappear from sight).

(Shiar and Sly rushed out of Mig's room, and ran over to him; Shiar quickly knelt down and hugged Mig tightly; Mig pushed her aside and got up himself, wiping away the tear lines).

Doctor #1: C'mon, let's get headed down to the morgue. I'm sure you'd like to see him...not in his best condition, but--

Mig: Are you cracking a joke right now? Are you really doing that? 

(Mig rolled his eyes to the side, staring at the doctor; the other one patted Mig's back, smiling, and then walked away with him; Sly followed them, and Shiar stood by Mig still).

Shiar: They just want you to see him. No need to be a dick.

Mig: Leave. Now. I'll text or call you, maybe, just not now. Get the hell out of here... 

(Shiar sighed heavily, rolled her eyes, and walked down the hallway; she glanced back at Mig, whispered "it's okay," and continued onwards).

(Mig blinked, and then felt a heaviness come over him; he clenched his teeth, and gasped, and then fell down onto his knees, grabbing onto his head, and groaning loudly).

Voice: Hello again. 

(Mig looked up, and saw everything around him stop moving, and then saw Dread standing down the hallway, leaning against the wall by Dan's room; he looked in, and then snickered).

Dread: Oh, no, did he die? That's a shame. 

Mig: If you want to kill me, do it. Nothing else left to lose, after all. Just grab a knife and impale me; inject me with a poison, whatever. I'm giving up.

Dread: Kill you? PFFT. Are you SERIOUS? 

(Mig closed his mouth, and began trembling; tears built up in his eyes once more, and he sighed heavily; he got up, and stared at him).

Dread: Everything is falling right into place, you know. All part of the family business. 

Mig: What is falling into place? Destroying me? Sure, congratulations, you win, now get out. Either kill me, or get out. Two simple options. Don't make this hard. 

(Dread walked over to Mig, scorching the ground as he stepped on it; he rubbed his left arm against the wall as he walked, burning it, and creating cracks; he stood two feet away from Mig).

Dread: You won't die. Not yet. You have a purpose much bigger than yourself. Know this: you're the key. 


(Dread laughed maniacally, and then stopped afterwards; Mig backed away a foot).

Dread: That symbol that was on your chest? You're marked, bro.

Mig: Bro? The heck? Do not call me that, no. I have no siblings, especially not you. 

Dread: Fine. Adoptive brother, sound a bit better? 

(Mig clenched his fist, and swung at him; Dread jumped to the side, and kicked him against the wall, holding him there with a prehensile appendage).

Dread: That's no way to treat your family. 

(Mig's nose began to bleed, as he was being squeezed even harder; Dread angrily released his grip, and turned away; Mig fell onto the ground, gasping for air).

Dread: He is growing impatient. You're disrupting my time, actually, by being a hard ass. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have somewhere to be.

(He walked down the hall, and vanished; everything went back to normal as he did, however the marks on the wall and floor was still present).

(Mig looked up, and coughed).

Mig: D-D-Dread...I...who the heck...

The Morgue, Soledad Medical Center, Soledad
October 29th, 2015 11:20 PM PST

(The morgue was lit up with many lights installed, exposing countless rooms with wrapped up bodies in them, or prepared bodies for funerals; there were containers lined up against the walls, with locks on each individuals section, and numbers slapped onto them; the doctors rolled in Dan's body on the gurney, and towards an empty room on the right side, towards the end of the morgue area; a single doctor rolled him towards it, as the others either left, or followed behind the doctor and Dan's corpse).

(As the doctor approached the room, the light suddenly blew up, and glass rained down; he used his arm to help shield him, and was cut on the hand; he walked over to the sink in the room, and turned on the faucet, however blood rained out rather than water; quickly, he turned it off, and ripped out some paper towels to help reduce the amount of blood coming out of his large slash).

(Behind him, Dread stood by Dan's corpse; he kicked the gurney all the way down the hall, causing it to break the wall upon impact; the doctor quickly turned, and saw Dread; Dread lunged at him, grabbing him by the neck).

Dread: Ah, ah, ah, don't make any noises. You know, actually...

(Dread's finger sharpened, and he drilled it into the doctor's throat, as he screamed; he ripped out the doctor's vocal cords, however he severed his spine; he sighed, and smashed the doctor's head into the sink, causing it to break off his body; his body fell down into a pool of blood).

(He walked out of the room, looking down at the entrance, seeing doctors crowd around the gurney, and then look down at him).


(Dread laughed, and formed an appendage on his back; he threw it towards the nurse, striking right through her chest; she spat out blood, and then died, as he threw her against all of the other doctors and nurses around, lunging them into the cement walls).

Dread: Don't get in my way. I'm pissed now. 

(Dread walked over to the gurney, and torn it open without any hesitation; he looked at Dan's lifeless corpse, and cocked a smile; he pulled him off, and lay him on the ground).

Dread: He has been waiting...so...long. Daniel's dead now, you can finally awaken. 

(He pressed his hand on Dan's chest, and it began to glow dark red, and spark; Dan's body began to shake, and move violently; his eyes opened up, dark red, and he gasped, screaming).

(Dread let go of his chest, and stood up, looking down at him; Dan breathed heavily, and then raised his hands up, looking at them in disbelief; he looked up at Dread).


(Dread shoved his hand entirely through his chest, as blood spewed out of Dan's mouth, as well as his eyes dilating over and over).

Dread: Come on. WAKE UP. 

(He shoved his second hand inside his chest as well, and Dan quickly closed his eyes, breathing one last breath; in the doorway, Mig stood, watching everything occur; Dread cocked an eye at him, and sighed heavily, lunging Dan's body at the wall).

Mig: You need me, right? Here I am. 

Dread: Not right now...ugh, you forced my hand.

(Dread formed appendages from behind him, and lunged them at Mig; he quickly dodged them, and jumped to the side, rolling up his sleeve, which lied the Gammatrix).

Dread: (laughing) So it's come to that, has it? 

Mig: You're expecting me to use this silly thing to transform into an alien, aren't you? I made a few modifications, or rather, Tekk did, before he oh so mysteriously disappeared. I imagine that one was on you?

(Dread laughed once more, almost maniacally; his eyes widened, and he grew three more appendages, which extended outward and began ripping apart the walls with ease; the ceiling began to crack almost instantly, as smoke and debris began to fill the air).

(Mig tabbed the face of the Gammatrix, and it glowed orange, causing his wrist to shake; the skin began to shrink, and veins sprouted out, thumbing wildly, almost painfully; a shiny, obsidian black metal surfaced from it, and the Gammatrix began to shrink, and disappear within the metal; it spread entirely around his hand, reaching his fingertips, and spiking them; orange, vein-y lines began to sprout from his wrist and crawl their way into his hand, where a large circle formed in his palm; he slapped it against his other hand, and it did the same thing; lava orange electric sparks emitted from the bulbs in the palms).

Mig: (sighing) Crap...

(He looked up, seeing a steel beam beginning to crack on the sides, and lower itself; this beam carried hot steam, which helped spread the warm air from the furnace around the hospital; it suddenly collapsed).

(Hesitantly, Mig raised his arms upwards, and the gauntlets dug into Mig's arms, with blood being drawn out, and Mig twitched; the orange veins glowed, and powered the bulbs, which sparked to life, and opened up, shooting a stream of concentrated energy, activated through Mig's nervous system, at the beam; it glowed orange, and shattered to pieces, scattering all around Mig, however missing him; steam shot out, however, beginning to burn the walls, as they cracked and broke, aiding to their destruction). 

(Mig shot out an array of energy, which formed into the shape of hand; he grabbed onto Dan's body weakly, and pulled him toward him, as more steel beams collapsed, slashing off his two legs; the maniacal laughs of Dread began to cease, as he stared at Mig breaking for an escape, and Dan's body).

(Noticing closely, Dan's body began to flash red, and his eyes blinked open as it did so; he cocked a grin, and disappeared into the thick, black smoke, and rubble falling from above, and both sides).

(Mig dragged Dan towards the stairwell leading to the lobby floor, however the ceiling collapsed on it; many screams were heard echoing from the top and reaching downwards, as well as crying; Mig lay Dan against a wall, seemingly safe at the time, and tried to find a way to bypass the debris).

Mig (mentally): Why did I even get his body? What's the point?

(Tears began to well up in his eyes, but he shook his head, and shook off his mood; he raised his hands at the debris, charged his gauntlets, and fired, blasting a large enough hole for himself, however he forgot about Dan, and sighed). 

(Suddenly, he felt a tap behind him, and turned around, first looking upwards, and then into the pitch black darkness surrounding him; he clenched his fists).

Mig: I swear, if you need me alive, LEAVE ME ALONE. 

(He heard a scuffle, and then a pop; he blasted into the darkness twice, however saw no silhouette, or heard no reaction from anything inside; he felt something grip his leg, at first softly, and slowly got tighter; he looked down, seeing a human hand around him, and then he kicked it off, backing away slowly).

Mig: (doubtfully) Dan...?

(Suddenly, the debris on the staircase lifted into the air, and smashed against the walls nearby, almost merging with them; Mig saw this occur, and turned around, seeing Dan standing up, with his legs back; his eyes were closed, however).

Mig: I...(tearing up) how are you alive? How did you do that? What's going on, Dan? Please, I'm honestly scared, I don't know...

(Dan opened up his eyes, which were black, with no pupils; he half smiled, and then grabbed Mig by the neck, lunging him upwards through the ceiling; he broke through the floor of the first floor, then the second floor, third, and finally, the rooftop, where he was let go). 

(Mig, in shock, panted for air, but felt a sharp pain emerge in his rib cage; he tried pulling himself upwards, but it was no use; he twitched, and felt a shadow loom over him; looking around, Dan's face emerged from the darkness, lowering over him; he levitated Mig up off the ground with his hand, and cocked a smile).

Dan: I've been...watching you for YEARS. I've been with you since the very damn beginning, Miguel RIVERS. Ah, about time. It's been way too long. 

(Dread emerged from the hole in the ceiling, jumping onto the surface, causing a shockwave to erupt; he stood up and blinked longly, looking over at Mig, and then towards Dan).

Dread: Ah, hello Apokalipse.

(Apokalipse faced Dread, bewildered; he sped towards Dread quickly, grabbed onto his face, and slammed into the ceiling; he dragged his body along the roof, smashing his face into it harder; he threw him into the air, and then forcefully slammed him down; the entire hospital began to shake, and become more unstable, especially after this recent blow to its few remaining support beams).

(Mig attempted to activate his gauntlets, however found no such energy to even work up a small spark; Apokalipse was busy with Dread to even bother with Mig, so he took this opportunity to crawl towards the ledge of the hospital; he looked down towards the ground, seeing numerous people running out of the hospital, while smoke and debris fell down; police cars surrounded the scene, followed by firefighters; fires had begun sparking since the ventilation had broken).

Mig (mentally): What is this hellish nightmare I'm in? Maybe I'm still in a comatose state in bed? No, it can't be. Dan died, but...this isn't Dan. Apokalipse? I have no idea. 

(Apokalipse had lifted Dread into the air once more, and slammed his fists into chest, numerous times; suddenly, his sudden strength and power began to flash away, and Dread was freed; Apokalipse gripped his head tightly, and fell to his knees, panting, and murmuring under his breath).

Apokalipse: (wincing) No...NO...what's happening...?

Dread: Daniel is trying to gain control. His subconsciousness still remains within you, Apokalipse. You have to fight it, and listen to me. 

Apokalipse: Shut up!

(Apokalipse faced the sky, screaming suddenly; his eyes turned white all around, and veins began to sprout out around his forehead; Mig heard his cries, and quickly ran over to him, ignoring his strong chest pains; Dread grew an appendage, and blocked Mig's path towards him).


Dread: We don't want Dan to come back, you realize, right? Dan's dead, these are just the aftershocks. 

(Suddenly, the ground around Apokalipse began to glow red, and form a circle-like shape; Dread looked in a bit of fear, and began to step back).

Mig: What's going on? 

Dread: He's...he's coming. I failed. I failed miserably.

Mig: For once, can you not be so vague and act like I know this shit? I don't know this "he" or whatever the hell. 

(The same symbol that Dread formed on the ground and was on Mig's chest appeared under Apokalipse, however much larger; it glowed all around, flashing, and sparking; Mig and Dread were swept back from the power of it; Mig regained his balance, and watched carefully; Apokalipse was in the dead center of this, when a duplicate of the symbol appeared in the sky above him).

(Red sparks emerged from the top one, and rained down, striking Apokalipse numerous times; blood splattered everywhere, and skin began to peel off; a black silhouette formed from in the middle of the two symbols, with more detail coming alive from it).

Figure: Apokalipse?

(Apokalipse trembled from the pain, and stared up at the silhouette; suddenly, his eyes reverted to white with a solid colored iris, and he stopped trembling; the figure stood with no reaction).

Apokalipse/Dan: You...I remember now. You came to me when I was at the orphanage. You...you inserted this, this thing inside of me. I've had a sentient being inside of me all this time.

Figure: Yeah, and? 


(Mig walked over to the area, however Dread yanked him down with an appendage, and wrapped up his legs tightly).

Mig: STOP IT. 

(The figure quickly turned around, distracted by Mig's yelling).

Figure: What's wrong, Miggy? Been a little while, hasn't it? Ah, how I miss the old days, don't you? 

Mig: Why does your voice...

