Meses is a supporting character in Shade 10: Evolutions. He is an Anemosapien. He is also one of the guys who Shade calls in Spectral Sleep Time which includes: Death (it was accidental call), Osirius and Arcina.


Meses looks like a ghost though he is not but a being made out of gas. His eyes are gold. He doesn't have a mouth.


Meses is usually optimistic and likes to party which usually annoys Shade. He never leds down a friend in need sometimes he is more crueler and colder. His personality shifts always.


As an Anemosapien, he can control wind. He can change the course of the wind which has unexpected results. He can go invisible (disappear into the air) and go intangible (like air). He is almost invulnerable unless you condenses him (into liquid) or heat him (into plasma).

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