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Metamorph is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Morphian from the planet Plasar.


Normal Form

Metamorph has a humanoid appearance.

Metamorph’s head has an overbite and a lure which has a drop of water on it. He has a black scarf and sleeves. His skin is minty-blue. His left arm is normally plasma with three fingers, while his right arm is water with five fingers. His feet are minty-blue, with purple and yellow toes. He also has a yellow and black striped strap which connects from his back.

Metamorph wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Solid Form

Metamorph's solid form looks like Metamorph, except his lure actually looks like an anglerfish's, and his color is metal-gray. His toes are green and his strap has only two connectors rather than four.

Liquid Form

Metamorph's liquid form is light blue and is made of water.

Gas Form

Metamorph's gas form is made of purple air.

Plasma Form

Metamorph's plasma is made of electricity, and it is orange-yellow.

Voice and Personality

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Metamorph's voice is medium-toned and slightly dual-toned. Whenever he transforms into a form of matter, his personality changes.

In his solid form, Metamorph speaks with a metallic echo. His solid form makes him righteous and do good, but also makes him hard-headed and it is hard to change his mind.

In his liquid form, Metamorph speaks with bubbling and a muffled voice. His liquid form makes him calm and soothing, as well as collected and thoughtful.

In his gas form, Metamorph speaks along with blowing wind. His gaseous form is laid-back and will not hesitate to crack jokes during battle, or change battle strategies.

In his plasma form, Metamorph speaks with some electricity crackles. His plasma form is arguably the most powerful, yet dangerous form, as it makes him crazy and wild.

Powers and Abilities

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Metamorph can alter the molecular substance of his own body to alter it into any of the four states of matter, gaining new abilities while losing current ones. He can transform back and forth without trouble. Metamorph can use his various abilities in his regular form, however they are not as strong. Metamorph can utilize all his abilities combined, with a little bit of power from each form.[1] Metamorph's lure can glow like a flashlight. Additionally, it has a small drop of water which can turn into various shapes such as a three-fingered hand.[1] Metamorph is strong enough to lift a meteor, and can withstand getting crushed by it.[1] Metamorph can breathe underwater.[2] With enough energy, Metamorph can control the weather. He can only control it in a certain place, however unless he overexerts himself to the point of fainting.

Metamorph's solid form greatly enhances his strength and durability by giving him metal-like armor. Metamorph's arms can transform into basic weaponry for him to fight with. He can even increase his speed by transforming his feet into wheels. In his solid form, Metamorph's lure has been changed to look more similar to an actual anglerfish's lure, which makes it shine much brighter.

Metamorph can separate himself from his body to fire pressurized blasts of hot water at opponents, which can be easily changed to cold. The temperature has no limit, meaning that he can send water that freezes on contact. Metamorph is invulnerable to attacks due to having no solid body.[2] He can also slip through small spaces again, due to having no solid body. Metamorph can shapeshift into various shapes and sizes. Metamorph can separate himself into multiple puddles and then regenerate shortly afterward. Metamorph can absorb water blasts, such as those generated by Wingfins.[2] He can fire them back with the combined power of his and their water.

Metamorph can create powerful jets of wind, which are strong enough to redirect a Serpintian's acid, a Chomptidae's lasers and an Aerocoetidian's water. Metamorph's Omnitrix symbol becomes intangible, preventing accidental transformations through contact. He is also intangible, and is literally made of air. Metamorph is completely invulnerable to attacks in this form.[2]

Metamorph can fire powerful electric blasts which can throw a Delphiwintra into a wall[2] and defeat Enzoman without much trouble. He can hack technology or technorganic beings by electrocuting them with his plasma. Metamorph can alternatively fire lightning waves that travel through the ground.[1] Metamorph can absorb electricity after phasing through it.[2] Metamorph can utilize a portal gun despite having no fingers.[1]


In his normal form, Metamorph is vulnerable to electric currents such as those generated by the Techadon Crab.[1]

Metamorph has a durability limit, as he cannot withstand being pained by a meteor crushing him[1] or multiple Duplistaceans stepping on him.[2]

Metamorph reverts to his regular form if he is distracted, like being blinded by a Flashguanite's light.[2]

Metamorph is weak against fire, such as that generated by a Fish Weturbian.[2]

Metamorph is weak against meteors, such as those generated by Fishsunnians.[2]

Metamorph's face can be stuck onto a Fishsunnian's suckers.[2]

Metamorph's water can be frozen by a Delphiwintra's ice gas.[2]

Metamorph can lose his abilities if he is shot by a Techadon Power Assimilator.

Metamorph is weak against sonic attacks, such as those generated by a Sonoceros.[2]

Metamorph can be trapped by cages made of electricity, such as that generated by a Thunderayan or another Morphian.[2]


Metamorph comes from metamorphosis and matter.


  • The idea of Metamorph came from one of Jay's friends while he was on "writer's block". Jay’s friend gave the idea to make an alien that could switch forms of matter.
  • Metamoprh's concept name was Metamatter.


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