Figure: Oh! Right, pardon my appearance. Just an effect, it happens. 

(The figure raised its arms to the side and into the air, and released a shock wave of red energy; it shattered all the glass within a five mile radius, and also aided in destroying the hospital, which began collapsing slowly but surely; however, suddenly, bodies began to rise into the air, each dark black from the energy wave; Mig blinked, looking around in disbelief, and then turned back towards the figure).

Mig: You of all things remained alive...

(The bodies exploded into bits, as blood was raining down all over Dan, Mig, and Dread; Dread's eye opened up, and the blood rained down inside of him, causing him to regain stamina and energy; Mig fell to his knees once more, and looked up at the figure, as the blood revealed his appearance, of which being Terox).

Terox: Miss me? 

(Terox turned towards Dread, and frowned, disappointed).

Dread: I'm sorry. I couldn't get Apokalipse into full control. Pslycho and I secured Dan's death, but unfortunately, it just...it didn't happen. 


Dan: (struggling) Mig, you...LEAVE.

(Terox began to fade in and out suddenly, and he let out a large sigh, and fell to his knees, shaking; Dread ran over to him, and Dan stared up at him, wincing from his inner pain).

Terox: Dread, good boy. Come here. 

Dread: I-I love you like you're my father, of course I would come to you. But, what's wrong? Can't you stay a while longer, or leave the Transmundane? Please, I miss you.

(Terox shoved his hand into his forehead, and blood exploded out of it; Dread fell back, and his eye began to grow dimmer, until the redness had disappeared, and his body began to crack; Terox began to glow, and stood back up, although still a bit weakened; he looked down at Dan, and walked over to him, towering over him).

(Mig charged up his gauntlets, however he was too late; Terox grabbed onto Dan, and the two symbols above and below them vanished away, along with them).

Mig: (shaking) AGH! Screw this!

(He gripped the bottom of his left gauntlet, and began to rip off, as skin began to tear as well; he groaned in pain, and suddenly stopped, as the rooftop began to vibrate violently; he noticed underneath him that it was collapsing right under his feet; quickly, he fired an array of energy at the nearest building, however the force of the rooftop caught onto him, and made him lose concentration and balance).

(Mig plummeted towards the ground, as the hospital began to collapse beside him; he felt his heart exploding from within his chest, trying to rip out; he breathed in deeply, and blinked hardly, as he smacked into something heard; the snaps of bones were heard, as well as blood splashing onto the ground, and a whoosh noise, and his vision went dark).

ACT 2: The Harsh Realities

Unknown Location
November 13th, 2015 5:30 PM PST

(Once again in the ominous realm of nowhere, Mig was seen floating around, with a bundle of white wrap strapped around him, exposing his whitish, long hair, with dark brown strips spreading across it; small laughs came from him, and he swung around, laughing louder).

Mig: I'm gonna...kill you...(laughing) you're going to die, Terox. YOU'RE. GOING. TO. DIE.

(The white wrap came off Mig gradually, and blood was streaming out of his eyes, as he laughed; he rubbed his arms, which bared no gauntlets, and he breathed heavily).

(Terox teleported in behind Mig, with his arms angrily crossed; a walkway manifested itself, rising over to Mig, whom was floating; Terox walked along it, his hands behind his back; Mig snapped his neck back, laughing, and looking at him).

Mig: OH LOOK WHO IT IS! Man of the freaking hour, how're you doing?

(Terox clasped his hand around his mouth, and seemingly zipped it shut; Mig groaned, and tapped his mouth, but found no use in doing so; the white wrap reappeared, and flung itself over Mig, squeezing him in a cocoon).

Terox: Will I die now? That's what I thought.

(Mig shook his head, and then glowed all around; the wrap disappeared, and his mouth was fine; Terox turned around, bewildered).

Mig: Yes. You will.

Terox: Sigh, why do you even try? You have nothing, literally, nothing. Your gauntlets are gone, Dan is locked out of his body, you're about to die, and--

Mig: SHUT UP ALREADY. You've kept me here long enough. Let's actually fight.

(Terox laughed wildly, and then zoomed over at Mig, slapping him; his laughing face duplicated around Mig, growing largely; he squinted, and then covered his ears).

Mig: (screaming) STOP.

Terox: You'd like that, wouldn't you? I've been waiting an entire year for this, actually a little longer than a year. First me, then you.

(Mig glared up at Terox, blood still pouring out of his punctured eyes; he winced with the pain, and then felt the white wrap come over him again).

Mig: I don't...want to see the images again. I've seen them ENOUGH.

Terox: We all must accept ourselves for who we are, and accept our past. It's what defines us.


(Terox quickly glared over at Mig, glowing furiously; Mig bit his lip until it bled).

Mig: Do it. Come on. Do it. Kill me. Yeah, I'm accepting that alright. DO. IT.

(Terox stopped glowing, and then narrowed his eyes; he slammed his hand onto Mig's forehead, and fixed his eyes; Mig blinked furiously, and saw a few images cloud his vision).

Terox: You're a nuisance, asshole.

(He swiped his hand off Mig's forehead, and Mig fell silent, looking downwards; Terox spat raw energy at him, and then the black platform began to crack, as he walked back down it).

Terox: Soon, Mig, you won't have to worry about anything anymore. You've already lost, and you will keep losing, until you lose yourself.

Mig: I will kill you. Again. And. Again. And. AGAIN. For as long as it takes for you to die, I will. And the last sight of your life will be me triumphing over your corpse.

(Terox grinned, and continued walking; the Transmundane symbol appeared, and opened up, glowing all around).

Terox: Earth will be pretty fun shortly. You should come. Oh, wait, darn, that's right...

(Mig snickered at this, and glanced over at the portal; he flipped off Terox, and then saw as Terox entered it; he caught a glimpse of Soledad from within, seeing fire and destruction everywhere).

(Just as the portal was about to close, another one opened next to it; a hand entered it, followed by a body; the Transmundane portal had closed up after this; intrigued, Mig turned completely over to face it, and walked down the pathway, and it began breaking as he walked towards the body that had entered).

Mig: Is that...?

(Mig walked over to the body, noticing that it was Dan's; he knelt down to get a good look, and saw Dan's head instantly stare up at him, with black eyes).

Mig: Apokalipse, right?

(Apokalipse immediately zoomed upwards, squeezing his hand around Mig's throat, and noticed Mig did not hesitate, or struggle to breathe; he was confused, and frustrated).

Mig: I'd like...to make a compromise...

(Apokalipse narrowed his eyes, and let go, emitting an angry puff of air; he looked down at him).

Apokalipse: I'll oblige this once.


Central City
October 24th, 2014 9:18 PM PST

(The city was completely eradicated; smoke filled the skies, making it impossible to see what was beneath; buildings collapsed right and left, and people began to riot on the streets; waves of gunfire erupted).

(From a far distance, atop a hill, a glimpse of Mig was shown, watching over the utter chaos erupting in the city; he had cuts across his clothes, and wore the new watch around his wrist; he looked in horror, fear, anxiety, at what had happened; he swallowed hard, and bit down on his lips hard, trembling, and fighting back tears, as he watched a baby being shot to death).

Mig: I...I caused all of this?

(Dan walked over to him, patting his hand on his shoulder; Dan's home, burning, was seen behind him, as well as a couple of dead bodies; he looked down at the destruction, and sighed heavily, turned away).

Dan: This isn't your doing. You had to stop Ry...Kurss, and the others.

Mig: Did I really, though? Something happened to me. I had this...this hallucination, almost, where I see different versions of me, struggling. 

Dan: That was Kurss, and you know it. 

Mig: Was he trying to...help me?

(Dan sniffled, and rubbed his nose; he looked down at the fire, and saw a building beginning to collapse, as people rioted and screamed, running away from the flow of debris and dust).

Dan: I can't answer that. We need to leave, right now. Can you just...

Mig: (gripping his wrist, sighing) I don't want to. Tekk gave it to me, yes, but it doesn't feel right anymore. Look what it did. Look what I did. 

(Dan looked around to find a car in sight, however found no such luck in doing so; he rubbed his forehead, and felt his veins thumbing; he sighed, and stumbled a bit; Mig turned).

Mig: Are you okay? Look, um...how about I die? Kill me? 

Dan: NO. Mig...stop. You didn't...(huffing) cause this...give me some space.

(Dan gripped his temples, and yelled out in agony; Mig looked around, seeing some rioters turn their attention towards him and Dan; they laughed, and licked their lips, bloodthirsty).

Mig: (sighing) Oh, no...

(Dan got up, but quickly fell back down, crying now from the pain).

Voice: (whispery) Daniel.

(The surroundings began to dissipate, and everything turned white and black; Dan sat on his knees in a field of black-like grass, in the resources of his mind; wind began to pick up; he looked around, and breathed heavily).

Voice: (laughing) I can finally speak to you.

(Suddenly, everything turned black, and the grass turned white; a spotlight ran down from nowhere, revealing a black and purple figure, wearing armor around its chest, a helmet with two spikes, and armor around his wrists; it held a large stave, which was also purple and black).

Dan: (bewildered) Who...what...? 

Figure: It's completely understandable that you don't recognize me. But I recognize you, oh, so much do I recognize you. Daniel Rivers. 

(Dan began to sweat, and he looked down, weakly; he tried to raise his body upwards, but chains animated around him, holding him down; the figure walked over to him).


(The figure snapped its fingers, and Dan's neck, uncontrollably, snapped forward, staring; the figure walked over to him, revealing itself to be a Celestialsapien, an omnipotent being).

Figure: I've been...with you...sharing your body, your resources, memories, everything, with you, for YEARS. Ever since you were a child. Do you not remember the experience?

Dan: (scared) No, no, I don't! What are you!?

Figure: Apokalipse is my name. Terox...he deceived me, used me, betrayed me, and with that, I ended up with you. I've been trying to get control, and now I have it. 

(Dan shook, and the chains around him disappeared; he began to float upwards, as Apokalipse grew immensely, holding Dan in his left hand, pulling him up to his emotionless face; he narrowed his eyes, and scoffed).

Apokalipse: I'm going to kill you, and then I'm going to kill him, and then--

Dan: STOP IT. Look, can we have a...compromise, at least?

Apokalipse: (wildly laughing) COMPROMISE!? Bitch, are you insane? You must think you are. Right now, Mig doesn't need you, and yes, I know quite literally everything about Mig. 

Dan: You're wrong.

Apokalipse: Let's stop arguing.

Dan: Fine, then you won't gain control. I tried, but it looks to me like you want--

(Apokalipse squeezed Dan tightly in his hand; Dan gasped with lack of air, and spewed out blood; he pushed with his arms and legs to lessen the tightness of Apokalipse's strength; Apokalipse laughed, and then threw Dan into the air).


(Dan looked at himself, and saw cracks beginning to form on him; he struggled, however he began to trimuph).

Dan: (boldly) NO.

(He stopped flying back, and the cracks stopped growing on him; Apokalipse turned to him, and stared wildly; he began to shrink).

Apokalipse: No? The hell? Don't you want to kill Terox?

Dan: He is killed, dumb ass, and you aren't taking control over me. Especially not now. HE NEEDS ME MORE THAN EVER. You wouldn't get that. 

(The surroundings began to turn white once more, and the ground black; Apokalipse shrunk to a normal size, and fell to his knees, weak).

Apokalipse: Fine. For now, go ahead. Go fucking ahead. Go wild. I warn you, though: he is not killed. Looks can be deceiving, and you don't know him like I do. Or what he's planning to do. This is your fault. 

(Dan looked at him for a long while, and then turned away).

Dan: Leave. I'm done with you, trash. 

(Mig, in a helpless state, lay against a tree, sitting by Dan; he was sobbing into his jacket sleeves, and holding a sharp tree branch up to his wrist, trembling; he pushed it against his wrist, but then stopped himself; he rubbed his hair back, and sniffled, and then looked over at Dan, who looked dead).

Mig: Dan...I...have nothing anymore. 

(A group of people reached the top of the cliff, waving guns around, and aiming directly at Mig; they looked in pure paranoia and fear, and shook around, crazily; Mig felt the tension in the air, and he inhaled deeply, shutting his eyes; he exhaled and opened them, and then pulled himself up, raising his arms out).

Mig: Do it, then. You want to, right? 

Woman: N-N-o, I don't. I...(sniffling) butchered my own SON. Do you know what that's like?

Mig: Ma'am, I--

Man: Look, what the hell are we supposed to do? Rely on the mayor? That won't really work anymore. He was murdered.

Mig: As backwards as he actually was, I--


(Mig turned his attention to the particular man, who cocked his shotgun, and put the barrel directly into his mouth; his eyes widened, and the man pulled the trigger, staring directly at him; his corpse fell down, with blood exploding out of his head).

People: Oh, my Lord...Jesus...

(Mig covered his mouth, and blinked, fighting back tears; he backed away, and tripped over Dan, falling and hitting his head back onto the ground; his hearing became fuzzy as he did so).

Mig (mentally): Maybe...maybe that guy was right. What the hell...? Why live in this chaos any longer? What is the point on living anymore? I killed my own father, I killed many people, I witnessed my girlfriend punched to death, I witnessed my best friend die in front of me, and now my uncle...

(He raised his arm into the air, and then formed his hand into a fist, punching himself hard in the chest; he began to cough, and did so a few more times, before giving up and crying a bit; he saw Dan towering over him, rubbing his eyes).


