• I live in Gotham City, Earth-2
  • My occupation is Writing by day, being a vigilante by night
  • I am The Dark Knight (secretly Hunter Zolomon) (secretly secretly Eobard Thawne)
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  • Hey! I noticed you have some article stubs.

    • DeVictor
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  • We gotta chat tonight, if you're available! Feels like I haven't seen ya in forever! Let me know if you can, and what time!

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  • Are you free to chat

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  • Issue 4
    god damn it here you go Reo
    Whelp, you asked for this Reo, so here you go. You better read it... Really though, keep reading on in the fourth issue of Bellwood Times 2.0!
    General Wiki Discussion

    So, it's been a while since we've had one of these... let's go over the happenings lately! First off, former administrator Cartoon44 was demoted, and in place, ChromastoneandTabby was promoted. Congragulations, CaT! Secondly, the admins have decided to add Alien of the Week, Series of the Week and Episode of the Week to the homepage. Check it out. Third, there is now a new Forum Policy which can be found here, so make sure you read it before continuing to post in the forums. The Omniverse Awards are also coming up in August! There is also a new proposal relating to the achievement pictures on the wiki located here, so go read and vote on that!

    In slightly less important news, we've got some new forum games and some forum games that just ended. You're Out If II recently ended, landing ChromastoneandTabby in the winning spot, and Sci has created a new Forum Game called Chain of Kindness, an amazing idea promoting ego-boosting positive attitudes and unity.

    Featured Pages

    The winners for this months usual Featured Pages were as following: Featured Alien went to MindMatter, featured user went to Yoponot, featured series went to Age of the Unitrix, and Aeron won Featured Character. Make sure to go vote this month, guys!


    Dioga beta's Series

    Hello! Dioga beta here to say about the upcoming schedules for my series.

    Mondays & Thursdays: Ya-Mi-Oh! will air.

    Saturdays: I will air my new series Ryder 10: Wanderer, the sequel series to Ryder 10. This will start on February 6th.

    First and Third Sundays of the month: John 23: Megaman

    Second and Fourth Sundays of the month: Omnimania episodes will air. One episode a month will continue the storyline that has been established. The other episode of the month will focus on the Origin stories of the characters and the team, showing how it was developed to the point of its appearance in the series' debut.

    Sunday, February 14th: Omnimania Valentine's Day episode will air, starting the Omnimania episode airings. After this episode, all Omnimania episodes will air on Saturdays.

    Thank you and I hope you all read my series! Let me know if you have questions!

    Rob's Art Services

    Rfslogo Rlslogo RASLOGO

    Hey guys! Rob here to tell you GOD DAMN IT REQUEST SOMETHING ON MY ACTUAL ART SERVICE that he strongly believes you should go request something on his services :)

    Rob's Fusion Service - Rob's Logo Service - Rob's Art Service


    Well, this concludes the fourth issue of Bellwood Times 2.0 the Year of Rob! We got very little submissions this time around, which is surprising since you had almost 7 months... make sure to submit a submission whenever possible, guys!

    Want your own issue? Go subscribe here! Also, all images are sized down to make the issue smaller. To see the full size, click on the image.

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  • Hey man. I've been hoping to see if you've been on main chat forever and I haven't seen you on at all. Is there a wiki you wanna chat on? I'm kinda worried about how you are dude. 

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  • I know you've been going through a tough time, but if you ever want to talk or anything, I'm here for you. 

    I mean, I would've been here even if it didn't happen, but that's not important.

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  • A chat for my honorable and fallen friend?

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  • Hello, as a result of the final results, you will have to be demoted. Though I see you've done so already, I just want to say: you were a good administrator. You had a few ups and downs, but all in all, you tried your utmost hardest to do the right things and be there for the community.

    I know this is a sad situation, but look at what you accomplished - chat mod, rollback, admin, and crat. Not many people can say they've accomplished that.

    So, from the whole team, thank you for your service as administrator. 

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  • hi im johnny mac from babrebrino nissan and im here to gfet you aprooved and driving home happy today , can u make me an admin, thx XDXDXDXDDDDDDXDDXXDXDXDDX

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  • Hey Toon, it's been about 1-2 weeks since we discussed the YoU blog and I wanted to check on the progress because I've gotten a few messages from people asking about it. If I remember with Fanon Con, you couldn't do it because you where busy so if you're still busy with this, I'm sure Mig or Ulti or even me could help and do it instead. Just let us know. Thanks!

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    • Sure, you as well, enjoy your vacation!

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    • In case you guys were wondering, the blog will be posted tomorrow afternoon. Just need to add a few final things and then it'll be set.

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