List of merchandise in various fan fiction shows.

Ben 10 Team Tennyson

These Had 4 Lines of Alien Collection. Each Came With a Card and a Disk for Omnitrix Illimuinator.

Wave 1- Season 2

  • Stinger
  • Tick Tock
  • Angel
  • TechnoSquid
  • Gargoyle
  • Veggie King
  • Timeking
  • Fluffball

Wave 2- Defender

  • Stinger Defender
  • Squidchill Defender
  • Lava Skull Defender
  • Fluffball Defender
  • BenTwister Defender
  • Technosquid Defender
  • Angel Defender
  • Goldfreak Defender
  • Rath Defender

Wave 3- Season 2

  • Alien Z
  • Devil
  • Automato
  • Katastrophi
  • Argit
  • Nightmare Spidermonkey
  • 13

Wave 4- Final Line

  • Courtney
  • Kryportonite
  • Jedi Four Arms
  • Duke
  • DNAliben
  • EightEight
  • Red Rox
  • Chockzillia
  • Stu
  • Zaaaap

Alien Creatures

  • Skullface
  • Zzzaaap
  • Devil
  • Tick Tock
  • Stinger
  • Angel

4 Inch DX Figures

  • Stinger
  • Angel
  • Techno squid
  • Stickman
  • Devil
  • Fluffball

15" Deluxe

  • Tick Tock
  • Katastrophi
  • Veggieben

Ben 10: Omni Forms

Wave 1

4 inch Price: 4.00

Hyper Alien

Combo packs


  • Ben's Tenn Speed Cycle
  • Gwen's Car

Roll play

Alien Creation Chamber

Wave 2 Comming Soon

Ken 10

Wave 1

  • Ken

  • Ben 10,000

  • Tecno- Halloweenman

  • Overflow

  • Eagleman

  • Fire Griffin

  • Mummystar

Wave 2

  • Paint

  • Rubix Dude

  • Upchuck

  • Tara

  • Courtney (Adult)

  • Mini Me

  • Butterfly

Wave 3

  • Beastman

  • Jawbreaker

  • Horrifly

  • Albedo JR

  • Dr Animo JR

  • Auto

Ken 10: Ultimate Evolution

Wave 1

  • Ken (teenager)
  • Ben 10,000
  • MultiFreak
  • Dragoon
  • Blocked
  • Zs'Skagax

Wave 2

  • Kenergy
  • Freaky Wizz
  • Timeking
  • Tick Tock
  • Jix
  • Jax
  • Jinx

Alien Creation

  • Dragoon and Freaky Wizz
  • MultiFreak and Kenergy
  • Blocked and Tick Tock


  • Zs'Skagax
  • MultiFreak
  • Ben 10,000
  • Freaky Wizz

DNA Heroes

  • MultiFreak
  • Dragoon
  • Kenergy
  • Blocked
  • Freaky Wizz
  • Tick Tock
  • Diamondfreak
  • Cannonchuck
  • DiamondDrillo
  • Ghostgrade

Ben 10:Ultimate Omnitrix

Every toys came with 2 accessories - A Card on the species info and A card for planet.


Wave 1 - Main Characters

  • Ben
  • Gwen with a clear pink shields
  • Kevin with his metal mace hand
  • Aguas with a ball of water (detechable)
  • Thanatos with his scythe (movable)
  • Zeszon with ice flames wing detechable
  • Raphael with goop

Wave 2 - Villains

  • Vilgax with laser gun detechable and attachable to the shoulder.
  • Hel with fiery swords
  • Diablo firing a long beam of red laser
  • Atlas with binoculars and whips

Wave 3 - Aliens

  • Gooey stretching his hands
  • Psychopomp
  • Swampflame
  • Energybender
  • Cerebellum (brain cover is detechable)
  • Deathvoid
  • Fire Lizard
  • Freezer
  • Jetblast
  • Stranger
  • Presto
  • Worldfire
  • Ghostfreak
  • Benmummy
  • Eye Guy
  • Riptide

Simien 10

Alien Collection

Every figure came with 1 or 2 accesories and a card showing the planet and a stand.

Wave 1

  • Simien with web
  • Zynon with laser attachable to leg and lightning
  • Allen with fire ball and diamond
  • Vorkus with green ball and tongues
  • Ic with replaceble wings (cloaked/opened) and ice beam
  • Omnimorph with goo and squid form
  • Zyrokks with laser attachable to pincer and lightning
  • Set with Corrodium and bandages
  • Anuke with Stegosaurus-like plates attachable to his back
  • The Pyro-Knight with fire sword and shield

Wave 2

  • Acidrain with ball form and acid (ball in chest detachable and can be put in ball form of him)
  • Magnetosphere with ball form and peice of metal (head detachable and can be put in ball form of him)
  • Brainfreeze with ice beam and ice sword
  • Megabite with electricity bolt
  • H2GO with parts attachable to back making him look like dashing
  • Soundwave with water and soundwave
  • Drillbit with attachable claws and ground pillar
  • Dark Hole with two "portals"
  • Whirlwind with small tornado and translucent wind
  • Crushtacean with boulder

Wave 3

  • Spherodroids with ball form and laser
  • Geodroids with laser
  • Omnidroids with interchangeble weapons
  • Permbyt with fire breath and plant
  • Phobius with spider holograms
  • Sukrov with green ball and tongues
  • Aglaope with soundwave and small clone
  • Prof. Len Yuefo with laser gun and small alien robot
  • Zilemm with plants and eggplant bomb
  • Morphius with Stonehenge rock

Wave 4

  • Forestfire with plant and fire ball
  • Bonecrusher with ghost
  • Spikeback with spikes and spiky ball form
  • Eruption with fireball and inter changeble arms
  • Tongue Twister with tongue
  • Dragonfly with small Dragonfly and fire breath
  • Weatherize with lightning and hail ball
  • Flashback with light beam and laser
  • Absorbat with soundwave and laser
  • Arachnophobia with web and replaceble legs (ghost/normal)

Wave 5-

  • Irony with steam
  • NML with acid
  • Gas planet with disk
  • Atomix with laser
  • Noitpure with ice beam a liquid nitrogen
  • Chainsaw with interchangeble arm (streched and normal)
  • Blackout with mist
  • Greasemonkey with grease
  • Yinyang with fire and ice beam (note: Yin and Yang had toys of their own, this toy is their combo)
  • Brakedown with laser gun and car form

