General Information
Species Alloyat
Home World Materia
DNA source Digital Icon
Body Metallic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Metal Manipulation
Voice Actor Cree Summer

Metallius is the MetaTrix's DNA of an Alloyat from the planet Materia.


Metallius resembles a grey humanoid being with a metal faceplate. He has four wings on his back, all grey with one blue eye in the center.

Metallius changes color whenever he uses any different alloy.

Powers and Weakness

Metallius has the ability to control all forms of metal. He can enter liquid metal and also absorb more metal to increase his mass. Steeler's one eye can also fire a beam that turns things into metal.

Steeler can be easily frozen or trapped by weapons.

Race and Planet Information

Metallius is an Alloyat, a species that were originally organic but slowly began to gorge on metal. Alloyats began to change physiologies when they ate too much metal.

Materia is a usually deserted simple planet. Its species all live around the core but come up to the surface whenever attackers are near. Materia is actually slowly getting torn apart from the inside. If Alloyats continue eating their planet, they'll eventually destroy it from the inside.


  • Metallius is sort of based off of the Metal Elementor from Max Steel.
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