Microtech is a villain in the series Simien 10. He appeared in the episodes"Honey I shrunk the aliens" and "Humanization".


  • Shrinking
  • Shooting lasers
  • Flying
  • Growing (has a limited height)
  • Intangiblity (complete in Honey I shrunk the aliens and torso, head and legs only in Humanization)


  • Small (At Honey, I shrunk the aliens)
  • Complete intangibility makes him fall through the ground without stopping (At the end of Honey I shrunk the aliens)

Species and Planet

Species: Nanomechian

Planet: Hive Planets


He looks like the Alien Swarm version to Nanomech, just more grey

When he returns in Humanization he has silver on his feet, hands and wings by the underground element Ontasbarium.

Roles in episodes

Coming soon.

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