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Michael Morningstar, better known as Darkstar, is a main villain in the first and second seasons of Ben 10: Alien Universe, and a supporting villain in the sequel series Back in Action: Alien Universe.


In Ben 10: Alien Universe, Darkstar looks very similar to his appearance in Ben 10: Alien Force, minus the cape and eye holes in his helmet. When he appeared in Ben 10: Invasion of the Omnitrix, he appeared yellow because this was a copy of himself inserted in the Omnitrix to steal DNA. He fleed at the site of XLR8 for unknown reasons. When he appears again in Darkstar Falling, the four DNA samples he had stolen (Humongousaur, Brainstorm, Alien X, Chromastone), were restored to the Omnitrix, and he was defeated by Cannonbolt.

In Back in Action: Alien Universe, he will look more like the Ultimate Alien Eon, with a visor on his helmet. He still lacks his cape, nonetheless, but is now taller and more muscular.


Darkstar, following the events of his appearances in Alien Force, seeks Ben's alien powers so that he may be stronger. After losing the ability to simply suck the life energy from girls at his school, as well as his looks, Ben and Gwen's powers are his only true source of unlimited power.

He had a crush on Gwen, but Ben suggests in Can't Trust the Weather, Man that his eyes might be on Dawn now.

Powers and Equipment[]

In Threat or Menace, Darkstar was shown to have gained the ability to conjure portals from absorbing the abilities of a member of Streak's species in the Null Void. This ability was permanent, until it was taken back by Obsorber in The Alternative.

In Dusk, it is revealed that he can unintentionally summon a massive amalgam hybrid form of all of the DNA samples used to create him. Proximity to a gem currently in the possession of the Plumbers brings it out, but his father/creator Dexter Morningstar suggested there was another set of controls that could be used that the Plumbers are also currently in possession of.


Michael Morningstar also exists in canon. Unless otherwise stated, all related events, roughly up until the Omniverse Season 3 finale, happened unchanged.


In Dusk, his father/creator Dexter Morningstar reveals that, rather than being born, Darkstar was created in a test tube. After eighteen failed attempts, he was the first successful "perfect hybrid," as Dexter described. He was born as a hybrid with several extinct Anur System alien species, including Vladats, prominently to act as a successor to Lord Transyl.

Ben 10: Alien Universe[]

  • In Ben 10: Invasion of the Omnitrix, Darkstar stole four alien forms from the Omnitrix by using an exploit he figured out from previous fights with Ben that involved entering the Hidden Universe. He fleed after seeing XLR8, but was shown to have killed Sentient Brainstorm (while stealing Brainstorm, Humungousaur, Alien X, and Chromastone).
  • In Darkstar Falling, Darkstar returned to Ben in an attempt to steal more forms (and ergo, more power). An angered Ben used Cannonbolt, Echo Echo, and Lodestar to finally defeat Darkstar. He was defeated by Ben, losing his stolen power (and restoring Sentient Brainstorm to the Hidden Universe).

Back in Action: Alien Universe[]

  • In Limited, Darkstar blew up cars in Downtown Bellwood to lure Ben so he could steal more alien powers. Though his efforts were unsuccessful and he was sent to the Null Void by Streak, he did accidentally send Ben into Trion Lockdown Mode.
  • In Threat or Menace, he exited the Null Void to fight Ben using his new portal-conjuring abilities. He was returned to the Null Void after a battle with Upchuck and Streak.
  • In The Alternative, he was seen stealing bags of money and jewelry from a Bellwood.
  • In Shades of Dawn, he appeared alongside Dawn for the first time, robbing jewelry stores once more and later appearing in a shared lair.
  • In Can't Trust the Weather, Man, he served Dawn in their mission to acquire Dr. Animo, towards some ultimate goal, in the process creating Hurricane Vance. They then helped battle him back.
  • In Plight of Pinocchio, he was seen briefly in the Endgame holding off a giant robot chicken that had knocked out the Omega Squad.
  • In Dusk, Dawn relies on him for her backup plan. His background is also revealed, and he is briefly unleashed as all of his hybrid powers unleash.


Seventeen in College[]


Ben 10: Alien Universe[]

Back in Action: Alien Universe[]


Seventeen in College[]


  • In the first two of his Back in Action: Alien Universe appearances, he was defeated by Streak. In his third appearance, Streak had been locked out from use in the Omnitrix. In his fourth appearance, he had already been defeated. In his fifth appearance, he attempted to fire at Ben, but Brawnoceros sent the blast right back at him.
  • Dexter and Lola Morningstar are his biological parents (their DNA was used for the human portion).
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