General Information
Species Mercuro Habilis
Home World Mercury
Body Amorphous
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting
Heat Resistance
Enhanced Strenght
Toxic Body
Metal Amalgamation
Weapon Manifestation
Space Survivability
First Appearance TBA

Mercuro is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a  Mercuro Habilis from the planet Mercury.


Mercuro is a gray and silver colored blob-like being which normally took a humanoid shape.

The humanoid shape is pretty tall, about 230 cm, it has normally long arms and legs, the legs have no toes, while the hands have four pretty big fingers. The neck is somewhat long with no visible mouth. It has big green eyes which at first seem pupil-less green eyes, actually are compound each having a small pupil (190 pupils in total).

It has black and green shoulder pads, the Omnitrix symbol is located on the left shoulder pad.

Powers and Abilities

He can shapeshift his body into different inanimate objects.

Similar to Petrosapiens and other species, he can shapeshift parts of his body into different weapons.

Due to his species living on Mercury, he can survive in extreme temperatures like 890°C.

His body is toxic.

He can survive in space.

He can absorb other metals into his body to amalgamate, creating more complex weapons.


Due to his liquid state, he can be frozen in cold temperatures.

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