Wave 6-

  • Microtech with laser and smaller Microtech
  • Easter Island statues with fire breath
  • Aquelectran with electricity and jellyfish
  • Kronis with energy ball
  • Sphinx
  • Vender with laser beam and laser gun
  • Incanton with pink shields
  • Mechaclorox with laser
  • Tetradeltas with laser gun
  • Nonyz with electricity and replaceble leg

Wave 7

  • Xiv with acid and hardening material
  • Allen (Tetracelleran form) with boulder and dash peices
  • Yin with fire beam
  • Yang with ice beam
  • Illithios with boulder and claws
  • Vrees with electricity and "portal"
  • Phrominmo with hard goo
  • Ci with fire beam and replaceble wings (opened/cloaked)
  • Zilann with spikes and plants
  • Aimant with "magnetising beam"

Ben 10: Infinite Forms

Wave 1

4 inch

Ben (With Jacket)

Rook (Plumber Suit)



Ultimate Scorch

Hyper Alien Figure


Ultimate Spidermonkey (Infinite Forms)

Wave 2

4 inch






Hyper Alien Figure




Wave 3

4 inch

Ben (Without Jacket)

Rook (Proto-Suit)

Khyber and Khyber's Pet

Humungousaur (Infinite Forms)


NRG (True Form)

Hyper Alien Figure



Wave 4

Comming Soon

Simien 10:Space Race

Wave 1

  • Atmos with "fan-mode"
  • Scelerat with laser
  • Ultimate Anuke with bullet
  • Meltdown with Acid gas and acid
  • Gigabite with electricity
  • Psychlone with small clone and translucent tornado
  • Thunderstorm with lightning
  • Gasketball with ball mode and electricity
  • Toxic with radioactivity beams
  • Electronewt with electricity

Wave 2

  • Lightyear with lightbeam
  • Physix
  • Scarecrow with soundwave
  • Tentacle Arms with ink
  • NM8R with drawing
  • Elementor with air ball, fire ball, water ball and earth ball
  • Sandstone with sand
  • Clockwise with electricty and forcefield
  • Psychoplant with plants
  • Ultimate Ic with fire ice

Transforming figures

These figures transformed in to various stuff

  • Magnetosphere into ball form
  • Forestfire into a tree
  • Spikeback into spiky ball
  • Acidrain into acid blob
  • Arachnophobia into Ghost mode
  • Omnimorph into goo blob
  • Ic into cloaked form
  • Spherodroids into ball
  • Weatherize into cloud shape
  • Ovillon into a ball
  • Brakedown into car
  • Geodroids into drill-mode


These toys came with objects from the show and some figures

  • Nave-Espacial with Zynon, Simien, Allen, Ic, Omnimorph and Vorkus. (Mega-set)
  • Transbordador Espacial with Zyrokks, Set, Anuke, The Pyro-Knight, Spherodroids and Geodroids (Mega-set)
  • Laicapse-Evan with Neimis,Sukrov, Nonyz, Ci,Phrominmo and Nella. (Mega-set)
  • Chloner with Sukrov and Vorkus
  • Shrink ray with Microtech and Whirlwind

  • Power combining machine with Dark Hole and Kronis
  • Voiture-Avion with Ic and Simien
  • Len's Spaceship with Len Yuefo and Omnimorph
  • Aquelectran's machine with Aquelectran and Crushtacean
  • Almasti Kaghak with Demantur and Allen

Deluxe figures

Each one of these toys had two or more features, mostly missiles

Wave 1

  • Acidrain (shoots acid missile and stretchy arms)
  • Forestfire (shoots fire missile and stretchy arms)
  • Brainfreeze (shoots ice missile and has light-blue clay for creating ice weapons)
  • Megabite (shoots electricity missile and has a button for biting action)
  • Soundwave (shoots water missile and has sound effects for his sound attack)
  • Spikeback (shoots spike missile and has retractable spike)
  • Arachnophobia (shoots web and has suction pads for sticking to flat surfaces)
  • Weatherize (shoots many types of missiles :hail,lightning, snow, water)
  • Crushtacean (claw snapping and punch action)
  • Irony (shoots steam missile and glowing hands)

Wave 2

  • Simien (slaps down Polytrix and shoots web missiles
  • Zynon (Glowing brain and shoots electricity missile)
  • Vorkus (shoots out green ball and stretchy tongues)
  • Ic (shoots ice missile and glides)
  • Omnimorph (stretchy arms and acid missile)
  • Allen (shoots fire missile and diamond missile)
  • Zyrokks (glowing brain and shoots electricity missile)
  • Set (stretchy arms and glowing chest)
  • Anuke (punching action and pop out stegosaurus plates)
  • The Pyro-Knight (fire missile and lights-up)

Alien creation chamber


Alien creation chamber (with transulcent figure: Darkhole,Whirlwind,H2GO and Crushtacean)

Wave 1

  • Crushtacean and H2GO
  • Eruption and Darkhole
  • Whirlwind and Weatherize
  • Bonecrusher and Drillbit
  • Flashback and Absorbat
  • Megabite and Tongue Twister
  • Arachnophobia and Forestfire
  • Magnetosphere and Soundwave
  • Acidrain and Dragonfly
  • Brainfreeze and Spikeback

Wave 2

  • Simien and Zynon
  • Vorkus and Allen
  • Ic and Omnimorph
  • Permbyt and Spherodroid
  • Zyrokks and Set
  • The Pyro-Knight and Anuke
  • Geodroids and Omnidroids
  • Phobius and Sukrov
  • Len Yuefo and Aglaope
  • King Xiv and Zilemm

