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Mig in GV

Mig in GV. Credits to someone on with unpixel.

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  • PM confirmed that Mig will have a new trix with a new set of 10 aliens.
    • It is also confirmed that there will be a special of how Mig got his real gamatrix that took place after Mig 10 and before Gamaverse.
  • The art style of this series has changed to Omniverse format.
  • Each arc will generally have a main villain.
  • Mig gains a new ally: Maltha, a weapons master and a detective for the plumbers.
  • Mig is confirmed to be more of a solo hero, meaning Clepron will not be in the series anymore from eps 1 and 2 as a main character.
  • PM confirmed that Mig may have up to 11 new additonal aliens as well as the new set of 10 and returning old aliens.
    • All aliens from Mig 10 are confirmed to re-appear in Gamaverse, except Gamahand and Manadite.
  • There is a confirmed number of 57 episodes overall with this series, making it the most eps, so far, in the Mig 10 franchise.
  • Mig 10: Gamaverse will get up to 2-3 specials/movies later on in the series. 
  • After arc 1, the writing style of episodes will change from: "I like this," Mig said, to: Mig: I like this.
  • Recurring characters and minor villains will have seperate templates and they will be listed here as well. 
  • Some flashbacks of Mig when he was 13-15 are included in this series after arc 1.
    • According to Mig, the reason Young Mig uses only Mig 10 aliens is because that's what Mig 10 was supposed to be like. 

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