(Mig narrowed his eyes to see if they weren't deceiving him; he coughed once more, with some blood coming out, but not a whole lot; Dan wiped his mouth, and pulled him up by the shoulders, waving his hand in his face; he hugged Mig tightly, and looked around).

Dan: (crying) Don't...don't ever leave me, okay? You're all I have left. We can't leave each other. Not now, not ever. 

(The crowd behind Dan and Mig began to grow uneasy, and start to scream again; Mig and Dan turned around, and then spotted a rush of cars zooming down a road away from the city).

Mig: They're leaving? 

Man #1: We all are leaving. Just waiting for you two to shut up already. I'm human, alright, so I'm offering to take you two with me. 

Dan: (brushing past Mig) And who are you? 

Man #1: Sly. Sly Shreen. Look, I gotta truck, which can seat around six people. My daughter is in it, and I have enough room for you two, and of course whatever luggage I can scavenge. Plus...I don't trust these people much. I'm also the head of the investigation agency here, so you can trust me.

Dan: I guess there really aren't many to trust. Thank you, but we're good.

Mig: Um, no, we aren't good. The house is on fire, and your car is...yeah.

(Dan rubbed his forehead, and then turned to Sly; he nodded, and Sly nodded back, motioning the two over to his truck, which was sitting on the side of the roadway below the hill; Mig and Dan followed, Dan reluctantly, and they reached the truck; the back door smacked open, and a girl stepped out, wearing a coat, and had scrapes on her cheeks, and a hole in her jeans).

Sly: Good thing you woke up. I'm inviting two of them with us. Oh, by the way, your names are...?

Dan: I'm Daniel, that's Mig...uel. Call him Mig.

Mig: Yeah, thanks, I have a mouth, but yeah, he got it mostly summed up. 

(Mig and Shiar glanced at each other, and she half smiled, looking down; she rubbed her foot on the grass, and then brushed her hair to the side; Mig walked over to her, and held his hand out).

Mig: Hi, Shiar, right?

Shiar: Ohhhh, don't even try pulling a move on me. (scoffing) Loser...

Mig: I wasn't. I recently lost my girlfriend, so...I mean...I'm not that coldhearted. And I was just trying to make your acquaintance, we are riding somewhere together after all.

(Shiar rolled her eyes and laughed; she climbed back into the back side of the truck, and Mig walked over to it, climbing in as well; Dan and Sly walked towards the front).

Sly: You got any luggage with you?

Dan: No. I wish. But all we have is the clothes on our--

(A flash of Apokalipse ringed in Dan's mind, followed by another; he smiled at him, and then reached his hands out).

Apokalipse (mentally): Say hi to Sly for me. 

Sly: You alright...?

Dan: Yeah, yeah...just having kind of a bad night. Well, we should get going. And where are we going, exactly? 

Shiar: Soledad, you haven't heard? It's a neighboring city, and--

Dan: Yes, I know of Soledad...I think someone told me about it. Should've moved there before Klemer moved in as mayor. All the crooked people in Central City...God.

(Dan stepped into the truck, and quickly buckled himself in; he turned around to face Mig, who had his head on his knees, and was seemingly whimpering; Mig turned away and looked out the window, as Sly got in and roared up the engine).

Mig: My home for, like...16 years. It sucks to see it go, no matter how much drama happened.

Shiar: (sarcastically) Same here, but like, I don't really care. Not really going to miss Patty, anyway...or, um, mom. Totally not at all...

Sly: (raising his voice) ALRIGHT, enough. Please. 

(Sly pressed down on the gas pedal, and swerved onto the road; the people atop the hill began to sound off gunfire, and riot once more, shooting each other as quickly as possible; the people who were leaving Central City had done so already, and were piling up in front of Sly; a couple of others followed him from behind; everyone was bent on moving to Soledad, or far away).

Mig: Goodbye, Central City. 

(Mig glanced down at the Gammatrix on his wrist, and sighed; Shiar glanced over at it).

Shiar: The hell is that?

(Dan turned around, looking back at them, and then looked at Mig's wrist; he looked at Shiar, and then turned away, rolling down his sleeve).

Mig: A stupid, piece of crap. I don't need it anymore. Dan, can we talk later?

Dan: You sure?

Mig: Yeah. I am. 

October 24th, 2014 10:02 PM PST

(The moon was glistening above the clean, vacant city; there were a few, tall skyscrapers rising in the eastern and western sides of the city, and a numerous amount of factories all around; there was a large lake towards the north, a bit behind some wilderness that began to creep out; a large highway extended to the northeast, leading through the forest, and away from the city; to the south, the roadway to Soledad from Central City lead into the heart of the city; there were scarce houses on the sides of the road, and a couple of cabins visible from the woods, as well as a few lake houses; there was a large, suburban area nearby downtown, where many houses resided).

(Towards the west edge of the city, a large church was seen, rising high; a light was on in the front porch, and the door had opened up; a priest walked out; he wore a black gown, with a collar on, and a priest hat; he was African American; he wore a cross necklace as well, which bounced against his chest as he walked a couple of feet; he walked down the stairs of the church, and into the front of it, seeing a multitude of cars coming near the city; he smiled).

Priest: Bless you all for coming to me, Alan! I have been alone here all this time, it is so good to see people return.

(He prayed, and did the sign of the cross against his chest, and then said "amen." He smiled, walking back up the steps, and into the church once more; however, behind him, the cars suddenly halted; he stepped inside of his church, but saw that everything had suddenly went still; he looked around, curious, and then held onto his cross necklace).

Voice: What would that do? Come on, now...

(Alan, the priest, looked around to see where the voice had came from, but saw nothing; he began to pray, and was immediately slapped up into the east wall; everything was made of wood and stone, and he had hit a stone part, causing it to crack, and for him to experience excrutiating pain; he fell down, groaning, and then his cross necklace broke, and fell down; he grabbed onto it).


(The voice laughed demonically, which shook the entire church; he heard a large gush of wind outside, circling around the church; he grabbed onto a small bible from the back of his gown, and opened it up).

Alan: In the name of the Holy Lord, I demand you leave this--

(The voice manifested into a life form, which was Terox; he was very weak, and mostly made of swaying and floating energy; his eyes were visible, and the head shape, and his body continuously morphed around; he smiled, and shoved his hand straight through Alan chest; he gagged, and his eyes widened; Terox flung him back into the wall, and let him fall down).

Alan: I-I-I...what...are...

Terox: Don't worry, Father. I'm not from hell, nor am I Satan's spawn, or any of the sort. I'm my own person, yeah? 

(He shoved his hand through Alan's chest again, and he spewed out a lot of blood, and coughed; his heart was still thumbing, which rang throughout his entire body, and pumped loudly in his head, almost as if it were there).

Terox: Hush, hush. Don't make any loud noises. I need you alive.

(Terox shoved his other arm into the other side of his chest, and yanked him forwards, ribbing out his arms and squeezing his shoulders tightly; he smiled).


(Terox slammed down Alan into the ground, dragging him across the church; he lunged him through a stone post, which caused the top level of the church to collapse inwards; he then slapped Alan onto the ground, and more of his body began to grow unstable, almost like gum; he stuck to all sides of the church, and his head grew more prominent).

Terox: You're a perfect choice...the only choice, really. Now, hold still. 

(He dove at the Alan, as if taking over his body; he clawed at his wounds, and the Alan screamed out in agony, and horror; he touched him with one finger, and his pupils disappeared from him; Terox jumped off, and watched; he closed his eyes shut, and they exploded open; Alan's body moved upwards, and everything on the he turned black; the blackness covered over him like oil; he stopped screaming, and red marks began to sprout out over the blackness).

(Terox formed into a more humanoid condition; he gritted his teeth, smiling, as blood leaked out of the sides of his mouth; a large, red eye formed on Alan's face, and then his chest, except the chest one was much larger; he screamed out loudly, shaking the whole church, until it collapsed around him; his scream turned from a more human one into a demonic one, the more and more it rang on; he gripped his head tightly, and then suddenly stopped altogether, and looked up, dropping to his knees; his head swung forward, and he began to slowly chuckle, before unleashing a full out laugh attack).

Terox: How...dreadful.

Alan: (laughing) Dread, gotcha. Love that name. Now, if you don't mind, I just--

(Dread dove at Terox, screaming; he punched Terox directly in the face, and then kicked him into the sky; an appendage grew from Dread, and he painfully shouted as it did; he slammed it onto the ground, pushing him upwards towards Terox; Terox raised his hand out at Dread, and fired a concentrated beam of energy directly at him; Dread immediately dodged it, and did a flip in the air, shoving his appendage into his back, and pushing him down). 

Dread: That's more like it.

Terox: You have no earthly idea.

(Dread looked down to see Terox, and suddenly saw him vanish; Terox appeared behind Dread, grabbing onto his appendage; he twirled around with it, twisting it into a knot, and snapping it in half, as blood poured out; he then dug his claw into his forehead, and released a wave of energy into it; Dread screamed, grabbing onto Terox, but was quickly burned by the heat emitted from him).

(Terox then slammed his other head onto Dread's forehead, forcing both of them into the ground; they slammed into quite hard, causing a minor earthquake, and formed a crater, with smoke emerging from it; Terox leaned closer to Dread, and ripped his hand through his head, pulling it upwards; his forehead regenerated, and Terox smirked).

Terox: Hello again, Dread. Will you be kinder now that you have no memory of anything except me, beating you to a pulp, and inventing you? 

(Dread stared up at him, and groaned; he attempted to move his arms, but ultimately found not enough strength to do this).

Dread: You're a...monster. That's what you are...

(Terox, angrily, shoved his hand onto Dread's head again; red sparks began to emit from it, and he screamed out; the cars on the highway were still frozen solid; Terox glanced over at them, and narrowed his eyes; he saw Sly's car, with Dan, Shiar, and Mig in it; he laughed heavily, and dug his hand deeper into Dread's head, as he screamed more, and shook uncontrollably).


(Dread grabbed onto his arm tightly, and Terox stopped; he glared down at Dread, and Dread pulled his arm off by force; Terox got up slowly, and began to glow all around).

Terox: (demonically) Don't. Piss. Me. Off. 

Dread: I would never want to piss you off...I'll listen to you, I swear. I'll do anything for you. But, I'm a little confused...what is the Transmundane?

(Terox turned around).

Terox: The last thing I can muster before I die. It will save me, in due time, of course. 

Dread: What? What do you mean?

(Terox turned his head to the side, and smirked; he raised his hands into the air, continuing to glow, and emitted a large, red shockwave; a red, burning circle appeared on the ground, as well as a red, bubble-like atmosphere around it; he knelt down, laying his hand in the middle of the circle).

Terox: Don't fail me now, Kurss. 

(His eyes glowed brightly, and he slammed his fist into the ground, creating another shock wave, this time it rang up around the bubble; Dread walked over to it, and touched it, but was instantly shocked; he fell down, and was paralyzed briefly).

Terox: I implanted the blueprints of it in your memory, long-term of course. For now, Dread, be a good boy. When the time comes, get Mig, get Apokalipse to regain control, get the other two. 

Dread: But...Apokalipse would kill you.

Terox: And I would kill him. 

(The Transmundane symbol marked itself onto the ground, with a large circle, a diamond-like shape, and four circles, each on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of it; the middle of it glowed bright red, and emitted a mist-like glow; Terox looked down at it).

Terox: If you ever stray from your path, I will kill you. Remember this. Don't fail me. The Transmundane is my place, my palace, my realm. It will restore me to my max, and then, I will call upon you and the others to open it up. Mig must be present, remember this. 

(Dread nodded, and then got up, weakly; he licked his lips).

Dread: When shall I begin?

Terox: When they arrive.

(He clapped his hands together, and the cars quickly began to resume moving; Dread watched them, and then turned towards Terox, who vanished, as well as the bubble; the symbol still burned into the ground, however the glow dissipated). 

(On the highway entering into Soledad, the many cars had finally reached their destination spot; Sly, behind most of the crowd, took an exit route towards the neighborhood nearby, on the suburban side of the city; Mig looked around, and then spotted a fire at the church on the west side; he ignored it, and focused on looking forward, at the upcoming neighborhood Sly was taking them to).

Shiar: Ugh, we can't buy a house. The heck is this plan, dad?

Sly: Everyone evacuated the city a couple of years ago. It was kind of mandatory...hard to explain, but now we're repopulating. The houses are first come, first serve...for now, anyway.

Mig: This is kinda sketchy, but it works I guess. 

(Dan looked around, and saw a car accident nearby; one of the cars exploded, and the other was broken into pieces; many of the cars stopped on the highway after it had happened).

Dan: This is chaos. You sure not one person is here?

Sly: Well, no. Fine, I'll explain it. There was a rumor that the Black Death was returning in this city, after many people got sick, and some died, so people left. The government ordered an evacuation of the city, fearing the worst, and so everyone dropped ship. It's Chernobyl 2.0, except it's totally safe.

(Shiar chuckled a bit under her breath, and then licked her lips; Sly entered the neighborhood, and quickly stopped at the entrance of it, seeing cars already in driveways, and people running into the homes).

Sly: LET'S GO!

(Shiar and Dan quickly jumped out of the car, and Mig felt the urge to as well, but decided to stay inside; Sly glanced over at him, and his eyes flashed with something mysterious; he shrugged it off, and got out of the car, slamming the door shut; he saw a house that Dan ran over to, and then a house that Sly and Shiar ran over to; he watched Shiar begin to break down, and start crying, and Sly angrily yelled at her).

