The Miasliens are an alien species in Brandon 10. They live on the planet Stehalia.


The Miasliens are green humanoids. They have wrinkly skin and seem very purny. They usually have a sort of shell or skin layer to protect them as they have adapted to this. 


Miasliens have the power to produce different types of gases however this happens uncontrollably at times but it is usually non-toxic when it is accidental. The different gases range between non-toxic and deadly. Miasliens can also breath in an environment filled with poisonous gas. If a Miaslien can produce a gas strong enough, it can melt through objects. A Miaslien's appearance may also drive non-worlders insane.


Due to their extremely wrinklied skin, Miasliens have became very touch-sensetive and the slightest bit of contact would bring them excruciating pain. They are also very soft and damage to their bodies could occur very easily. 

Known Miaslien

  • Stink Breath
  • Unknown "Missing" Bounty Hunter


  • Miasliens are meant to be a peaceful race but some parts may be corrupt.
  • Miasliens do not wear armor casually unlike Stink Breath but their protective skin layer covers their most delicate parts such as their face, arms and lower area.
  • Most Mialisens are very large compared to the others.


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