Lego sets

Each set had one Polytrix alien

  • Nave Espacial Minifigures: Simien, Dark Hole, Zynon, Allen, Vorkus, Permbyt, Ic, Omnimorph
  • Transbordador Espacial Minifigures: Zyrokks, Set, Anuke, Pyro-Knight, Acidrain, Spherodroid, Geodroids, Omnidroid
  • Len's lair (Len's spaceship and lair) Minifigures: Len Yuefo, Omnimorph, Drillbit, Len's drones.
  • Jungle ambush (Hut, 2 Chamelions, Polytrix pod) Minifigures: Simien, Megabite
  • Chloner Minifigures: Magnetopshere, Sukrov, Vorkus
  • Alien classrooms (2 classrooms and principal's "office") Minifigures: Absorbat, Allen, Vorkus, Principal, Mr. Terranski
  • Uamakata cave (Cave and Voiture Avion) Minifigures: Zilemm, Tongue Twister, Ic, Allen, Sick Simien
  • Cervelle's ship Minifigures: Cervelle, Aimant, Ovillon, Omnimorph, Incanton, Flashback
  • Fuse machine Minifigures: Ghost Vorkus, Urvakan, Bonecrusher, Simien
  • Aquelectran's machine (Machine and Jellyfish) Minifigures: Aquelectran, Underwater Zynon, Underwater Simien, Crushtacean
  • Destructive Robot (Bionicle robot) Minifigures:Zynon, Irony, Simien
  • Laicapse Evan Minifigures:Sukrov, Neimis, Ci, Noitpure, Nonyz, Phrominmo, Tybmrep, Nella
  • Almasti Kaghak Minifigures: Demantur, Chainsaw, Allen (Petrosapien), Allen (Petromand)
  • Shrinking machine (Shrinking machine and Bionicle Microtech) Minifigures: Microtech, Whirlwind, Ic
  • Phobius's winter hideout Minifigures: Brainfreeze, Phobius, Vrees, Allen, Vorkus
  • Paris attack (Part of Eiffel, Glass Pyramid) Minifigures: Arachnophobia, Mechachlorox, Kinetisphere, Elektrakan, Exypnorok

More soon!

Ben 10 Ultimate Team Tennyson

Each toy comes with a Stand with there name, and a card.

1st Wave

  • Ultimate Goop with attachable Fire hands

  • Ultimate Chromastone with Attachable Crystal hands

  • Courtney with Ultimatrix

  • Shaper Shifter- with Attacable arms

  • Aquamummy

  • Pyrowolf
  • Sssssurphant

2nd Wave- Fall 2011

  • Ultimate Jetray

  • Splice

  • Cubehead

  • Ultimate Lodestar ( Can Put Toghether, like Ben 10 Alien Collection Vilgax)

  • DNAmech

Repiant Collection- November 2011

This line was for the charictors updated looks, ETC

  • Kriptonite

  • Brainstorm (Light Color)

  • Angel

  • Fluffball

  • Squidchill
  • Lodestar
  • XLR8

3rd Wave - Janury 2012

  • Vilgax- New Look

  • Kraab- New Look

  • SixSix- New Look

  • Albedo with Combotrix

  • Agent T

  • Courtney with Ultimatrix

  • Ben (Old Man)

4th Wave- Summer 2012

  • Translusent Pyrowolf

  • Acranaphobiabian's

  • Kraab- Classic Look

  • Candyman

  • Cotton Candy

  • Alien Game Show Host

  • Rubber Chicken

  • Plantman
  • Timeking (Red Suit)
  • DNAliBen with Xenocite
  • Brittney

5th Wave- Winter 2012

  • Kryptonite (Translusent)

  • Lightning Arms ( Ultimate Brainstom)

  • Ultimate Hex

  • Ben with Radation Mode Omnitrix
  • Zombie Gwen
  • Half Zombie Gwen
  • Atomic Flame
  • Golden Hex
  • GoldHead
  • NinjaBot
  • AlbedoBot
  • Tadinite Vulkanus

6th Wave

  • Raddlesnake

  • Dr.Vicktor (Justice Ben)

  • Battle Damaged Kraab

  • NineNine

  • Gwen (Ultimate Team Tennyson)

  • Snowyeti with Snow Darts

  • Ultimate Snowyeti

  • Gemini

Defender Wave

  • Aquamummy

  • Ultimate Chromastone

  • Ultimate Goop

  • Ultimate Jetray

  • Albedo
  • Cotton Candy
  • Splice
  • H20

Alter Alien

  • Ben to Splice- Chromastone to Ultimate Chromastone

  • Ben to Cubehead- Goop to Ultimate Goop

  • Ben to Aquamummy- Jetray to Ultimate Jetray

Dx Figures

  • Splice- Press button to realese claws

  • Timeking- Shoots a Clock Hand Projectile

  • Shape Shifter- Glow in the dark
  • Ultimate Vilgax- Take off all the parts.


  • Shape-Shifter 3 Pack: Ghost, Pyrowolf and FrankenAlien

  • Classic 3 Pack: Vilgax, SixSix and Kraab

  • Timeking Team 1: Timeking, Tooth Fairy, Defenio, EightEight and MechoDrone

  • Timeking Team 2: Plantman, Rubber Chicken, Candyman, Veggie Ben, Ultra Beaver
  • Galatic Enforcers Ben, Gwen and Kevin
  • Ultimate Vilgax Pack: Alien Force Vilgax, Ultimate Vilgax Version 1, Ultimate Vilgax Version 2
  • Misfit Alien Packs: Cannonstone, Heatghost, Tetrax II
  • Robotrix aliens with RoboArms, Technomutt and Robomonkey
  • 4 Pack with SixSix,SevenSeven, EightEight and NineNine
  • Big Chill, Ultimate Big Chill,Snowyeti, Ultimate Snowyeti ( All translusent)

Ben 10 Aliens Unleashed Live -action Series( Each figure comes with a Square alien and card.

