The Mid-World
Inhabitants: Fire Breathing Bug Aliens

Giant Scorpion Aliens

Seasons: Unknown
Earth Day(s) in a Year: Unknown
Moon(s): Three Unknown Moons
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 The Mid-World is a inter-dimensional planet in Brandon 10.


The Mid-World takes the appearance of a desert. There is sand everywhere and few mountains/hills/crators. There are also two suns and three moons surrounding it appearntly.


The History of the Mid-World is unknown. Very little is known about the planet and how it got trapped between dimensions.

Known Inhabitants

  • Giant Red Scorpian-type Aliens
  • Small Red Fire-breathing Alien Bugs


Alien Force


  • It is unknown if the planet contains any other biomes than a desert.
  • It is unknown if there are any other inhabitants on the planet
  • The Mid-World, according to the Zonarian Commander #876, is one of the places that a person can randomly end up while using a broken or/and incomplete portal.
  • Since there are minerals and possibly water under some parts of the sand, it is possible that there is water and plant life underground.


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