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  • I live in Gaineville, VA
  • I was born on March 27
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  • Please do not use someone else's art without permission, as it counts as stealing. You recently used a .gif of Toepick on your page, Toepick (B10 Reboot: AR), which I have since deleted. If you want to use art that doesn't belong to you, please ask the original artist for permission and post proof of them allowing you to use their art on the page that contains the art. Please read the rules to prevent this from happening again.

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  • I Can't Make Ben 10 Aliens Because It's Too Long To Edit It. Can Please Help Me To Create Ben 10 Aliens?

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    • An Anonymous User
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  • All pages you create must have the appropriate categories added to them. You recently created a page titled XLR8 (B10 Reboot: AR) without adding any categories to it, which I have since done. Please read the rules to prevent yourself from getting an official warning.

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  • All categories you add to pages must be created beforehand or immediately after doing so. You recently added a category titled 'Category:Ben 10 (Reboot): Alien Revolution Aliens' to Heatblast (B10 Reboot: AR) without creating it, which I have since done. Please read the rules to prevent yourself from getting an official warning.

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  • It is against the rules of the wiki to use artwork you did not make that you do not have explicit permission to use. The artwork you've uploaded will be deleted from the site. Please read the rules to avoid this happening again.

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  • Wiki-wordmark

    Hello, and welcome to Ben 10 Fan Fiction, more commonly known as BTFF! We noticed that you're new and just made an edit. 

    Here, you can write any fan fiction (or story) about Ben 10, meaning you can make up your own Omniverse! You can write a series with detailed episodes, give your main character new aliens you made up, or continue from the canon Ben 10 storyline. The possibilities are endless!

    Here are a few things you should do now that you've joined the wiki:

    • Read the The Ultimate Guide to a New User, which is an instruction manual on how to edit, make pages, comments, blogs, forums, and much more.
    • Read our rules. These are important to know because if you break these rules, you may be warned or even temporarily blocked from the wiki. 
    • Join our official Discord server to engage in discussions with other users and stay up-to-date with wiki news. Be sure to link to your Wikia account to get the Registered Users role!
    • Assign an unclaimed Earth to your project if you want it to be part of the BTFF Multiverse.
    • Use the Page Creation Portal to make your pages, as it comes with pre-made layouts to help you flesh them out.

    After settling in, feel free to do the following:

    • Participate in the various wiki events that are held on BTFF.
    • Vote for next month's Featured Pages.
    • Perform cleanup by fixing pages with bad grammar, marking stubs and the like.
    • Write a blog post to make announcements about your series or for other purposes.
    • Make a thread on the forums to share your ideas, discuss the Ben 10 franchise and make suggestions on how to improve the wiki, among other people.

    Need inspiration? Look around at other people's series, aliens, etc. But remember: don't steal ideas without giving credit! ;) Have fun! If you need help, don't hesitate to ask the administrators!

    Hope to see you editing soon!

    Note: This is an automated message given to users after they make their first edit. You can reply, but the person shown as the sender didn't manually send it.

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    • An Anonymous User
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