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  • You have been warned for uploading inappropriate images, which is against the rules of this wiki.

    Sexual Content - Kissing is allowed, but sex scenes in full graphic detail is not allowed. This includes Erotica.

    Inappropriate Pictures (please see Types of Media)

    Anything that is racial, sexist, homophobic, ageist, or hateful. This includes hate comments against a religion or nationality.

    Encouragement for illegal activity - drugs, prostitution, homicide, suicide, arson, vandalism, hacking, fraud, robbery, or anything else illegal.

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    Hello, and Welcome to Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki! We noticed that you're new and just made an edit. 

    Here, you can write any fan fiction (or story) about Ben 10, meaning you can make up your own Omniverse! You can write a series with detailed episodes, give your main character new aliens you made up, or continue from the canon Ben 10 storyline. The possibilities are endless!

    If you're new to Wikia in general, we strongly recommend reading The Ultimate Guide to a New User, which is a step-by-step guide, or instruction manual on how to edit, make pages, comments, blogs, forums, and much more. Even if you've edited on Wikia before, we encourage you to still read it.

    Be sure to read our Rules. These are important to know because if you break these rules, you may be temporarily blocked from the wiki. 

    Want to go on our chatroom? Be sure to make 25 Edits first. 15 of these edits have to be on pages. They can't be from the same page though. 

    A list of active bureaucrats, admins, and chat moderators can be found at Project:Community Team. A full list can be found at Special:ListUsers by checking the tabs for those three categories, deselecting all other tabs, and hitting "Show". 

    Also, feel free to write a blog post to make announcements about your series or for other purposes, but be sure to read our blog policy. Or, drop by our forums to share prototype ideas, ask for help, or discuss others' series. We'll be glad to help.

    Need inspiration? Look around at other people's series, aliens, etc. But remember: don't steal ideas without giving credit! ;) Have fun! If you need help, ask any administrator for help.

    If you want to make friends, here are some tips:

    1. Always treat others with respect
    2. Do as Administrators tell you to do if you get into trouble.
    3. Don't break any rules
    4. Be kind!

    Hope to see you editing soon!

    Note: This is an automated message given to users after they make their first edit. You can reply, but the person shown as the sender didn't manually send it.

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