Mig (mentally): Guess not every family is so perfect. 

(Mig casually walked over to the house Dan had picked, and felt something staring at him; he quickly turned around, and saw a shadow atop Sly's house; the shadow dove inside his house, and then the door slammed shut, locking behind it; Mig rubbed his eyes, and felt Dan tug at him).

Dan: Look at this amazing interior!

Mig: Yeah, um, cool. I'm going to go stop by Shiar's and make sure she's okay, and just say hi. 

Dan: We literally just got here, are you serious? Mig, do you realize we can actually have a new life here? Sly can start up the investigation team again, and we can get positions.

Mig: I forgot, I wanted to talk to you. I want to...remove the Gammatrix. It's a distraction, a torture, a horror, a toy. I don't need it anymore.

Dan: (scratching his head) Mig, um, I didn't create that one, I created the other. Or rather, helped create it. 

Mig: You would at least know something or two about Tekk's handcraft, right? 

(Dan sighed, and then sat down on a small, pull-up sofa in the living room; the lights were off, so not much was seen inside of the room; it began to rain outside, a light drizzle).

Mig: (clicking his tongue) Fine, whatever.

(He heard a large smash from outside, and quickly turned; he sprinted towards the doorway, and looked at Sly's house, seeing the lights shut off, and a loud scream emit from it, followed by thrashing).

(Mig ran over across the street towards their household, and walked up to the doorway, banging on it with his fist; the thrashing and screaming had stopped, and the lights suddenly turned back on; he kicked the door, and accidentally broke it off its hinges; the door collapsed onto the ground, and Shiar was standing there).

Mig: Shiar? What the hell is going on here? I heard screaming, banging, everything.

(Shiar laughed, and then hugged herself tightly; she motioned him over to the living room, and Mig reluctantly followed her; he then began to feel queasy and uneasy, and put his hand against the wall, trying to reach the room).

Shiar: Come on, Mig. Come in!

Mig: Agh, my damn...head. What's going on? 

(Sly emerged from the living room, and told Shiar to go inside; she giggled once more, and stepped in; Sly walked over to Mig, and grabbed onto him, and suddenly his headache went away).

Sly: Did you seriously break my damn door? Dammit! 

Mig: WHAT IS GOING ON!? OKAY, I heard noises, I assumed you were hurting her. Happy now?

(Sly looked at him with disbelief, and then narrowed his eyes; he pucked up Mig, and walked outside, setting him down in front of the door).

Sly: You seem ill. It might be just all the anxiety and stress from today. Go back to bed, nothing happened here, aside you breaking down my door. 

(Mig's vision became blurry, and he fell to his knees; Sly put up his door, and attached the hinges back on it, and then shut it; the shadowy figure left the home as soon as the door had shut, and stared down at Mig).

Figure: Ah...there we are. We'll meet soon.

(The figure, Dread, put his fingers on Mig's eyelids, and closed them tightly, and his heartbeat had slowed down, thumping in his head). 

(Dan quickly ran over to him, pulling him upwards; he shook his head around, and slapped him around, which caused him to regain consciousness after losing it for a split second; he got up on his own two legs, and brushed dust and dirt off of his pants; he breathed heavily, looking at the ground, trying not to faint again; Dan patted his back, and then looked at the Shreen household, seeing the lights shut off again).

Mig: Something's freaking going on in there. I swear, there's some kind of--

Dan: (yelling) ENOUGH. GO TO BED RIGHT NOW. I've had it, okay!? HAD IT. I can understand being stress, anxious even, but holy shit, I'm done for today. 

(Mig sighed heavily, and rubbed his forehead; he stumbled over to his house, and began to walk inside, and then stopped himself).

Mig: Is this house even furnished?

Dan: Of course, don't you remember? It was evacuated. No one had time to tidy up and pack their things and go. They literally left.

Mig: Something about his story is off. 

Dan: JUST...go to bed. I'll be there in a moment. I need to apologize for your stunt. 

(Mig stepped inside of his home, and slammed the door shut; he felt woozy, and quickly fell onto the ground, before even moving another foot; Dan watched from outside, seeing Mig fall down, and he stomped at the ground, yelling out in a fit of rage).


(He knelt down on his knees, crying, and punching at the concrete road beneath him; suddenly, the door to the Shreen household exploded open, causing Dan to turn his head, curious; Sly stepped outside, and looked down at Dan; Dan felt a pressure arise in his head, and he gripped it, groaning).

Sly: Hello, Daniel, what are you doing? 

(Dan tried to move up, however Sly raised his hand, and threw his hand downwards; Dan mimicked the same thing, and his body fell downwards; he struggled).

Dan: I--

Sly: Shhhhhhhh, my daughter is trying to sleep, as well as your son. We're men, right? Let's just have a civil conversation. Do you want to know why I chose you and Mig to come with me, of all people, and to this city?

Dan: Be...cause...


(Sly's eyes glowed a tealish color, and a field began to surround Dan; his eyes glowed the same color, and he floated into the air, as his entire body was locked up).

Sly: I'm sorry, I'm bipolar. It happens sometimes...anyway, as I was saying, I know both of you well. Miguel Rivers, wielder of this "Gammatrix," killed his own father, watched as his mother died, yadda yadda yadda. Then there's you. You have quite the history, Daniel. But I don't want Daniel.

Dan: (groaning) Apokalipse, right?

Sly: (laughing) A PLUS FOR YOU, BUDDY! Yes, I want him.

(Shiar quickly ran to the doorway, looking at her father, and at Daniel; she screamed, covering her mouth as she did so, realizing her mistake; Sly turned his head around, and angrily yelled; he turned back to Dan).

Sly: Forget everything. 

(He released Dan, and flung him towards his home, where he slammed up against the door, and was instantly knocked out; Sly walked over to Shiar, furiously; Shiar ran back into the house, slamming the door shut, and locking it tightly; Sly banged on it only once, and realized what she had done; he began to laugh a tad, and blinked hard).

Sly: Mommy isn't here to save you anymore, Shiar. There's no point in shunning me, or rather locking me out, anymore, is there? OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!

(Shiar, leaning against a wall nearby the doorway; she wiped away tears on her eyes, and felt the vibration of the door being banged upon once more).

Shiar: LEAVE. GO. I don't want to be like you!

(Sly stopped banging on the door, and he sighed, leaning up against it; he pulled out a clip from his pocket, and began to jiggle it through the knob, attempting to break in; Shiar got up quickly, and breathed increasingly high).

Shiar: I said GO!

(Sly kicked the door with all of his might, out of pure frustration; the door broke in two, and he stepped inside, with his tongue perched upwards against his top lip; his eyebrows narrowed, and he cocked a smile).

Sly: Daddy's little girl is damn right. 

Shiar: (shaking her head) What do you get out of torturing people like that!? Just because you can? Just because Dread came in here and said so? Just because Terox made you kill MOM?

(Sly slapped Shiar abruptly, and she toppled down onto the floor; she attempted pulling herself upwards, but Sly slammed her down; she yelped).

Sly: Don't you ever bring up your mother like that again, you hear me? I loved that woman, but if you were in my shoes, you'd see what kind of threat she posed towards us. Towards the plan. Sure, he convinced me to do a few things here and there, spring cleaning, but it's for a better cause. Dread is his messenger, his "son," if you will. We may actually have a shot at being Gods, anything we want. 

Shiar: You...you aren't my father. What happened to you? You used to be so (swallowing) so caring, so considerate, so thoughtful, so loving. 

(Sly laughed, and then shoved his hands into his pockets, fidgeting around; he looked up at the ceiling, and reminisced).

Sly: Men change, you know this well. We adapt, we control, that's in our nature. War and strength and power define what a man truly is, and that's what I'm gearing up for. As my daughter, I want to take you with me. Show you what it's like to win, to succeed, to have power over everything and everyone. 

(He held up his daughter by the shoulders, and knelt down on one knee to match her height, as he was around 6'4").

Sly: I killed your mom, I killed Patty, but I didn't kill you. Does that mean nothing to you? 

Shiar: NO, IT DOESN'T! You killed everyone I loved, dad! EVERYONE. And for what? Being a pawn in a twisted chess match? 

Sly: You don't...get it. 

Shiar: OH, trust me, dad, I do get it. Look, I don't have your abilities, your mind control, Dan's dark side, Dread's...whatever he can do, exactly. I don't have that. You can't give anything to me. I want to be a human, dad. I don't care about being a God, I just want to be here, living in the moment. 

(Sly frowned angry, and slapped her again; she fell onto the ground, and felt her swollen, red cheek; he walked over her, and into the living room). 

Sly: Why did I ever save such a weakling like you? 

(Shiar looked into the living room, and tears began to stream down her cheeks; she fell onto her back, and looked up, as her eyes were clouded with tears).

Soledad Precinct
December 15th, 2014 7:35 AM PST

(Two months after the Central City citizens had made their residence in Soledad, it was then time to find jobs, create jobs, etc; Sly, being the head of the private investigation unit of the CCPD, had done the same with the Soledad Police Department; the precinct is shown, a large, brick building, with many signs on it, a vast parking space and garage, and many shows nearby; Mig and Dan were walking towards the entryway, with Dan wearing a black suit, black tie, and Mig wearing his casual outfit, however an orange shirt, and darker jeans).

(Dan and Mig entered the precinct, and looked around; many officers were seen walking around, as well as a few investigators; they made their way to the front desk, where a lady with medium-length, red hair, in a dark navy skirt sat; she had a multi-colored scarf hung around her neck, and red, glistening lipstick; she smiled).

Lady: Hello, welcome to the Soledad Precinct! Do you have an appointment?

Dan: Yeah, we have a job interview scheduled at 8 AM. Daniel Rivers, and Miguel Rivers. 

(The lady nodded, and began typing on her computer; she clicked enter, and found their appointments scheduled; she turned back toward Dan, and took a look at him for five seconds, then laughed).

Lady: Sorry, sir. Yeah, so, you'll both be meeting with Sly Shreen down the hall and to the left. I believe...Miguel, is first. You can go in now, he has nothing planned.

(Mig nodded, and began walking down the hallway; he turned to Sly's office, and saw the door locked, and the blinds closed; he knocked on it twice, and got not response).

Mig: Hello? Sly? It's me, Mig. Here for that interview we discussed, like, all of last month?

(He heard a couple of noises coming from inside, followed by a female yelling "shit!;" curious, he knocked once more, and felt the door unlock, and a woman walk out; her shirt had been uneven, as well as her hair; she smiled at Mig, and quickly left the office; Mig stepped in slowly after her).

Mig: Um...did I interrupt something...?

(Sly tied his tie around his neck, and sat down at his chair, fixing the length of his pants, as well as his buckle; he smiled, and then motioned Mig to sit down in front of him).

Mig: How professional. 

Sly: Shut up, kid. Anyway, you're here around...23 minutes early. Why is that? 

Mig: Well, the lady at the front desk told me to come over here now. I'm sure that won't be an issue, right? Sorry, if it is, I can leave now. You seem to be unprepared as it is.

(Sly cleared his throat, and rubbed his forehead).

Sly: No, no, let's have it now. This would be your first job, correct?

(Mig nodded).

Sly: Okay, and what in the world would interest you enough to want to become a private investigator? You seem like a premature little shit, to be honest. I've heard enough bullcrap from you these past two months.

Mig: Hey, "mister," I would appreciate if you didn't cuss me out. I already have two things I can use to get you a red slip, so do you wanna test me, or give me this job?

(Sly leaned back in his chair for a moment, and then smirked).

Sly: Blackmail, aye? I like it. I think you'd be a good fit. I just need you to sign a few contracts, of course, and then tell your uncle I'd like to meet him. As soon as possible. 

(Mig nodded, and grabbed the files from Sly's desk; he exited his room, and turned towards the front of the precinct; he saw the lady and Dan kissing behind her desk, and rolled his eyes; he walked towards the front desk, and knocked on it loudly; Dan pulled himself up).

Dan: The hell? You're already done?

Mig: He said I'm a natural. Your turn, pimp. 

(Dan angrily looked at him, and then turned to the lady, smiling and waving at her; he quickly walked down the hallway towards Sly's office, and shut the door behind him; Mig laughed, and saw the lady rise up).

Mig: And you are?

Lady: Oh! Right, you just saw me and your uncle kind of kissing. My name's Monica. Monica Albright. Part-time desk clerk here, and my other job is a psychiatrist. 

(Mig nodded, and raised his hand out to shake it; she obliged, and then awkwardly looked back down, facing her computer; she checked the time on her watch).

(He walked around the office, and spotted Shiar inside one of the rooms, with her earbuds in, and holding her phone; he stepped inside, and ripped out her earbuds, much to her surprise; she angrily whacked him, and he sat down next to her).

Mig: Hello to you, too. 

Shiar: Hey, you're the one who ripped out my earbuds, ya doof. Why are you here, anyway?

Mig: I got a job, thanks to your father. 

(Shiar stopped smiling, and then returned back to her phone; Mig glanced at it, and saw she was reading something; she noticed, and turned her body around).

Mig: What are you doing? 

Shiar: Do you know the author Jack B? Welp, I'm reading one of his novels. It's about this, like, island, where this murder has taken place, and all the people there are living in some safe zone called Zenith. The main character's name is "Sci," but that isn't his real name. They, like, won't reveal it. And then there's some guy named Snax, a woman named Marge, some guy named Brandon who lost the love of his life Speedy. It's weird, I know, but it's really cool. You should read it sometime.