Toy line
Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Wave 5 Wave 6 Wave 7 Wave 8 Wave 9 ( Defenders) Wave 10 Wave 11 Wave 12 Wave 13 (Final) Alter Aliens Planatary Powder Wave 2 Wave 3 Alien Creatures Wave 2 Blue Beetle Two Packs Wave 2 Alien Creation Packs Wave 2 Transporters DVD's More 4in.( 2011) Wave 2 Wave 3 Alter Aliens
Thunderstorm Putty Knockout Jolt Devilback Water Hazard Survive Bendevil Atomix Sideblade Upchuck Undermine Red Alert Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 1 Rainstorm Jolt Wave 1 Sliverbolt Red Tornado wave 1 Green Arrow and Batman Wave 1 Smolder and Chopster Black verison with translucent NRG and Ultimate Chromastone Season 1 Boxset ( In stores now)( with Atomix and Gasket on cover) Wave 1 Rainstorm Axor wave 1
Color Rock Over Kill Ultimate Echo Echo Ultimate Alien X Longhorn Terraspin Upgrade Ben Wolf Gasket Longarm Articguanna Hurricane Megazord Swampfire Ben to Atomix Alien X to Ultimate Alien X Ben to Evac Chromastone to Ultimate Chromastone Atomix Thundercracker Sideswipe Water Hazard Soundwave Wave 3 Fourarms and (UA) Fourarms Smokescreen and Smokejumper Atomix and Thunderstorm Ultimate Echo Echo and Overkill Sliver ( Translucent Goop and Survive) Season 2 Boxset ( comming soon)( with Survive and Thunderstorm on cover ) Smolder Ultimate Benmummy Lockdown Ben to Hot Shot Survive to Ultimate Survive
Ben Tennyson Ultimate Swampfire Ultimate Big Chill Deadflow Brainstorm Armodrillo Ultimate Upgrade Benmummy Benmummy Ultimate NRG Sliverbolt Echo Echo Waybig Ben to Nanomech Swampfire to Ultimate Swampfire Ben to Putty Goop to Ultimate Goop Gasket Survive Hot Shot Atomix Knockout Ultimate Big Chill Atomix and Gasket Alien X and Cannonbolt Gasket and NRG Ultimate Brainstorm and Overflow Green( Ultimate Alien X and Reverb) Others Chopster Ultimate Jolt Gears Ben to Stockade Blackout to Upchuck
Atomix Ultimate Rath Ultimate Big Chill V2 Ultimate Cannonbolt Ultimate Four Arms Ultimate Humoungousaur Ultimate Lodestar Benvictor Ultimate Alien X Ultimate Terraspin Ultimate Jolt Goop Rattrap Ben to Gasket NRG to Ultimate NRG Ben to Rockhard Big Chill to Ultimate Big Chill Thunderstorm Badaboom Lodestar Gasket Putty Ultimate Survive Squidstrictor and Rocks Cosmic Desturction Movie set ( Ultimate Echo Echo and Survive) Putty and Ultimate Goop Ultimate Swampfire and Rath Square Alien Ultimatrix with Smolder and Survive Holograms) Jawbreaker Ultimate Sideswipe Way Big Ben to Grindcore Lockdown to Ultimate Lockdown Gasket Inferno Runaway Thundercracker NRG Ultimate Spidermonkey Ultimate Goop Ultimate Badaboom Ultimate Goop Ironhide Rippersnapper Ultimate Chromastone Sonar Ben to Sideswipe Jolt to Ultimate Jolt Ben to Ghostfreak Benmummy to Ultimate Benmummy Ultimate Goop Water Hazard Overflow Survive NRG Ironhide Jolt and Sideswipe Water Hazard and NRG Water Hazard and Terraspin Black Ice with Oxen Ultimatrix X10( with Atomix and Benmummy Hologram Busts) Upchuck Rath Eye Guy Ben to Treadbolt Cannonbolt to Ultimate Cannonbolt
Badaboom Overflow Sideswipe Dead End Amhpbibian Big Chill Carnage Hot Shot Carnage Rubix-Dude Chromastone Nightscream Ultimate Brainstorm Ben to Rockbuster Brainstorm to Ultimate Brainstorm Ben to Rainstorm Echo Echo to Ultimate Echo Echo NRG Terraspin Overkill Overkill Rath Badaboom Echo Echo and Brainstorm Ben and Amhbibian Survive and Color Rock Ultimate NRG and Springface Light and Sound Ultimatrix Trailbreaker Lodestar Hoist Ben to Killerpunch Longrack to Rampage


Tech 10

Wave 1

Ultimatrix reformatted toy, contains parts to build original and upgraded Tech 10 Ultimatrix, projects holograms of each alien with a disk for each one that slides into it.

Psikcick, has attachable telekinetic sheild and alien holo disk.

Vaceuoom, has small vacuum inside and alien holo disk.

Overtide, is tranparent blue and is fillable with water which can be squirted out by pushing a button on his back and alien holo disk.

Destramonium, has smashing action for each arms and alien holo disk.

Airthrower, has small fan inside and alien holo disk.

Electrolite, has small electric zapper installed on hands and alien holo disk.

Frozen flame, has fire and ice missiles for both sides and alien holo disk.

Calkules, is made of stretchy rubber and has alien holo disk.

Cellulyte, shoots green powder and has alien holo disk.

Rockoustic, has vibrater, electric buzzer, rock missile, and alien holo disk.

Sonorosian Adventures

Wave 1 Season 1

Terraspin Propeller Wings-They are Terraspin's propeller wings and go on your back.

Den -10

Alien Collection

Most toys came with accesories, according to their powers. Each one comes with a part to create a giant character (changes every wave)

Wave 1: Opposite aliens

Each one came with parts for a giant Chetknirsh.

  • Tnalpkcor with electricity blast and jelly. Comes with Chetknirsh's right arm.

  • Lians with retractable shell. Comes with Chetknirsh's left arm.

  • Eulgrepus with eulg blob. Comes with Chetknirsh's upper body.

  • Chetknirsh with plants and eletricity beam. Comes with Chetknirsh's head.

  • Mrotsnus with ice beam. Comes with Chetknirsh's lower body.

  • Ebuceci with fire beam and ball mode. Comes with Chetknirsh's right leg.

  • Ssengnithon. Comes with Chetknirsh's tail.

  • Renaelc Muucav with small germ beam and air attack. Comes with Chetknirsh's left leg.

  • Dnimkaew with telekinetic beam. Comes with Chetknirsh's left shoulder spike.

  • Shifyllej with opposite electricity beam. Comes with Chetknirsh's right shoulder spike.

Wave 2: Main Characters

Each one came with parts for a giant Larberec.

  • Den with retractable Xirtisop. Comes with Larberec's right arm.
  • Ari with retractable claws. Comes with Larberec's left arm.
  • Ebenso with Ebenso clone and two of his guns (to put on the clone and on him). Comes with Larberec's left leg.
  • Ptyon with acidic spit attachable to mouth and Doortal. Comes with Larberec's right leg.
  • Vroma Myga with goo attachable to eyes. Comes with Larberec's upper body.
  • Nengyuan with radiation beam and Infinity Trunk. He can go out of the suit too. Comes with Larberec's lower body.
  • Oculus with three different eye lasers. Comes with Larberec's right eye.
  • Mudigirf with fire breath. Comes with Larberec's left eye.
  • Larberec. Comes with Larberec's head.
  • Odutset with fan mode. Comes with Larberec's giant rebmulp badge.

Wave 3: Normal aliens

Each one came with a piece for a giant Sunstorm.

