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Rock Kevin Metalmatrix

Rock Kevin with the Metalmatrix

The Metalmatrix is Kevin's Omnitrix given to him in Dawn of the Squid, Part 1.


It works like the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix: You select your form and push the core down. Only the "forms" of this one are every material Kevin can absorb. (So it's every material.) Like the Omni- and Ulti- matrix, the materials are arranged in sets of 10, but unlike them, easily switched. Unlike Kevin's natural power, which simply covers him with what he absorbs, this completely turns him into what he selects, letting him be shattered. Thanks to it the material becomes even stronger.


It looks like a steel-colored version of the Alien Force Omnitrix. The holograms are the same color, but they show the atoms' appearace of the material. It shows multiple atoms, and their quantity, for compounds (made up of multiple things).


Unlike Ben's new Omnitrix and Gwen's Mannamatrix, there are neither codes nor Master Control.


  • Kevin doesn't have to find a material and touch it. This is useful with rare things (like Taedenite).
  • Like the Ultimatrix, (and unlike the Mannamatrix,) it can be used by anybody, not just Osmosians.
  • It can regenerate shattering.
  • The wearer, when transformed, doesn't need to breathe, and is indestructible to attacks that could kill people.


  • It times out, like the Ulti- and Manna- matrix, but unlike them, it does it at random times ranging from 10 seconds to 10 hours.
  • If melted or vaporized, there is no way to regenerate.
  • If removed while transformed, the wearer stays in that form, dead.


The episodes it's featured in...

---****--- Roads

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