(Mig looked at her, and had no reply; he opened his mouth, and then smiled).

Mig: Yeah, that's cool. 

(Shiar rolled her eyes, and let out a pathetic sigh of anger from his lack of interest; she turned away, and continued reading; Mig got up, and began to walk around the room).

Mig: I, um...I've seen you and your dad fight. A lot.

(Shiar stopped reading, and sat there in silence; she turned her eyes to the side).

Mig: Sorry to bring that up. I just, wanted to make sure everything was alright, you know? 

Shiar: Stop. Please, just stop. Stop trying to make a damn move, stop trying to fake being my friend and fake being interested. Leave. 

Mig: Shiar, no. I am your--

(Shiar grabbed the glass lamp off the nearby table, and threw it at the wall; she screamed, and got up).

Shiar: I. SAID. LEAVE. 

(On the other side of the precinct, inside of Sly's office, Dan had shut the door the behind him; Sly smiled up at him, playing around with a black pen on his desk; he motioned Dan to sit down, which he did; Dan rubbed his cheeks, and then folded his hands in his lap).

Dan: So...sorry, just a little nervous. Um, how are you doing today, s-sir?

Sly: Fine.

(Dan nodded, and looked around at the decorations around Sly's room; he looked up at a painting above Sly's desk, and then smiled).

Dan: Hey, I like that. I saw one at my house. Must be a common thing in this city, yeah?

Sly: Shut up.

(Dan nodded, and swallowed hard; Sly laughed a tad, and then pulled his chair out from his desk; he stood up, and walked over to to the windows by the sides of his office; he spouted Mig walking into the nearby room, where Shiar was, and he turned to Dan).

Sly: You know, Daniel, since we first met in Central City, I felt like I've known you for a while. Do you get that feeling sometimes?

Dan: Yeah, of course. It's weird, but yeah.

Sly: I wouldn't say it's weird, this time around, at least. Because I have known you for a while. 

(Dan looked at him puzzled, and then awkwardly laughed; Sly did not return the laugh, and his expression turned rather serious; Dan stopped).

Sly: I've been keeping watching over you and Mig the past three to four years, as well as getting background information about every detail that happened to the both of you. You fascinate me.

(He leaned up against a bookshelf, and then smiled; his eyes glowed teal, and Dan felt pressure build up in his head; he quickly gripped it, but it was too much; he fell from the chair, and groaned heavily; Sly walked over to the office door, and locked it shut; he then pulled the chair from behind Dan, and sat on it).

Sly: I'd like to interview Apokalipse, so if you don't mind, could you die? 

(Sweat began to bead on Dan's forehead, and his chin trembled; Sly moved his head towards Dan's right ear, and whispered into it).

Sly: Apokalipse, I know you're there. Kill Daniel's consciousness. 

(Dan grabbed Sly by the neck, and flipped him over, slamming him onto the floor; he quickly got up, and grabbed the chair behind him, throwing it onto Sly's back; Sly jumped from it, and brushed off dust from the back of his suit jacket; he cracked his neck, and lunged at Dan, grabbing him by the neck, and slammed him into the wall; he then punched him in the back, and followed with a direct hit to the neck; he grabbed Dan once more).

Sly: Ah, you would make a good private investigator. But I wanted to spend some alone time with you, not give you a job.

(Dan gritted his teeth, and slammed his elbow directly into Sly's left eye; Sly let go of him, and grabbed his eye; he angrily glared at Dan, his eyes glowing once more; a field glowed around Dan, causing him to float upwards).

Sly: Nice couple of shots, I have to say. But I'm not all about the classic throw-a-punch technique. I use my mind. 

(Dan's eyes turned a pure white color, and he groaned heavily; his head drooped down, and he stopped moving around; Sly smiled, and released him, as his body slammed into the ground).

(Outside of the room, in the lobby area, Mig sat still in the room with Shiar, gritting his teeth; he swallowed hard, and saw her staring at the wall, breathing intensively, he got up a tad, and walked over to her, but ultimately decided not to bother her anymore; he began walking out, and felt something hit him in the back).

Mig: Shiar, please, I already--

(Mig turned his head, and saw Shiar dive at him in a split second; the two tumbled across the floor and into the main lobby, where Monica sat; she got up, and looked down at them; Shiar shoved her fingernails into Mig's forehead, and slapped him; Mig grabbed her tightly, and swung her to the side, and got up. Shiar was crying, and she looked back up at Mig, and then down).


(Mig leaned down at Shiar, and felt her punch right into his stomach; he gripped it, and then fell onto his knees; Shiar laughed, and spat blood on him, and then kicked him in the face, forcing him to flip over; he felt her jump on him, and then was forcefully yanked off by a couple of police officers).


(Mig rubbed his chest ruefully, and then coughed; Monica ran over to him, and leaned down, helping him up; Mig groaned, and then fell onto his back once more).

Mig: She's got quite the strength...

Monica: What the hell was that about!? You can't just fight in the PRECINCT, you know. Especially with Sly's own daughter. There goes your job.

Mig: No, trust me, my job is the least of my worries. 

(Shiar was taken further down the hallway, and she continued struggling, even biting one of the officer's arms; they took her to a blank wall, and one of the officers placed his hand on it; the wall turned intangible, and through it was a facility; they walked right inside, and the wall became solid again; Shiar, worried, began to scream; the officers tasered her, and then lay her onto the ground).

Officer #1: Figured it was the perfect time to get her, sir.

(Footsteps were heard nearing towards Shiar, and her vision was blurry; she breathed slowly, and blinked a few times, and then saw a figure tower over her; it was Dread).

Shiar: Y-y-you...

Dread: M-m-me, yes. It's me. Don't worry, darling, your father knows you're here. In fact, he arranged this little meeting! How thoughtful of him, right?

(Shiar groaned, as Dread lifted her up off the ground; he walked her over to a large screen, and a small, metal chair, attached to the floor, with shackles all around it; her eyes widened, and she began shaking her head).

Shiar: (loudly) NO. NO. NOT THAT AGAIN! STOP! 

Dread: I'll need to expand your horizons, as a man Yopo Felton once said. Do you know what I mean by that? Here, I'll let him explain it to you.

(Dread threw her onto the chair, and fastened the shackles around her eyelids, which forcefully opened them wide; he also bound her arms behind the chair, and tied up her ankles; he put a large cloth in her mouth, and then smiled).

Dread: Your father will be here rather shortly. He can't miss this.

(Shiar looked up at the screen, which began to brighten up; it released a sheer wave of screaming, as well as laughing, and the sounds of bones snapping; Shiar screamed, but could not mutter much, as the cloth was suffocating her).

(Dread walked over to the two officers who were standing guard at the wall; he formed an appendage, and sliced their heads off, and smirked; he walked to the wall, and then saw Sly step inside; Sly wiped blood off of his suit jacket, and then smiled at Dread).

Sly: Apokalipse has yet to awaken. He should be joining us soon.

Dread: Good. Terox told me to first focus on your daughter, and then worry about Mig. Don't worry, I set her up. Just do your thing.

Sly: Will do. 

(Sly walked forward, muting out the noises that came from the presentation. On it was Yopo Felton, who was being experimented on, as well as the screams of multiple people, and the bone snapping of him himself).

Sly: Shiar? Dear? Can you hear me?

(Sly walked over to the screen, and ripped it off the ceiling; it tumbled downwards, bringing down some gearing with it as well; Shiar looked down at the floor, with blood vessels pocking around her eyes; she was trembling, and breathing uneasily; Sly walked up to her, and knelt down, grabbing onto her chin, and gently pushing it up to face him).

Sly: Wow, he was so mean to you, wasn't he? Showing you videos of a previous candidate...sigh, farewell Yopo Felton, but you weren't ready. He didn't expand his horizons.

(Sly ripped out the cloth from Shiar's mouth, and she screamed instantly; Sly slapped his hand over her mouth).

Sly: Don't scream. No one will hear you. This is a private room. 

Shiar: You...YOU PERFORM EXPERIMENTS HERE!? AND I'M THE NEWEST TEST SUBJECT? Dad, what the hell? Why would you do this!? And to ME? And that innocent guy, too? 

Sly: Honey, if only you knew what we were doing. I had to send you out of the living room when Dread came that night. You wouldn't have understood...

Shiar: Oh, I understand clearly, alright. You're a monster. 

(Sly frowned angrily, and slapped her across the face; he lowered his tone).

Sly: Now, you listen to me right now, Shiar Shreen. You were born for a bigger purpose in this world, you were bred to be something huge. I'm offering you a chance here. Yes, Yopo Felton had failed, so did your mother, and so did Patty. But I won't let that happen now. 

Shiar: No. This is Terox's game, why won't you understand? He's playing you!

Sly: If the reward is becoming a God, I'll play as long as it takes. You know what? I'm doing arguing with you. You're going to undergo this procedure, and if you die, well...so be it.

Shiar: How...how could you not value me...? I'm your daughter.

(Sly grabbed onto her head, and she glowed all around).

Shiar: You truly have lost your humanity. 

(Dread shoved an appendage directly through her chest, and her pupils dilated; she gasped, and her hair flung around all over; Sly looked up at Dread, and his mouth widened).


(Suddenly, Dan marched over to them, although being controlled by Apokalipse; he zoomed directly at Dread, and lifted him up by the neck, squeezing it so tightly that blood poured out like a waterfall; he turned to Sly, and shoved his hand into his chest, and sliced him in half; Sly fell down, and began to regenerate, but Apokalipse slammed his foot into his chest).

Apokalipse: Bad idea bringing me out, Dread. I've always had this fantasy of humans, which is what led to my capture by Terox...tsk, tsk, tsk, you thought I'd go and worship him? 

(Apokalipse let go of Dread, and walked over to Shiar, who had been bleeding out, however she was not dead; he grabbed onto her chest, and she began screaming).

Apokalipse: This will hurt a whole lot, but it beats dying. 

(He reformed the skin and tissue in her chest, and then let go of her; a hand print was etched into her chest, and she looked down at it, feeling it burn).

Shiar: Agh...I...thank...

(Apokalipse marched over to Sly, and lifted him up, as he was almost fully regenerated).

Apokalipse: Give Dan the job. I had a change of heart, I guess, and maybe I won't kill you right now. Deal, Pslycho?

(He dropped Sly to the floor, and then walked over to the wall once more, and walked through it; he stopped for a moment, gripping his head, and then fell to the ground, as Dan regained control; Dan blinked hardly, and breathed heavily; he got back up, and began walking to the lobby).

(Dan looked around, and saw Monica sitting at the front desk; he waved at her, and then walked over to her).

Dan: Where'd Mig go? I believe I got the job. 

Galvan B
December 15th, 2014 9:49 PM PST

(A large, dark blue facility was in sight; electronics were aligned in a horizontal fashion, as well as many different containers, and a railing around the main center of the room; there were around three steps that led inwards to the middle of the room, and then another five steps that led to a large machine in the middle, which was hooked up to the ceiling of the room; a few Galvanic Mechamorphs were around at the machines, a few were typing on computer screens; Tekk was seen in the center of the room, looking at the contraption in front of him, holding a staff-like cane; Mig teleported in behind him, causing everyone to stop what they were doing and stare at him; Tekk turned around slightly, and then sighed).

Tekk: And what are you doing here? I thought I satisfied you with that. 

Mig: I'm not here to ask for more, nor am I here on a complaint that it's broken. I'd like for you to completely change it around. I guess I am asking for more.

(Tekk barked a laugh, and then turned around completely; Mig's eyebrows narrowed, and he walked down the steps towards Tekk).

Mig: I'm being serious. 

Tekk: I worked damn hard on that for you, and you haven't even used it once. Look at it. 

Mig: How do you think I got here? It's not like I had a choice, anyway. Could you please just listen to me, and maybe we can arrange something?

Tekk: No. I'm busy. 

(Mig kicked Tekk's cane away, and he fell down onto his side; a number of Galvanic Mechamorphs sprinted down the steps towards Mig, a couple holding energy weapons; he looked at them, and then ran to the side).

Mig: He was being unreasonable.

Galvanic Mechamorph: You assaulted the Galvanic Mechamorph Emperor. Your reasoning does not change the severity of your actions.

Mig: K. 

(He activated the Gammatrix quickly, and slapped its core down; his skin began to bubble all around, and glow furiously; his anatomical stucture changed within a few seconds, and he became Hellfire).

(He front flipped and landed next to Tekk, and surrounded him in a wall of fire, growing it in size; the Galvanic Mechamorphs ran through it, however were greated with a barrage of fire bolts).

Hellfire: Screw off. 

(A Galvanic Mechamorph jumped onto him, and increasingly punched at him, while another attempted to bolt at him with a weapon; he quickly grabbed onto the weapon, burning it, and ripped through the Galvanic Mechamorph, burning it from the inside; he sprinted up to the top of the room, and saw them standing around Tekk, as he got up).

(Tekk began to laugh, and he looked up at Hellfire; he pushed himself through the crowd of Galvanic Mecharmorphs, and slammed his staff onto the ground).

Tekk: Get down here. Now we can talk.

Hellfire: Tell your army to stand down so I don't get surprise attacked, though.