  • Rockplant with stones and plants. Comes with a quarter of Sunstorm's body
  • Superglue with glue blob. Comes with a quarter of Sunstorm's body.
  • Snail with small version of himself and shell. Comes with a quarter of Sunstorm's body.
  • Icecube with ice beam and cube form. Comes with a quarter of Sunstorm's body.
  • Sunstorm with fire beam and fire whip. Comes with Sunstorm's head.
  • Nothingness. Comes with Sunstorm's tail.
  • Weakmind. Comes with half of Sunstorm's left arm.
  • Vacuum Cleaner with good germs. Comes with half of Sunstorm's left arm.
  • Jellyfish with electricity and blob version of himself. Comes with half of Sunstorm's right arm.
  • Shrinktech with electricity and small version of himself. Comes with half of Sunstorm's right arm.

(more soon)

DNA alien heroes

Each one has some features.

Wave 1

  • Tnalpkcor: Can shoot goo missles and electricity missles. His goo boulders can be detached, and his electric wires can be extended.
  • Ebuceci: Shoots fire missles from both arms. He can also transform into a ball. In ball mode he can light up.
  • Lians: Has a pullback motor in his body. His shell is clay and can shapeshift.
  • Eulgrepus: Shoots eulg missle. His protective shield can be removed to reveal his hard body. His claws open and close to shoot the eulg missle.
  • Renaelc Muucav: Blows out air from the giant pore in his belly. The spike on his tail can shoot out germ missle, and it can go in and out.
  • Dnimkaew: Has punching action. He can shoot electricity beams from his head.
  • Chetknirsh: Has yticirtcele missle. He can grow bigger too.

Wave 2

  • Ptyon: Can be inflated and when squashed shoots slime.
  • Nengyuan: Can be released from his suit and glows. Also he can shoot a energy missle from his head or hands.
  • Vroma Myga: Shoots goo from eyes and his wings flap. His tail can lower down fast, like he is stinging someone.
  • Odutset: Turns into fan-mode. In fan mode he can spin very fast.
  • Mudigirf: Fire breath-like peice comes out from his mouth, and it glows too.
  • Oculus: Eyes glow, and he can shoot different missles from different eyes.

(more soon)

Lego sets


Similar to the original Ben 10 Lego, these are big figures that people can build or combine with others.

Wave 1
  • Tnalpkcor
  • Eulgrepus
  • Renaelc Muucav
  • Dnimkaew
  • Chetknirsh
  • Ebuceci


  • Tnalpkcor+Renaelc Muucav
  • Eulgrepus+Renaelc Muucav
  • Dnimkaew+Chetknirsh+Ebuceci
Wave 2
  • Nengyuan
  • Ebenso
  • Oculus
  • Ari
  • Larberec
  • Den


  • Nengyuan+Ebenso
  • Oculus+Larberec
  • Ari+Den+Ebenso

(more soon)

Evan Billion

Character Toys

  • Evan Levin: Comes with Evan and a small Billiontrix, also weapon hands.
  • Kevin Levin: Comes with Kevin and weapon hands.
  • Rocket: Comes with a Vulpimancer and a Polymorph. You can take off the parts and stick them on other figures.
  • Sharpoint: Comes with a Petrosapien and Vulpimancer figure. You can take off the parts and stick them on other figures.
  • Man of Many Puzzles: A button on his staff can launch a ball. The ball, when launched, releases a red light. If you press the button with the ball away, it floats back.

Alien Toys

  • Glider: Has a switch on the back that launches him into the air, then you can open a rod on his back that reveals a paper fan. Glider parachutes down. It also comes with blasters that make green lights.
  • NME: A switch on his back allows him to jump high into the air, then glide down. Sword hands from Evan and Kevin toys are good on him.
  • Battlesuit: A magnet with various objects made of metal.
  • Very Long: A pull-apart rubber toy.
  • Flat: A cardboard toy that can shoot arrows from holes in his wrists.
  • ABC: If you squeeze it, it sings the alphabet. You can also fill it's holes with small letters and press a button that makes him blast them out.

Other Alien Merchandise

  • Lightmeraction Camera: A yellow camera made out of rubber.
  • Glider's Fans: A paper fan, and also a bigger fan that resembles a glider.
  • Sportacus' Sports Gear: Different sports gear shaped like what it is on Sportacus. For example, frisbee shaped like a foot.
  • Edibility Refrigerator: A refrigerator shaped like Edibility. It stores different things, like meat, drinks, dairy, etc.
  • Stunner Donuts: 20 donuts in one package that look like Stunner.

Episode Sets

Every set represents an episode with characters, aliens, technology, and places from it. You can change the characters and aliens so that they represent moves that they do in the episode.

  • Drobot Destroyer: Comes with Evan, Kevin, Drobot, Copy-Copy, Combinationer, Useless, TV, chairs, diner with food and tables, attachable Billiontrix, 2 Sunders, wacky gas, an axe, dancing bananas and a hoverboard

More Coming Soon

Shade 10: Evolutions

4" Aliens/Villains Collection


4" Collection

Each one came with an object for him

Wave 1

  • Peixes with IntangiBall
  • Cibus with a half biten food plate and electriciy bolt
  • Sartan with dumbbell
  • Ledus with ice weapon and ice beam
  • Decibel with guitar and sound disks
  • Elduris with fire beam and ice beam
  • Exypnos with time accelerator and electricity
  • Retrecir with small Retrecir and electricity
  • Sakana
  • Thirio with acid

Wave 2

  • Magister Pupe with microphones
  • Meliza with goo
  • Anguis with money and feathers
  • Dittie with clones
  • D'aois with wheelchair and lasers
  • Kulta with gold
  • Ms. Partikas with disgusting food
  • Daynjar with radiation beams and stethoscope
  • Periculo with fire and rocks
  • Auge with lasers and cameras

Wave 3

  • Papiro with tape that can be put on him
  • Probus with dumbells
  • Melvin with lasers
  • Capulus with coffee barrels and coffee squirt
  • Tertawa with laughing gas
  • Plante Rocher with whip, hat and interchangable boulder hand
  • Faul with removable helmet and laser beams
  • More soon.

Stan 14

Wave 1

Each figure comes with a Species card and a hologram for the Omnimatrix toy.






Muscleman- Strechy arms



Wildvine- Strechy legs and arms

Inkster- With Blue bolt

Sea Monster

Haunter- With stand to "float"

Heatstone- Glow in the dark


Wave 2

Each toy comes with a Species card, a hologram for the Omnimatrix toy, and a piece for a giant Alien X.


