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Metaclaw is an alien by Party King.

General Information
Species Metaforien
Home World Zino 4

Brekstofor x

Body Humenoid.
Powers and Abilities
Abilities he an shapeshift his body.he can prich through any thing thet is weeker then metal.he can also shoot an sonic wave.he can also jump pretty high.
First Appearance TBA


He has sharp claws made of metal.his body is made of slime.his legs are made of metal but they are yellow.he has a spike on his head.his head is also yellow.

Powers and Abilities[]

he can shapeshift his body.he can pierce through anything that is weaker than metal.he can also shoot a sonic wave.he can also jump pretty high.


he can't shapeshift when he is frozen, but he can pierce trough ice..he can be cotroled by aliens who conrtol metal.


  • he can yump high but his legs don't look like they can jump high
  • he is made like it so when one power can't work the other can.