(Tekk nodded, and waved them all away; Hellfire walked down the stairs, and transformed back into Mig within a couple of seconds; Mig wiped his hands on his pants). 

Mig: Happy? I used it. A second time. 

Tekk: What is it that you want, exactly? You teleported in here, angrily told me off, injured me, and then attacked my men. So...I'd like to know.

Mig: Yeah, sorry. I just...want an improvement.

Tekk: You may be interested in what I recently made. The truth is I spy on you from time to time, and I heard you once mention the idea of "gauntlets," which would be energy charged. Now, I pondered it, and it was possible to do. 

Mig: Um, alright then...so you did make them?

Tekk: Not exactly. Let me just remove your core and replace it with this one.

(Tekk opened up the Gammatrix, and loosened its core; he carefully took it out, and walked over to a table nearby the contraption).

Mig: Why would you do this for me? Did you expect me to come and ask?

Tekk: No. I know what's going on with the universe, unfortunately. 

Mig: What do you mean?

Tekk: I heard of the Central City incident. I figured you would have been devatated and felt like you could no longer do anything with that anymore.

(Mig sighed, and looked to the side; Tekk returned with a new core, and placed it into the Gammatrix itself).

Mig: Well, I'm living in Soledad now. It's like a sister city to Central City.

Tekk: Soledad...? Did you just mention Soledad?

Mig: Heard of it?

(Tekk began walking towards the stairs, and quickly walked up to a computer, where a number of Galvanic Mechamorphs stood, speaking to him).

Tekk: Mig, um, I don't know how else to tell you this. Look, you need to leave, okay? You aren't safe here, and neither am I.

Mig: Why are you being so cryptic?

(Tekk slapped his stave onto the ground, and Mig began to vanish; he looked at Tekk, bewildered, and was teleported within a few seconds; Tekk knelt down on one knee, and looked down).

Tekk: Well, he's gone. He didn't ask for much. Will you stop observing me now?

(Behind Tekk, the large machine glowed red, and opened up from the middle; the Transmundane circle was marked all around a glass container, and inside of it was Terox, although intangible; he was formless almost, constantly reshaping his feathery form, though his head remained mostly in tact).

Terox: (laughing) You're the one who summoned me here, yeah?

Tekk: Not true, but I am getting to that. When I had worked with Daniel on the Gamma File, he exhibited weird manners, but I generally shooed it off. That is, until Y and 1nput began behaving so as well. 

Terox: And you're accusing me why...?

Tekk: Don't pretend to be innocent. I know it was all due to you, and I couldn't put my finger on it until the Devastation you caused in Central City. If you hadn't desired to take control of Miguel's father at that given moment, maybe everything would be fine. But unfortunately to you, Kurss managed to spare Mig some time. He let him kill him and the others, but you managed to survive.

Terox: Yep. Don't toy with things you aren't fully aware of, scientist. My involvement with any of that has nothing to do with you.

(Tekk grabbed onto his stave, and walked over to a machine on a nearby table; he pulled a lever connected to it, and a shockwave surrounded the room; Sly and Dread were revealed, chained up, and attached to the machine).

Tekk: They came here as soon as Mig showed up. Now, the one thing I noticed was that this one--(pointing to Sly)--is all too familiar. You failed to let him know which one of my colleagues held Apokalipse, and I know his existence because he spoke to me once or twice. So your ally went on a quest to find them. 1nput and Y wouldn't intentionally try to sabotage the project, they willingly signed up for it, as did Dan. Funny how that works, huh? I reviewed a lot of security footage, and found this one in multiple shots, attacking 1nput, Y, and even Dani when they were sleeping. The other one however sneaked in just before Mig came to me, I presume trying to summon you and warn you. 

(Terox smirked).

Tekk: Oh, and one more thing. I know the truth about Soledad. Why do you think I just gave your greatest enemy the key to stopping each and every one of you?

Terox: You did your best, Dread, and I respect that. Pslycho, you did not need to be here. Oh and, stop pretending to be caught now.

(Dread snapped out of his confinement with ease, and Sly stood up, showing Tekk that he was not attached to the machine; he winked at him).

Terox: I must go now, this is a waste of time. Goodbye, Tekk. I'm sorry you had to get involved.

(Terox's essence faded quickly, and the symbols on the container vanished as he did; Dread formed two sharp appendages, and shoved them into two Galvanic Mechamorphs behind him running to them, shocking them; they became like puddy, and collapsed onto the ground, losing their green lively color).

Sly: You know, I'm surprised you're that smart. That's kind of dangerous.

(Dread jumped into the air, and spread his arms outwards; a wave of spiked appendages formed from his skin, each of them stabbing the Galvanic Mechamorphs, and in turn killing them with a pulsating shock).

Tekk: (shocked) Enough, enough. 

Sly: Enough's never enough for me. I'm a greedy man, it's my biggest sin. However, I'm not here to kill you, just observe. Dread here? Now, he's just full on aggression. It's time to say goodbye. 

(Dread dropped onto the ground on the hinds of his legs with a deafening boom; smoke rose everywhere, and he turned his head to Sly).

Sly: Where did he go?

(Smoke began to clear out, and an appendage of Dread was risen in the air; Tekk's body was seen hanging off of it, beginning to splatter onto the ground; his blue color was flashing).

Tekk: Kill me then...that won't guarantee your victory.

(Tekk ripped off of Dread's appendage, and fell into the machine in the middle of the room, causing it to overload; he seeped into the core of it, and was being electrocuted the whole time).

Tekk: Call this a win. Yes, you've killed me. But there is yet more to come. You underestimate Mig.

(The atoms inside of Tekk were being ripped apart as the core burned alive, malfunctioning instantaneously; the blue color of his died away).

Tekk: It's coming...coming...

(The core began to crack, and release smoke; Dread and Sly watched. It reached its climax, and eradicated from within itself, wiping apart the landscape of Galvan B within a 6 mile radius soon after).

ACT 3: Something New

Unknown Location
October 29th, 2015 11:53 PM PST

(The vision of Mig's began to clear, relatively, and his eyes exploded open; he heard an ominous screeching in the background, and smacked his hands against his ear; he looked below him, and found himself sitting on what appeared to be a stone-like platform; curious, he got up slowly, covering his ears still, and looked around; everything he saw was black and red, and seemingly moving around, as if it were living; he saw more stone-like areas of interest circling around him, as well as a few flashes of lightning-like electric discharge).

Mig (mentally): Um...this isn't reality...am I dreaming? Am I dead? Am I in hell?

(Mig began to walk around on the stone platform, and quickly stopped; he found a chain wrapping itself around his leg and connected to the platform, and it yanked him down; he struggled).

Mig: THE HECK!? 

(Suddenly, the platform below him vanished within a flash, and he began to fall; the chain was connected to nothing, however it yanked him up, stopping him from falling; he looked down at the abyss below him, and saw a spiraling mass of whiteness working its way up to him).

Mig: (breathless) OH MY GOD!

(He looked above him, and saw the chain beginning to fade away; he then saw the silhouette of a figure trying to pull him up, and it manifested itself as Ryan Rivers; Mig gasped, and looked up helplessly; his neck gave out, and his head moved downwards, staring at the whiteness coming up to him; it grew hands all around, reaching up to him).



(Tears began to form around the sides of Mig's eyes, and he blinked; he looked back upwards, and saw a white, door-like opening behind his father; a shadowed figure stood there, and began to walk forward).


(Ryan turned his head around, and was yanked back by the figure, who then snapped his neck; Mig screamed as he began to fall; he noticed that his gauntlets and Gammatrix were missing from him, and he hopelessly swung his arms back).

(The arms from the white abyss beneath him wrapped all around him; his hair flung around in all sorts of directions, and the tears of his eyes began to freeze up; he was in a state of shock, stilling looking upwards; the black figure stood there, holding his father's decapitated body).

(As the white hands wrapped around him more, they eventually formed around his entire body, covering his eyesight; he felt something pierce him in the back, and the whiteness dissolved into a pitch black).

Mig (mentally): I am in hell.

(He pulled a tap behind him, and he turned his head around; he looked around confused, as he was not wrapped up in anything, and stood still; he saw everything around him as black, and saw a floating, crooked door, with chairs floating beside it; he walked over to it).

(He saw the door swing open in front of him, and inside was a white-colored room, with a black chair in the middle of it, and someone sitting in it, facing the opposite direction of the door; they were crying, and ignored Mig's entry into the room; he walked over to the chair, and was startled).

Mig: Trinity...? What's wrong?

(Trinity looked up at Mig, and wiped the tears away from her face; she then began to smile, and looked up at Mig, jumping up to hug him).

Trinity: It's been so long. I've just been sitting here and waiting, do you know what that's like? I love you.

Mig: I'm-I'm sorry, Trinity. You know I would never keep you waiting on purpose, I would never torture you or anything. I love you, too...

Trinity: (demonically) SHUT UP.

(She shoved Mig onto the floor, and her appearance quickly changed to the appearance of Wayne; Wayne looked down at him disappointedly, and crossed his arms).

Wayne: How dare you, asshole? You just let me and her die without any forethought. What kind of person are you!?

Mig: Wayne, um, I...

(Wayne changed appearance to that of Mig himself, and he looked down at him; he began to cry, and wore the outfit he wore during the Devastation; the Gammatrix was on his wrist).

Mig: Why are you sad?

Mig #2: (screaming) I FAILED THEM. I LET THEM ALL DIE, THEY ARE RIGHT. My destiny in this world is to die, is to torture everyone, is to hurt everyone...I want you to kill me...

Mig: What!? Kill you? 

(The second Mig collaped on his knees, and hugged Mig tightly, crying onto his back; Mig sat there confused, and the other one looked at him).

Mig #2: Do it. DO IT. Now.

Mig: I...I can't do it, okay? I'm sorry...I just can't.

(Suddenly, the second Mig stood up, and looked down at Mig, angrily; he changed his appearance yet again, and then resembled Terox; Terox shoved his hand into Mig's chest, and he was forcefully hurled away from the room).

Terox: That is why you're such a failure. You can't let go of your emotions. You can't escape your past. You can't do anything. You're stuck here in my world. 

(Suddenly, the white wrap was released from Mig, and he screamed loudly; he looked around, seeing that everything was red and black again, and he was floating).

(Terox reappeared in front of him, and put his hand on Mig's chin, yanking his head upwards to face him).

Terox: HELLO.

(Mig looked up at him, confused).

Mig: How are you here...? What the hell am I doing here? WHAT IS THIS, TEROX?

Terox: The Transmundane. Beautiful, isn't it? Maybe not to you, but I love it. It's just so amazing.

(Mig felt his hair beginning to burn; a few strands of it turned orange, but not a lot; Terox looked at him, and then punched him in the chest hard, causing him to cough up blood).

Mig: Trans...mundane?

Terox: You see, Soledad isn't exactly what it seems. Essentially, it's trapped in a hiccup in reality, a side effect to this fancy little place I conjured up. Soledad is...not exactly accessible for the time being. 

Mig: So, that's what Tekk meant, and it also explains that "story" Sly told...how did I get in here? 

Terox: It looks like Shiar pulled through. She's the replacement for Dread, and it's a shame really...Dread was becoming quite something. One of my best creations.

Mig: (coughing) Screw you. 

(Suddenly, a circular opening formed beside Mig; Terox looked at, and Mig turned around, looking into it; he saw Sly standing behind it, and Shiar floating upside down behind him, with her legs and arms outstretched, and pulsating veins on her; she screamed).

Sly: Her power hasn't fully developed as you can see, however she did activate a breach to speak to you just for this once. 

Terox: You two are the only ones who can pull this off, remember that. I am relying on the two of you. 

(Sly nodded, and the opening spiraled away).

Mig: (demanding) Where is Dan.

(Terox smirked, and then winked at Mig; he began to float away, as Mig struggled, and shouted; he waved his hand at Mig, and the white wrap reappeared, circling around Mig).

Terox: You need to be quiet. I don't want you disturbing me right now. 

(Mig screamed, but it was quickly muffled by the wrap, and his vision went black once more).

(Terox looked at him, and then stopped floating. He stepped onto another platform that formed next to him, and a walkway formed, leading to a black door; Terox opened it up, and stepped inside, shutting it behind him, leading him to the opposite side of the Transmundane; Dan's body was floating, frozen seemingly).

Terox: Hey, Apokalipse. Guess who joined us? 

(Dan's eyes opened up, revealing to be Apokalipse in control; he cracked his head backwards and faced Terox).

Apokalipse: Why would that upset me in the slightest? I don't care for him, although I admire his overwhelming desire to bash your damn head in.

(Terox smirked, and swatted Apokalipse across the face, creating a burning imprint on his cheek; he looked up at Terox, powerless to appease him, and spat blood).

Terox: It's time, Apokalipse. Unfortunately, you aren't on my side, so you'll have to miss the show. Well, I suppose you can come and join.

Apokalipse: Bitch, you know damn well you don't have enough power to get there. We both know it. Actually, all three of us know it. 

Terox: That isn't entirely true.

(Terox dug his hands directly into his chest, and began to peel apart himself; a wave of energy streamed out, followed by screams of multiple frequencies; Apokalipse looked inside of him, seeing the Transmundane symbol, as well as unrecognizable faces flowing around).

Apokalipse: What the hell have you done?

Terox: These are all of my people, all the people I slaughtered throughout my life, everyone. You can subconsciously use your abilities, but I can use them physically. Kurss, Deristroll, Romatron, Dread, and you. Shiar and Sly are the ones who can complete me, do you understand?