Paperboy- With a pencil- Alien X Right Arm

Piranha Freak- With a attachable tail- Alien X Left Arm

Fuzzball- With a stand to "float"- Alien X Right Leg

Gigantic Sunstorm- Alien X Left Leg

NRG- Alien X Body

Terraspin- Alien X Head

Gigantic Waybig- Alien X Omnimatirx

Grey Matter- Alien X Left Horn

Echo Echo- Alien X Middle Horn

Ultimate Echo Echo- Alien X Right Horn


Wave 3

Each toy comes with a Species Card and a Hologram for the Omnimatrix.



Alien X

Voodude- With brown clay

Snow Bear- With ice missle

Chamalien- With attachable stinger




Combo Packs

Each pack contains: At least three aliens,A comic book, and a poster.

Translusent Inkster, Rehk, and Tes in bathing suit


Voodude,Snow Bear, ChamAlien, and Gorilaphant

Rehk,Kael,Chromasbreed,Vilgax, and special Green Translucent Alien X with light up Omnimatrix


Special Toys

Each toy is special and won't appear in the series ever.

White Voodude with Trees on the shoulders

Red Inkster

Flaming Wildvine

Ben 10: Alien Team

Alien Collection

Some toys do actions, and some came with accessories.

Wave 1- Aliens

  • Impossiball- Switches between colors
  • Windup- Winds up like a windup toy and shakes, has two missles that can be put in his hands
  • Steeljaws
  • Boywen- Comes with 3 arrows and bow
  • Cannonman- Comes with two cannonballs
  • LMN- Squirts juice (anything can be put in) from his mouth
  • EchoFibian- Comes with one more Echofibian and with soundwaves
  • Energybender
  • Fuzzball
  • Scorch- Comes with two fireballs

Wave 2 - Characters

  • Ben
  • Upgrade- Comes with machine and laser
  • Upchuck
  • Cannonbolt- Rolls into a ball
  • Spidermonkey- Comes with web
  • Ripjaws- Can turn legs to fin
  • Humungousaur
  • Chromastone- Comes with laser
  • Brainstorm- Comes with electricity
  • Swampfire- Regenerates arm and comes with fireball


Wave 1

The Omni-Knights

Wave 1

  • Forcefield with two forcefield balls that can split to put things inside
  • Flying Fish with stand to make "hover" and water whip.
  • Lava Lamp with fire ball and light beam
  • Icescream with soundwave and ice beam
  • Velocityraptor
  • Electromagnet with electricity beam

Wave 2

  • Paul with Prototrix and hoverboard
  • Sir Cador with sword and lance
  • Sir Esclabor with sword and mace
  • Paradox
  • Princess Emily (as Citrakayah)
  • Velmenni with laser gun and replaceable arm

Wave 3

  • Troconneuse Warrior with replaceable arm
  • The Black Knight with electric sword and replaceable helmet (between human and robot) and with a shield
  • Buzzshock (blue) with electricity
  • Dark Forcefield with dark energy and two black forcefield balls that can split (recolor of Forcefield)
  • Dark Icescream with red soundwave and black ice beam (recolor of Icescream)
  • Dark Velocityraptor (recolor of Velocityraptor)

Wave 4

  • Ipnotizzare
  • Dark Paul with dark energy
  • Kor with ice cubes
  • Mortagarian Dragon
  • Cannonbolt with ball form
  • Dark Cannonbolt with ball form (recolor)

Wave 5

  • Unknown Omni-Knights Alien (has no accesories)
  • Airbug with "wind" blow
  • Mindswap
  • Biohazard
  • Destroyer with laser beam
  • Dimensional

Special episode packs

These packs come with special accessories and characters for an episode in the Omni-Knights/

  • Dark Forces Pack: Dark Appoplexian, Duisternis, Dark Emily, Half-dark Velocityraptor and half-dark Forcefield. The accessories are a darkness portal, and the darkness machine of Duisternis.
  • Underneath the Castle Pack: Nekros, Notelex, Stenar, Netvorian creature and Electromagnet (with electric light attachable to hand). Special accessories are a brick wall in the maze and the third gem.
  • Snow Day Pack: Kor, Mortagarian, Emily as Citrakayah (half-frozen), Cador with fire sword and half-frozen Forcefield. The pack has no accessories.
  • Technology's Revenge Pack: Emily in Citrakayah form, Buzzshock, Anachron, and two Megawhatts. The accessories are a saw weapon, and two laser protection in the security system.
  • Outer Space Pack: Ipnotizzare, Translucent Emily as Citrakayah, Electromagnet, hypnotised Esclabor and one Biggogg. The accessories are vines and plants that Ipnotizzare controlled, and the spaceship.
  • To Kettensage Pack: Kalo, Paul, Sir Cador, Tortor Cult soldier, and Velmenni. The accessories are the Troconneuse prison, and the Troconneuse spaceship.
  • Arburia Attack Pack: Rudak, Nopea Lisko, Dark Cannonbolt, Normal Selrach and Evolved Selrach. The accessories are the platform where Selrach was killed, and a Pelarota house.
  • Magical Pack: Paul, Csamus, Rock Creature, Emily as Citrakayah, and Sir Cador. The accessories are Csamus's machine.
  • A Knight's Rising Pack: The Black Knight (human), Flying Fish, Sir Cador, Sir Esclabor and Alien Dragon. The accessories are Sir Cador and Sir Esclabor's horses.

Brandon 10

Action Figures

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Deluxe Figures

Wave 1

  • Brandon (Slaping Omnitrix)
  • Coco (Shooting Laser)
  • Freezefire (Shooting Fireballs)
  • Ro-Warasaur (Punching Action)
  • Wildpup (Bitting Action)
  • Big Boo (Invisable Action)

Wave 2

  • Slime Shot (Streching Action)
  • Gasadactly (Flying Action)
  • Aqualad (Shooting Water)
  • Anglerfish (Bitting and Swimming Action)
  • The Mutanter (Activating Machine)
  • The Creator (Summoning Robots)

Wave 3

  • Snow Bear (Ice Breathing Action)
  • Virus (Shooting Electricity)
  • Twisty (Spinning Action)
  • The Extreme Biker Leader (Sword Action)
  • Ghost Brandon (Scaring Action)
  • The Conqueror (Shooting Laser from Sword)

Wave 4

  • Beastie (Claw Action)
  • Rocks (Rock Controling Action)


