"Man, aren't you ugly!!" (Mesmer Moth uses hypnosis) (Mesmer Trip Song) "...What are...you...holy moly." (Sub-0 flies towards Mesmer Moth) "Its...awesome." -Sub-0 VS Mesmer Moth

Mesmer Moth is part of the Psycholeopterran species.

It can only be use in the Nemetrix.


Shares the same appearance as Hypnotick.

A giant, moth crossed cicada, insectoid with large with two large fangs, giant eyebrow-like antennas, red beady eyes, four limbs, blue crystal colored wings matching with the antennas and eight holes on its body.


Hypnosis/Hypnotic Mist (Dust)


-Increased Speed


Enlarged Jaw


Long Tongue

Ice Immunity

Stinger: Non venomous.


Strong Willed Prey

Anti-Hypnosis Goggles


Contained in Anti-Intangible Container.


(Alien Warriors)

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  • The song that is played in the background when MesoMoth uses its hypnosis is based/from Mesmer Trip song from Subnautica. Its a slow version of Ratfinks from White Zombie; Rob Zombie's original band name.
  • Its name is a blend of Mesmer, for mesmeric or after the Franz Mesmer (he who invented hypnosis). And moth.

from AL 12 Ben 10 Fan Show.

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