Apokalipse: But you realize YOU CAN'T REACH THEM! Are you daft? 

Terox: Why do you think you and Mig are here, in the very epitome of my power? I'm draining you to nothing, slowly and slowly. Mig is dying quicker than I imagined, which is great. 

(Terox floated backwards towards the doorway, and it swung open; he saluted to Apokalipse, turned his back on him, and walked closer).

Apokalipse: I will kill you before you try anything on me. Remember way back when when I felt PITY for you? You took advantage of my power, absorbed me, and then placed it in Dan because I was hurting you. You know what I can do, Terox, don't forget. 

(Terox cocked a smile towards Apokalipse).

Terox: That was then, and this is now. I like to cheat the system, you know? It makes the game more interesting. 


November 13th, 2015 5:38 PST

(The streets were overflowing with the rain that was hammering down from the sky, which was black and red-ish in color; there were giant heaps of bodies at the ends of the streets, as well as multiple fires spread out in between lawns and driveways, with cars toppled over and their parts were scattered around the play; a couple of houses were on wire, and police vans were all tipped over).

(Suddenly, one, black and green van began driving down a street, with the front tires of it mostly flat; the car halted to a stop rather quickly, following a screech; the lights of the car blared on, and Shiar was standing in front of it, looking at the front window, and she smiled).

(The driver's seat door exploded open, and two boots plopped down onto the ground, and the door slammed shut behind them; a figure walked forward, with a machine gun strapped to his back; the figure wore thick, black pants with multiple pouches and zippers on it; he wore a silver-colored shirt, with some white spots on it, as well as a few black spots, sporting winter camouflage; he had black combat gloves on, and spiked up, blackish hair; he spat out tobacco onto the ground, and reached for his machine gun; he also had a belt with a few pistols and such on it).

Shiar: Hello! Welcome to Soledad.

Man: Why the hell are all the entryways to this town sealed off with PILES of CORPSES and FIRE PITS!? Who the hell are you? 

Shiar: The same question applies to you, sir. I don't appreciate your tone. I'm the mayor of the city, Shiar Shreen, it's nice to meet you. There are only a couple living here. Your name?

Man: You sound a bit familiar, meh, whatever. Toon, that's really all you need to know. I'm with the special operations unit of the government. My crew and I were actually called here to investigate what the heck was going on, and all of them randomly died, so here I am.

(Shiar smiled, and bowed; she looked at the machine gun on his back, and bit down on her lip).

Shiar: I don't like big weaponry in my town.

Toon: Excuse me? When was there a rule against that? (sarcastically) Look, clearly some screwed up crap is going on, and I just have this sneaking suspicion you're behind it, or at least aware of it, and are contributing. 

Shiar: (suddenly frowning) Dad. 

(Sly jumped up onto the roof of Toon's car, and looked down at him; he climbed off quickly, and ran at Toon, ripping the machine gun off of his back, and chucking it across the road into a pit of fire; the fire roared alive, and Sly elbowed Toon in the gut, and whacked him onto the ground; he lifted him up by the shirt collar).

Sly: Get. Out. You're disrupting vital preparations. 

(Toon smacked Sly in the face with his forehead, and flipped backwards onto his car; he jumped over the hood of it, and landed behind it; he yanked open the trunk, revealing an entire arsenal of weaponry and equipment; he threw on a mask, as well as body armor, and grabbed two SMGs).

Shiar: Agh...(gripping her forehead) it's about to happen again...

Sly: (cracking his knuckles) Good, we want it to happen. Especially now. Terox has informed me he will try to open a breach shortly. He also assures me that Mig and Apokalipse are closer and closer to death.

(Shiar nodded, with tears forming in her eyes).

Toon: You know, the Central City incident, or rather Devastation, is kept under wraps by the government. I stopped by there to see...looks like that's about to happen here. I don't think so.

(Toon reached over to the left side of his car, and spotted Sly; he fired a quick barrage of bullets towards him, however Sly jumped to the right side of the car; he sprinted to the back).

Sly: Nice!

(Toon quickly turned around, and did a hand stand, firing at Sly's knees; he popped his left knee open, and Sly fell down, wincing; Toon then quickly jumped into the air and slammed into Sly's back, fracturing his left femur bone; Sly opened his eyes widely, and coughed out blood; Toon jumped off, cocking his guns at once).

Toon: Gotta hand it to Batman, man, reading those comics as a kid inspired me. Except...I play to win, that's the difference between us. I tend to zoom through my fights rather quickly, so if you don't mind...(aims gun at Sly).

(Suddenly, the car illuminated in a white light, and it disappeared into nothing with a quick flash; Toon and Sly turned to see Shiar standing where the car used to be, and she had dark, red veins surrounding her).

Sly: There we go.

Toon: The hell? What is she!?

Shiar/Terox: My portal into this world. Thank you, Mig. All that energy...

(Shiar flung her arms outwards against her will, and within her emitted a red glow, followed by a black mass rising out of her body; her chest began to glow as well, forming the Transmundane circle, etching itself into her skin; she began screaming).

Toon: (tapping his ear) Sif Hunderson...um...I think we've got a much bigger issue to deal with here.

Sif: (on the line) Elaborate.

(Toon fired his gun towards Shiar, causing her to scream in agony; Terox threw himself onto the ground as if he were water, and then manifested into a humanoid form; he clenched his fists, which were thumping, and looked at Shiar, as a barrage of bullets flew into her still).

(Sly knelt next to Toon, controlling him; he smiled coldly, and Toon began to cry, as he stopped, and felt to his knees; Shiar's body collapsed onto the ground, with blood spilled out in massive puddles all around her).

Terox: Pslycho...

Sly: (uncontrollably laughing) SHE'S DEAD, I DID IT. Aren't you PROUD of me!? I finally got rid of her...I've always wanted her gone. It's about time I get my opportunity, all thanks to Toon.

(Sly patted Toon on the shoulder and limped towards Terox).

Toon: I...I murdered her...and how do you know my name?

Sly: Does it matter? She's gone. Terox, kill this little shit already. What use does he have here?

(Terox raised his hand forward, and stopped Sly from continuing on; he grabbed Sly around the neck, and raised him into the air, with blood beginning to pour of it).

Terox: What use do you have? As much as I appreciate you eliminating her to spare me the time and energy, you went about it wrong. I had another use for her, but you just obliterated that. I'm mad. 

(Suddenly, Toon got up, and screamed; he sprinted forwards towards Terox and Sly, and shoved his gun into Sly's back, shooting instantly; Terox stood there, watching).



Terox: No. You served your purpose. You knew your job. You've fulfilled it. 

Sly: Y-y-you saved me back then...you gave me new life as this thing you name Pslycho. I...I love you, as a father, almost. You resurrected me as something...much greater than I could have ever hoped...to be...to imagine. 

(Sly then turned to Toon, and blinked hardly; blood began pouring out of them).

Sly: Now I recognize you...I'm sorry you had to see me like this, brother...time to say--

(Terox smacked his hand onto Sly's face, and blasted off his head).

(Toon ran out of ammo, and dropped his gun; he breathed hard and quick, and watched as Sly's body plopped onto the ground; he knelt down, and squeezed his knee, with tears streaming out of his eyes; he glanced up at Terox).

Toon: This isn't happening...what...are...you...? 

(Terox whacked Toon into a nearby home; he slammed directly through the garage door, and skidded across the cement floor, hitting the wall in the back finally; he rubbed his head hard, and his vision was blurry).

Toon (mentally): Brother...?

(An image flashed in Toon's mind of his brother standing in front of him, and then another image flashed of his brother's eyes glowing, and of Toon's eyes then glowing, and he fell down; Sly went over to him, and he closed his eyes).

Toon (mentally): You saved me...from you.

(Terox walked over to Sly's corpse, and engulfed it whole; he licked his lips dry, and glowed a brighter version of red; his body began to grow unstable, and wispy).

(Shiar's body began to squirm, and her head turned to the side; her eyes opened up widely, with her pupils dilated; she wheezed, and sprung up quickly, gripping her chest; she looked at the bullet hole wounds on her body, and saw them beginning to heal).

Shiar: I...I remember dying. What the hell!?

(She turned her head to see Terox screaming, and pulsating everywhere; he gripped his head tightly, and his body began to mutate).

Shiar: You. Where is my dad?

Terox: (laughing) You survived....well, I DON'T NEED YOU! I have more than enough now

(Toon ran out of the garage quickly, and then slowed to a halt; Terox began rising off of the ground now, putting himself in a ball-like position, as his body began transmogrifying).

Toon: Shiar...

Shiar: (turning her head) Yeah?

(Toon's eyes began to water, and he faced downwards; he sniffled, and looked back up at her, and glanced at Terox; the ground began to vibrate).

Toon: I, um, I don't know where to begin. We've never formerly met, but, um, I'm your uncle...your father, he erased my memories when he became Pslycho. I helped...kill him, and he made me--

(Shiar hugged him quickly, and began crying on his shoulder).

Shiar: I think I'm okay with dying now. 

Toon: Even though...this may very well be the end, it was nice to finally meet you. My beautiful niece...I'm so sorry your father did this to you. He was still a good man deep down, I know it.

(Shiar nodded, and the ground began cracking down; Toon knelt down).

Toon: (smiling) Look, you can survive this, okay? You need to live your life. You're free from that thing's grasp, and you can't be influenced any longer. I love you.

(Toon quickly got up, and began walking towards Terox's position).

Shiar: What...what are you doing? I just met you! I can't lose you now, we have so much to catch up on...

(Toon bit down on his lip, and turned to her for a moment, looking into her eyes).

Toon: I'll buy you some time to leave this area as fast as you can, okay? You need to leave. As far as I'm concerned, this city isn't even real...it shouldn't be real. 

Shiar: No, no, no. My father was intertwined with this, and so am I. I won't let you die trying to save me. 

(Suddenly, the ground exploded open, and began to vanish into nothing. The homes and buildings all around glowed dark red, and exploded into nothing as well. A large, unstable, sparking circle spiraled around Terox, who grew in size, and more sinister looking. The air around began to tear, and a bright light shined through the fabric of the surrounding area, until it dissolved and tore apart like wallpaper).

(All around was the Transmundane, with multiple platforms forming out of thin air. The city itself began to fall and then glow a dark red, vanishing into nothing. Shiar and Toon were quickly wrapped up in energy, looking at each other, and then sucked into Terox's orb. Transmundane symbols began to form on the energy spiraling around Terox).

(The Transmundane began to swirl and shrink, sparking as it did; it fed into Terox as if he were a black hole, and his body extended. His arms threw themselves all over, and his head began to spin. His body folded inwards on itself, and condensed into a more humanoid form, however the orb still circled around him. He dove towards the sky like a rocket, and directed his palms towards the ground, which glowed all red, and exploded apart. Appendages grew from his hands as well, slashing up the Earth).

Terox: Now, with no more distractions...

(He hurdled down towards the Earth, and slammed into the heart of what was once Central City, causing a massive explosion of debris and soot to fly up. He began to rise into the air, and the orb around him disappeared. He was all red, with spikes scattered around his body, and he had an aura of unstable energy surrounding him).

(Terox felt a sharp pain within him, and struggled to keep his balance. He opened up his chest, and an unstable ray of energy exploded outwards).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To read the canonical rewrite of the upcoming scene, please click here! It also serves as a prelude to the sequel movie!

The older version of this scene will still remain as part of the movie to preserve its authenticity, but please do not consider it canon.

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Voice: You're an idiot.

(A silhouette appeared walking towards Terox from behind, and it tapped him on the shoulder. Terox quickly darted around, firing a wave of energy at the silhouette, however an orange shield completely covered where he fired at. Terox stopped blasting, and noticed that it was Mig; his hair was almost fully orange, glowing, and his jacket was gone. Hs shirt had blood stains on it, and his pants were darkened from sweat and blood as well. He had marks and bruises all over his body, and he cocked a confident grin.

Terox: I'm an idiot!? I've won, Mig. ACCEPT IT ALREADY! This is getting a bit tiresome, you know! 

Mig: (sighing) If only that were true. People called me the key, Dread specifically, so I'm the cause of why you're here, right? Well, I have another keyhole to unlock.

(The shield around Mig disappeared, and he shoved his fist into Terox's chest, startling him. Terox grabbed onto his arm, and snapped it off with ease. Mig leaped into the air and reformed it rather quickly. He slammed into the ground, and popped his neck).

Mig: What's wrong? You're surprised?

(Terox launched himself into the sky, and the clouds around him began to swirl. An explosion of energy took over the entirety of the sky, and the color of it turned a reddish hue).

(Mig looked up, confused, and then saw Apokalipse walking up to him).

Mig: He's...quite angry. 

Apokalipse: He didn't plan on us surviving the Transmundane. However, even without us dissolving into energy for him to swallow up, he still managed to acquire enough energy to become...this.

Mig: I have yet to discover his exact plan. Is he just raining down hell, or what? 

Apokalipse: He wants us, more specifically you. And if it means sucking up the entire universe, then so be it. 

Mig: (chuckling) I'm flattered.

(Mig's skin began to move around, and he bit down on his lip, piercing it Blood rain down his chin, and he smiled; he looked up at the sky, and his eyes began to flash).

Mig: Wish me luck!

