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Mig X
Premiered 7/18/2014, Ended 11/20/2017
Genre Action/Adventure
Creator(s) Migster7
Seasons 1
Episodes 5 (plus 2 movies)
Next Mig X: Revolution (first movie)
The Terminus of Gamma (final movie)

Mig X is a series apart of Earth-710010. It was created by Migster7, and premiered July 18th, 2014 to October 24th, 2014, with its first movie premiering on December 22nd, 2014 and its final movie on November 20th, 2017.

It is the final installment of the Mig 10 Franchise.

Development History

I, at the time, wanted to do a brand new show about this self-insert character that I kept making series around, obviously Mig, but had no idea what else to do with it. I considered remaking The Legend of Mig entirely, or continuing it from where it left off, but ultimately decided not to go through with either of those ideas because I, to put it bluntly, hated what I was doing with it. Instead, I thought of rebooting the entirety of Mig 10 to just start over from scratch, which I had thought of a couple years prior, but never actually went through with it.

Eventually, this series was made, and I decided to combine elements I previously scrapped from other works as well as mixing some new ideas together, and thus this series was made. ZeVikingSif and Alanomaly had aided with the process of it being made, contributing general ideas and overall support.

I originally planned for the series to last as a long-running, multi-seasonal show with an overarching plotline being built up behind the scenes, but decided to condense everything into a mini-series and wanted to later on make a movie for it.

In typical Mig fashion, my story was not yet done. I never planned on ending this entire franchise off with Revolution. Wanting to create a full fledged series, though of course going back on it, I decided to make most of my ideas into the final movie for the entire franchise in the final movie.

And that's that.


Years after being orphaned and finding out he holds a mysterious, energy-fueled DNA source inside of him, Miguel "Mig" Rivers now resides with his uncle, Daniel Rivers, who wields a device on his arm called the Gammatrix that both helps to stabilize his bizarre DNA and allot him access to various alien transformations that he has no idea how to utilize. After the past comes back to bite him]], and threaten both his present and future, he must learn how to wield it, and quickly.

Series Guides
  • This is a mini-series composed of 5 episodes, originally meant to be much longer.
  • This series combines elements from other previous works that were not made.
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Mig X
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