  • Go-Kart


  • Brandon's Lab: Green Brandon figure, Mini Beakers and Alien Rocks Included
  • City: Green Coco Included


Brandon 10: Alien Force

Action Figures

Each figure comes with a Trading Card and a Hologram

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5 (Aliens Among Us)

  • Brandon (AAU)
  • Coco (AAU)
  • Sarah (AAU)
  • Bill (AAU)
  • Hackoid
  • Lord Abraxo
  • Lycosidian
  • Enhanced Lycosidian
  • Dr. Malador
  • Abigail Malador

Wave 6

Deluxe Figures

Wave 1

  • Brandon (Slamming Omnitrix)
  • Loch Ness (Fires Water)
  • Astro (Energy illumination)
  • Crusher (Arm Smash)
  • Electrix (Fires Electricity)

Wave 2

  • Batwing (Wing Action)
  • Tick (Crawling Action)
  • Brandon Bot (Hack Hands)
  • Brainiac (Forcefeild Unreavles)
  • Agilmur (Leaping Action)
  • 10 X (Reality Shifting)

Wave 3

  • Coco (Absorbing Powers)
  • Sarah (Energy Manipulation)
  • Zonarian Commander (Claw Strike)
  • Zonarian Soilder (Spitting Action)
  • Zonarian X (Growl Attack)

Wave 4

  • Rocks (Boulder Smash)
  • Snow Bear (Claw Attack)
  • Conqueror (Staff Strike)
  • Magnet Man (Force Control)
  • Stink Breath (Gas Release)

Wave 5

  • The Droid (Command Control)
  • Celida (Warp Motion)
  • Uncle Bill (Blaster Action)
  • Nodnarb (Ultimatrix Slam)
  • Erudiden (Spark Glow)


  • Juice Shack Set w/ Brandon Action Figure and Bounty Hunter 1 Action Figure
  • Coco's Garage Set w/ Coco Action Figure and Extreme Biker Action Figure
  • Zonarian Base Set w/ Sarah Action Figure and Zonarian Action Figure
  • Desert Set w/ Loch Ness Action Figure and Tyler Action Figure


  • Brandon 10 Omnitrix (Holograms included with each figure)
  • Brandon Costume (15)
  • Loch Ness Costume
  • Agilmur Costume
  • Coco's Car includes 3 alien mini-figures (Loch Ness, Crusher, Astro)
  • Sparky Spaceship includes 3 ailen mini-figures (Electrix, Batwing, Brainiac)

Trading Cards

Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero

Action Figures

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4 (Ultimate Conquest)

  • Brandon (Live Action)
  • Coco (Live Action)
  • Sarah (Live Action)
  • Amy (Live Action)
  • James (Live Action)
  • Elizabeth
  • General Gates (Live Action)
  • Warax
  • Nomad
  • Portal

Ultimate Heroes

Wave 1

  • Brandon (Slamming Ultimatrix)
  • Hydro-Man (Water Blasts)
  • Drillbit (Ground Slam)
  • Shock Speed (Running Legs)
  • DNA X (Genetic Glow)

Wave 2

  • Heal X (Medical Slime)
  • Shredder (Claw Action)
  • Khan (Genex Blast)
  • Hackoid (Laser Fire)
  • Coco (Stone Form) (Spiked Mace)


  • A Hero is Known Set
    • Brandon (16)
    • Ultimate Loch Ness
    • DNA X
    • G.E.I.T. Base Background
  • Playtime Set
    • Ro-Warsaur (UH)
    • Hackoid (UH)
    • Bellwood City Background
  • The Ultimate Enemy Set
    • 10 X
    • Ultimate Astro
    • Khan
    • Abandonned Lab Background


  • Ultimatrix Toy
  • Ultimate Ultimatrix (w/ realistic features)
  • Hydro-Man Helmet
  • Drillbit Gloves
  • Shock Speed Pack (w/ Tail Accessory)
  • Heal X Helmet
  • Shredder Gloves
  • Khan's Genex
  • The Mach 10
  • The Interceptor

Trading Cards


4 inch figures

  • Rnd with spoons and pineapples
  • Cheesy with cheese spikes and wheel mode
  • Pringles with WTFUDGE bomb
  • Steve (Omi's version) with bubbles and removable glasses
  • Meaper with moustache
  • Mr. Evil with grapefruits
  • Winnie the Poop with poo
  • Balloonatron with balloon
  • Barneybite with electricity
  • Lenny with lasers
  • Steve (Roads's version) with super mushroom
  • Steve (Batking's version) with bubbles

Ben 10: Stupidity Force

Alien Collection

Wave 1:

Wave 2:

Wave 3:

Wave 4:

Wave 5:

Wave 6:

Eamon 10

Alien Collection

Wave 1: March 9th, 2012

Wave 2: April 23rd, 2012

Wave 3: May 16th, 2012

Wave 4: TBA

Tommy 12

4 Inch

  • Ovenizer with Fireballs
  • Tommy with Twelvrang
  • White Out
  • Andafight with Detachable Tail
  • Nessavio


  • Twelvtrix Toy
  • Umbrella


  • White Bandana
  • Green Bandana
  • Red Bandana
  • Ovenizer Jacket



Tommy's House Set


  • Tommy Twelvis
  • Ariel Twelvis
  • Annette Twelvis
  • Sophi Twelvis

Bionicle Styled

  • Ovenizer with Fireball Missiles
  • White Out with Positive Energy Missiles
  • Black Out with Negative Energy Missiles

Minifig Packs

Pack 1
  • Tommy
  • Ovenizer
  • Fasttrack
  • Sophi
  • Sophi Anodite
  • Viral


  • Ovenizer
  • Andafight

12 Inch

  • Tommy with Twelvtrix Sword
  • Viral with Energy Bolts

6 Inch

  • Ovenizer with Fireballs
  • Upgrade

Toy Cars

  • Upgraded Race Car
  • Upgraded Van
  • Upgraded Jeep


6 Inch

  • Sophi with Mana Spheres
  • Ovenizer with Fireballs
  • Heatblast with Hoverboard

1 Inch

  • Tommy
  • White Out
  • Four Arms
  • Anodite

Ben 10: Invincible Alien

Alien Collection

Wave 1: March 10th, 2012

Wave 2: Unknown Release

Alien Creation Chamber

Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure

Main Toys

Each toy came with 0-3 accessories and a card of information.

