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Metrofloris is the home planet of the Mixsters.



Metrofloris is very similar to planet Earth in some of its characteristics, as the main difference is that its inhabitants live in jungles and their houses are made from the leaves of the trees, as they are as resistant as an earthly brick.

There are some enormous lakes scattered across the planet, as well as mountain ranges, where the prison complex is located. The planet orbits around a green sun.


The climate in Metrofloris is tropical all across the surface of the planet.


Many believe that Metrofloris and Earth have a connection, as their culture and inhabitants are very similar in a way. The most accepted theory for the origin of this planet is that Metrofloris was a planet that the humans would go to if they needed to avoid a catastrophe on Earth, and because of this they would always send humans and animals as test subjects to the planet, but due to a very powerful ultraviolet radiation beam, the humans and animals were mutated: the animals turned into Mixsters, and the humans turned into their irrational natural predator. Overtime, the Mixsters developed a more rational consciousness as well as the ability to alter their body forms to protect themselves from the predators. Despite this, there are still savage Mixsters around the deep jungle.


  1. Double Trouble


Notable Inhabitants

  • Tatooobalien
  • Duolion
  • Horffalo
  • Chimutation
  • Mouslittle

Notable Visitors


  • Metrofloris exists in Battle Ben's universe.
  • Its inhabitants have an animalistic appearance, and they are capable of shapeshifting their entire body at will.
  • It is considered one of the most dangerous planets on the galaxy, because a huge part of its population has an aggressive behavior, inherited from the original Mixsters' irrational instincts.
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