(He closed his eyes for a brief moment, and went down to his knees. His body began to glow and pulsate until he was completely enveloped in the color orange. Apokalipse put his arm up around his eyes to shield himself. Mig's hair had fully become orange, and his eyes as well. Dark orange veins sprouted up around his body).

Mig: Whatever goes on down here, you handle it, alright? 

(Apokalipse nodded. Mig got up, and burned off his shoes and socks. He rose into the air quickly, and forged the Gammatrix out of his own power. He pressed on it, forming the two gauntlets on his arms, and dove into the sky). 

(An enlargement of Terox's face shined through the sky and he opened up his mouth, sucking Mig in. Mig struggled to control himself, but couldn't stand the force of Terox; he looked inside of his mouth, and saw the Transmundane spiraling around, as well as Shiar and Toon wrapped up inside).

Mig: No...not this time!

(He glowed all over, and zoomed away from Terox's mouth, and deeper into the clouds of energy around them. Terox deformed his face and swirled towards Mig, reappearing in his humanoid state. He turned his arm into a large, sharp claw, and attempted to smash Mig with it. Mig grabbed onto his arm, and ripped it in half. He licked his lips, and absorbed the energy of it. His arm had turned to ash, and fallen down into nothingness soon after).

Terox: One on one? I don't like that, you know me, always one to be unfair. 

Mig: Or you're just too weak.

(Mig dove at Terox, grabbing onto his other arm, and swung him around, before unleashing him towards the ground. He zoomed at Terox and formed a large barrier, which Terox slammed into. Mig then dove directly into Terox, launching into the air yet again. He grabbed onto him and kicked him into the barrier).

Mig: (shouting) How does it FEEL!? You tell me!

(Terox reformed his arm, and jumped to the side, avoiding another punch by Mig. Terox then flew higher into the sky, and unleashed a wave of energy directly at him. Mig saw it and began running atop the barrier he made. He jumped into the air as the wave caught up to him and struck him, and then he flipped, regaining balance of himself. His barrier broke apart like glass).

Terox: Like nothing.

(Mig looked down at the ground, and began to scream. His head sprung up, facing the sky, as his eyes glowed purely orange, and the veins on him did as well. He released a beam of concentrated energy into the sky, causing what is equal to a nuclear explosion. He then turned his head around and faced Terox, laughing).

Mig: You know, you really shouldn't have made the Transmundane out of Gamma Energy, Terox. It's a DINNER FOR TWO!

(Energy balls began to form and circle around Mig's hands, emitting pulses of energy. He hurled them at Terox in clusters at a time. Terox dodged them all, and dove directly at Mig).

Mig: Big mistake! 

(Mig shoved his hand directly into Terox's chest, who shouted in shock; he shoved his hand into Mig's as well, and he groaned in response. Mig struggled, and Terox sliced his chest apart with his other hand. Terox then smashed Mig towards the ground with both of his hands, and he succeeded. Mig slammed into a building, which then began to collapse all around him).

Terox: (scoffing) Likewise.

(Apokalipse sprinted towards the building debris, and saw Mig falling down right above him. He jumped up and grabbed him, and then threw him down the road, while the debris collapsed down on him).

(Mig began spinning as he skidded across the ground, and hit a pole. He struggled to get up and looked up at Terox, who was glowing. His chest had reformed).

Terox: It's a real shame about Dan, huh. Don't you miss him?

(He raised his arm at the ground, where a Transmundane circle appeared. Energy began to wildly spark from it. Mig slowly rose up, gripping his chest in pain, and he watched in front of him).

(Dread formed from the energy, followed by Sly. Mig breathed deeply, and saw yet another figure attempting to form, but was mutating).

Dread: Good to be back.

Sly: What the hell happened? What is this?

(The third form began floating into the sky, with its limbs forming and then deforming every few seconds. Apokalipse's true form appeared from it, holding his stave. He shoved it into the ground hard, creating a large shock wave. Sly and Dread were quickly dissolved away, and Terox was shoved into the ground. Mig looked at him).

Mig: Apokalipse, right? 

(Apokalipse turned towards Mig, and nodded).

Apokalipse: Shiar and Dan are still within the Transmundane, or what's left of it, as well as Shiar's uncle. I was there briefly, only long enough to regain a portion of my abilities. 

Mig: Right. I...saw them in there.

(Mig groaned, and rubbed his chest, and then fell back. Apokalipse slammed his hand onto Mig's chest, and he began screaming. His wound was quickly reformed).

Apokalipse: Terox is starting to become Godlike in this state. I don't have all of my power, but you have almost enough to equal his right now. However...

(Mig got up slowly, and his veins glowed once more. The gauntlets began to crack).

Apokalipse: ...You're becoming too unstable, I'm afraid. You've exponentially increased the Gamma Energy that you had when you were a child...trust me, I know, Dan inserted it into you.

Mig: ...I don't care. If it makes me stronger, then so be it! Terox has to be put down.

Apokalipse: You can't! You had the Gammatrix to protect and stabilize you now, but--

(Mig jumped over Apokalipse, and blew up the ground around him when he landed. He walked forwards towards the collapsed debris, where a red light was sparking).

Mig (mentally): I can finally win. Finally put all of this behind me.

(Mig began to slowly run to the debris, and ran at a full on sprint. Apokalipse teleported in front of him and kicked him. He formed a shield around Mig who looked up at Apokalipse, his eyes flashing orange).

Mig: What the hell are you doing!? Let me out! Let me WIN! FOR ONCE! PLEASE!!!

(Apokalipse twirled his stave, and rose it at the debris. The debris glowed purple and rose into the air, where Apokalipse dismissed it. Terox was not in the middle of it).

Terox: Oops, you expected me to be there, yeah?

(Apokalipse turned around to see Terox squeezing Mig tightly inside of the shield. He pressed his hand on it, and it began to glow red, before blowing up and disappearing. Terox swooped at Apokalipse, tackling him, and punching him. His body began to crack, and he kicked him up into the air, forming spikes on the ground that dove into him. Terox picked up his stave, and looked down at Mig).

Mig: Fuck you. 

(Mig got up slowly, and turned to the side. He wiped blood off of the sides of his mouth, and looked down at the ground, glancing at Terox; his body flashed orange, and the gauntlets snapped off of him).

Terox: Giving up already? Meh, fine by me. I need your power, anyways.

(Terox dove Apokalipse's stave into Mig's chest, however Mig showed no pain from it, and began to smirk. He rose his head up, with his eyes fully glowing orange yer again. He slapped his hands onto the stave, and it glowed orange, dissolving into liquid. He sprinted towards Terox, grabbing him by the neck, and shoving him into the ground. He then flew into the air, and punched Terox ten times, before blasting him in the face with his bare hands).

Terox: (laughing) NICE ONE! But--

Mig: Shut. The. Hell. UP!

(Mig shoved his hand into Terox's chest, and began yanking out something. Terox yelled out, and grabbed onto Mig's arm. Mig twisted his arm, and blasted off Terox's arms quickly. He pulled out Shiar, Dan, and Toon, and threw them at the ground. He then shoved Terox into the ground, and jumped off, flipping, and landing on the ground beside the three; he stared at Terox).

(Shiar and Toon blinked, and began to rise up; Shiar looked up at Mig, and quickly jumped up. She smiled, and went to hug him, however Mig did not hug back).

Shiar: Did you just...save us? By yourself!? Wow! Dude, you're so amazing...you just...thank you...

Mig: Let go of me. I'm not done yet.

(Mig began to glow, burning Shiar's arms. She quickly let go, and stepped back. She glanced in front of Mig, and saw Terox slowly standing).

(Dan grabbed onto Mig's ankle, and looked up at him).

Dan: If you do this, do you know what will happen? 

(Mig looked down at Dan, and then looked back up at Terox. He closed his eyes, and a tear streamed down his face. He shook off Dan's grip and walked).

Dan: Miguel Rivers...Mig...Mig! LISTEN TO ME! COME BACK! 

Mig: I'm sorry. 

(Mig clenched his fists, and then walked forwards. Terox cracked his back, and then looked at Mig, smiling. He glowed all over, and grabbed onto the ground, overcharging it. Energy began to uproot around Mig, but it dealt no damage. His eyes glowed and sparked).

Terox: This isn't fun, MIG! AT LEAST GIVE ME A CHALLENGE!

(Mig kept walking towards him. Terox formed two appendages and hurled them at Mig, but they were instantly destroyed as they neared him. Mig cracked his knuckles each, and stopped walking, standing in front of Terox).

Terox: You can't beat me, you already know this! I'm more powerful than you and Apokalipse! You may as well cut the damn act! 

(Mig shoved his hand forward onto Terox's chest, and the energy within him began to swirl around and go towards the direction of Mig's hand).

Terox: What...?

Mig: Then I'll just become more powerful than you. 

(Apokalipse struggled to move, and he glanced down at Mig and Terox, and then saw Shiar, Dan, and Toon at a distance, watching).

Apokalipse: Well...goodbye, kid. It was a swell time. 

(Terox's chest ripped open, and he forcefully lunged forward. His body began to rip apart, and the energy built up inside of him transferred into Mig. Sparks flew from around them, and a large ring of energy surrounded them. Mig glowed all around, and closed his eyes).


Mig: Goodbye, Terox. For. Damn. Good.

(He took away his hand from Terox, charged it up, and slammed Terox in the chest with it once more. A large ray of unstable energy blasted him apart, and he struggled to fight against it. He flew backwards, ripping apart more and more, and finally fell onto the ground, disappearing into a mist that spread around and screaming one, final time. Mig stopped blasting him and stood still).

(Mig looked up at Apokalipse, and blasted the spikes apart, allowing him to fall down safely. Mig was sparking and deforming all over, and turned back to Dan, Shiar, and Toon).

Mig: I love you, Dan. You've been my real father for all of these years...Shiar, you've been an amazing friend, and I cannot thank you for what you've done.

(Mig then turned to Apokalipse and nodded at him, and he did the same thing. Mig floated into the air, and raised his arms outward).

Mig (mentally): It feels like I've dealt with everything. The main root of the tree has finally been eradicated, and Terox is no more. What then? What happens after this event has transpired...?

(Mig's body began to break up and unravel, and his heart beat steadily. His eyes narrowed).

Mig (mentally): I guess this is the end, for me anyway. I managed to spare time to know that the world is entering a new chapter. An end is really the start of something new. 

(Mig smiled a bit, and then his vision became unclear. He closed his eyes tightly, and his entire body had unraveled. The orange energy that was within him had spread out like dust, and begun to dissipate in the air).

(Dan fell to his knees, breaking down in tears. Shiar hugged Toon and was always crying. Apokalipse walked towards them, and watched as the last remnants of Mig vanished).

Apokalipse: And now I fulfill my end of the deal. 

(The full extent of Apokalipse's power had returned to him, and his stave reformed in his hands; he twirled it around, and struck the ground with it).

(Everything around had begun to instantly grow back, such as the buildings, homes, and the souls of people reforming their bodies; he froze time at that moment, with the exception of Toon, Shiar, and Dan).

Toon: So...what did you do?

Apokalipse: Restored Central City. All the destruction, all the memories, all the deaths have been undone, minus most of the ones caused at the Devastation. 

Dan: What of Soledad?

Apokalipse: Soledad was like a blanket for the Transmundane. It's best if it just sits here dormant. Mig successfully destroyed the power of Terox and the Transmundane itself, as we had planned. 

(Dan smiled, and put his hand out).

Dan: I just...want to thank you. I misjudged you back then, but now I realize--

Apokalipse: It's fine. Unfortunately, I could not bring back Alan or Sly. Their corruption cannot be undone. 

(Shiar nodded, and looked down sadly; everyone stood in silence, and then Dan opened his mouth).

Dan: Did you bring back Mig?

Apokalipse: He became energy, essence, power. I...can't bring that back, not even with my power. I'm rather weak, even with my power restored. Alright, it's time I go. Dan, if you ever need me, I'll be watching over you. I've always desired to be a human, and now I know what that's like, even if it was wrong. You are like a brother to me.

(Apokalipse smacked his stave against the ground once more, and time resumed; he disappeared).

Toon: I need to return to D.C., however I'll make sure none of this gets out. And Shiar...would you like to come with me, or stay here?

Shiar: Yeah, I'll come with you. I just...need a moment to myself right now.

(Toon nodded, and began walking to the sidewalk; Dan looked down, as wind flapped along his pants; he saw a couple of cars down the road, and half smiled; he looked up at the night sky).

Dan: Thank you, Miguel...thank you. You were a son to me, and I will never forget you. It'll be hard...but I can manage. Still got a few good years left in me.

(He spotted an orange flash in the sky, and was bewildered; tears began to build up in his eyes, and suddenly an object fell down onto his hands; it was the Gammatrix).

Shiar: Is that Mig's?

(Dan looked at her, and then held it tightly to his chest).

Dan: (smiling) Yeah. It is indeed.



  • See: Mig Revamps: Miguel Rivers vs. Terox for a revamped, canon version of the final conflict between Mig and Terox!
  • Originally, the movie would have been a 4 season movie, but it was heavily condensed down.
  • The movie went through three major plot changes, and this was the final result.
  • The movie took around 5-6 months to write in total, and originally wasn't divided up into three parts.
  • Hellfire was the only alien to appear in the movie; the movie was meant to showcase how Mig no longer relied on the Gammatrix and alien transformation function anymore as a result of his bad experiences.
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