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This episode is in dedication to Jack.


[Echo Echo]: Can you multiple like me?

[Ultimate Spidermonkey]: No duh.

[Spidermonkey]: Meow.

[Echo]: You can?

[Spidermonkey]: Meow

[Ultimate Spidermonkey]: I just say no.

[Spidermonkey]: Mew

[Echo]: Then why are you meowing?

[Ultimate Spidermonkey]: I ain't meowing!

[Echo]: Sure sounds like it!

[Spidermonkey[: Meow.

[Ultimate Spidermonkey]: Why are you meowing short guy?

[Echo]: I ain't meowing!

[Ultimate Spidermonkey]: You are just pinning the blame on me, who can not meow, as gorrilas do not meow.

[Echo]: I heard Spiders can.

[Spidermonkey]: Meeeeooooww.

[Ultimate Spidermonkey]: STOP THAT MEOWING ECHO ECHO!


[Spidermonkey: Meow. (see's them fighting) What they fighting over?

The end