Wave 1

  • Evan with Polytrix, stone, and stone Evan
  • Indetal with diamond and diamond wall
  • Zkare with detachable and retachable parts for phasing
  • Radius with eye lasers
  • Nanon with eye laser and blaster
  • Fuge with lion form, bookshelf form, and cell phone form
  • ------- with explosion
  • Strategeff with staff
  • Ristego with ball form
  • Doiteain Plandai with fireball and plant
  • Man of Many Puzzles with elephant and question mark
  • Axeman with fire, earth, and wind form
  • Scarletose with plant and stool
  • Villain Emotion
  • Jetter with water blast
  • Trius with electricity

Wave 2

  • ABC with A, B, and C
  • Battlesuit with lightning, ball, and box
  • Boywen with bow and arrow
  • Clockboy with portal
  • LMN8
  • Puffish with water and big mode
  • Rollerboaster with rollercoaster mode
  • SA with writing ball and writing whip
  • Splinterock with wood and rock
  • Skybird
  • Useless
  • Wall-It with wall
  • Very Long with sun and solar beam
  • Z-Bunch with Z's

Wave 3

  • Ironic
  • Add-and-Blast with various parts
  • Skyder with web and poison ball
  • Bomblow with ice bomb, drill bomb, and immobile bomb
  • Linaport with removable staff, white line, and purple line
  • Psychon with world ray

Wave 4

  • Omni-Donut with sprinkle, smaller donut, and jelly
  • Cheesewheel with wheel mode and cheese
  • Pizza Guy with pizza, slice mode, and frozen mode
  • Orange with seeds and rainbow
  • Pie Guy with pie
  • REO with Oreos and cream
  • Toastroast with fire and bread
  • Atom with fire
  • Tracker with water
  • Ninelives

Wave 5

  • Pyrology with fire
  • Cannonall with chair, water bottle, and piece of plastic
  • Tidalwave with water
  • Cryo Flio with ice
  • Emergeter with laser
  • Liquolizer with ice, steam, and goo
  • Terrock with rock and Taedanite form
  • Animild

Wave 6

  • Knowledgeape
  • Intangibull with intangible and invisible modes
  • Fabeel with bipedal frog
  • Hacker with 0 and 1
  • Planker with plank

Wave 7

  • Georock with laser and rock
  • The Percolating Coffee Guy with coffee
  • Lego Lab with Legos
  • Stormfront with lightning, dark cloud, and large raindrop
  • Cannonman with cannonball and missile
  • Paradoxiclean

Wave 8

  • Upchuck Norris with removable hat
  • Random Pixel Art Guy with plesiosaurus, piece of pie, and boxer
  • Mydream
  • Balloony with balloons

Wave 9

  • Fury with big mode and red mode
  • Troll Face
  • Piegantic with pie portal and cosmic cream
  • REØ with detachable helmet, detachable hammer, and viking ship
  • The Percølating Cøffee Guy with detachable helmet, detachable hammer, and lightning made from coffee
  • Ørange with detachable helmet, detachable hammer, and clone
  • Centalien with 3 clones splittable into 3 more
  • Philosoraptor with removable Plato's Complete Works
  • All Your Base Are Belong To Us with bad English beam
  • Forever Alone with animated rock and two tears
  • Challenge Accepted
  • Awwww Yeah with attachable tail and Black Forest Ham

Wave 10

  • Cracheur with spit figure, goo, and pull-apart ice block to put things in
  • Parva Magna with big mode, small mode, and small elephant
  • Ego with --- ----, ---- ---- and ---------- ---------- to make her seem like she's ------
  • Eisal with ice block and ice mace
  • Barber-ian with cut club
  • Barber-ian riding hairodactyl with cut club
  • Dead Barber-ian
  • ---- with ---- ------

To be completed.

Object Transformers

These are 7 inch figures transformed into household objects and whatnot.

Wave 1

  • Battlesuit into refridgerator magnet
  • Useless into microphone
  • Lightmeraction into flashlight
  • Absorbo into nutcracker
  • Feet Balled into football
  • Axxident into scissors
  • Sportacus into ping pong paddle
  • NMA into flashdrive
  • Fairy Tail into portable fan
  • Flat into lock
  • Puffish into bubble bottle
  • Pillows into pillow for decoration
  • EZ2C into sunglasses
  • SA into pencil
  • Lost and Found into reusable fishing bait
  • Esrever into mirror

Wave 2

  • Psychon into calculator
  • Ironic into holder for water to freeze
  • Skyder into ring
  • Linaport into top
  • Bomblow into toothbrush holder
  • Add-and-Blast into hand soap squirter

Wave 3

  • Indetal into scissors
  • Nanon into pen
  • Zkare into fly swatter
  • Radius into bouncy ball
  • Cracheur into food slicer

Wave 4

  • REO into sandwich holder
  • Cheesewheel into cheese slicer
  • Tracker into GPS
  • Centalien into party hat
  • Awwww Yeah into tape recorder
  • Fabeel into shock pen
  • Pie Guy into washable pie tin
  • Pizza Guy into pizza/pie cutter
  • Knowledgeape into marker
  • Ninelives into cat collar
  • The Percolating Coffee Guy into coffee mug


Evan Billion Chess

It's like regular chess, but MPHinities are the pawns, Zkares are the knights, Pizza Guys are the bishops, Parva Magnas are the rooks, Ego is the queen, and Evan is the king. The pawns move with super speed. Rather than jumping over pieces, the knights fly to the side of the piece. The bishops can move backwards once every time it moves. The rooks cannot be attacked by pawns. The queen moves with super speed. The king can copy the range of the opponent's pieces for one turn if the king is beside that piece. More sections will come soon.

Chasers 10


  • Luka with Sword
  • Rai
  • Masked Tai Chi Warrior with Sword
  • Rai's Mom
  • Tori
  • Garnia with Hammer
  • Ave with Whip
  • Water Hazard
  • Four Arms
  • Big Chill


  • Luka

Sierra 10

5 Inch

  • Lyrics
  • Sierra
  • Psycho Red
  • Psycho Blue
  • Psycho Black
  • Kira Human
  • The Thousandth

Jax 10

Wave 1

4 Inch

Price: 4.99

Hyper Alien

Ben 10: Ultimate Universe

Wave 1

4 inch

Hyper alien

LEGO buildable figures

4 inch sets

Ben 100

Main article: Ben 100 (Toy Line)

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