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General Information
Species Mynimi
Home World Micoro
Personality Type ENFP (Campaigner)
Age ~49yrs
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Light Generation
Memory Projection
Equipment SapienSwitch
First Appearance TBA

Memorista'r is a character that inhabits the world of Tech Cross.

Xe was originally created for the Winter Fanon Con 2020 Character Competition as part of the Tech X+ project.


Memorista'r, like many young Mynimi, dreamed of being a superstar Memory Maker when xe was a child. Memory Makers are the ultimate celebrities of Micoro, competing in the extreme sport of Memory Making to create the most dynamic memories by any means possible and then using xyr memory projection abilities to recreate them. In professional tournaments, each Memory Maker is given one Miclii (≈78 minutes) to craft the best memories inside large arenas made to replicate a wide variety of landscapes. The sport can be extremely dangerous, but its popularity seems to wildly supersede any safety concerns.

After practicing for it throughout xyr childhood, Memorista'r began signing up for local Memory Making competitions, where xe performed fairly well and bagged a few wins. Something xe noticed while competing (and, in hindsight, viewing professional tournaments) was that the memory projections being created by competitors were usually just displays of the competitors xemselves performing a given stunt, with little if any focus being put into their surroundings.

Now, this was by and large the general standard for Memory Making, since putting more focus on the individual tended to cultivate a highly-devoted fanbase for xem. Of course, something being standard doesn't inherently mean it being required, and a small movement of Memory Makers more dedicated to the artistic side of the sport had recently began receiving more and more public support, and Memorista'r xyrself began considering the merit of the idea.

Curious, xe attempted to create a memory along those lines in one of xyr local competitions. Held inside a Snowscape arena, the small tournament gave xyr the chance to create a memory of snow gently falling upon a frozen lake. The projection xe created from it only netted xyr third place, but xe found xyrself surprisingly okay with it. Something had sparked inside of xyr when xe saw the scene of the memory for the first time; it evoked a sense of melancholy, an emotion that stood in stark contrast to the thrill-seeking nature of the usual Memory Maker projections. Xyr placement in the tournament itself felt hardly relevant compared to what xe had just realized:

Complex memories can create a variety of emotions in their observers.

In a culture where stunts were valued far above substance, this was actually quite the unique revelation. Determined to see where this new path could lead xyr, xe began creating more and more elaborate scenes, placing focus on the aesthetics of the environment and the emotions xe wanted to convey through them. Despite initially facing some backlash for these odd entries, xyr determination kept xyr going, and xe eventually began to cultivate a fanbase of xyr own, drawing in individuals bored of the usual Memory Maker schtick and seeking something new.

Xe began rising in the ranks, moving up from local tournaments to regional tournaments, state tournaments, and eventually international tournaments. Xyr unique style and voice made xyr extremely controversial, which only seemed to end up boosting xyr popularity. Wanting to evolve xyr craft, xe began blending memories, carefully crafting scenes from various spots of the arena. Using chunks of different memories to create projections that seemed to bend reality, meticulously decorated to evoke a sense of awe from their viewers, xe became a media sensation, drawing in views for stations from both those who loved xyr and those who hated xyr.

Of course, professional sports are professional sports, and no matter what planet you're on, greed is still going to worm its way into anything with a lot of money involved. Other famous Memory Makers suddenly found their spotlights and monetary prizes being taken up by this oddball newbie, and despite xyr admiration of xyr seniors, some of whom had been childhood heroes of xyrs, they still wanted a way to take xyr out of the equation. Of course, this desire was mostly kept to quiet complaints between themselves at tournaments. After all, nobody would actually be crazy enough to actually try and kill xyr, right?

You already know the answer to that question so let's just keep going.

Due to the dangerous nature of Memory Making competitions, it wasn't particularly uncommon for Memory Makers to slip up during a stunt and end up dying in some sort of easily avoidable and frankly sometimes absurd fashion. Deciding to take advantage of this fact, one competitor actually went for it during an international tournament in a Rocky Mountains arena. Pretending to scope out the best angle for a stunt involving a rockslide, xe waited for Memorista'r to pass underneath, and triggered the rockslide at exactly the right moment. Unable to move out of the way in time, Memorista'r was cruxed underneath the rocks as the offending competitor pretended not to have seen xyr and performed a high-speed rock jumping trick to draw the audience's attention.

Needless to say, while the trick was actually very cool, the audience was far more concerned about the buried Memorista'r, and the tournament was paused to clear xyr off the field; ...well...both *pieces* of xyr, anyway.

A particularly sharp rock had been driven through the thinnest point on xyr spinal column, splitting xyr in half. Xyr blood loss was surprisingly minimal, later discovered to be a result of the offending rock being heavy enough to essentially clamp off xyr blood vessels until help arrived. Reattaching lost body parts was a fairly common surgery in this sport, so the operation to reattach xyr bottom half was fairly quick and effective.

Just not 100% effective.

Limbs cleanly torn off or severed usually didn't present too much of a problem, due to their nerve connections being mostly intact. Nerves crushed by hundreds of tons of falling rock, on the other hand, presented a unique issue. They managed to reattach what nerves they could, but a majority of them were simply too damaged to use, and remained untouched. Most of Memorista'rs injuries were able to heal over time, save for a bit of head trauma, but as a result of these damaged nerves, xyr entire bottom half became partially paralyzed.

Unable to compete in tournaments anymore, Memorista'r slowly slipped back into obscurity, with the spotlight returning to xyr seniors. A few dedicated fans stuck by xyr through all of it, but it was clear to everyone that xyr career was over.

Xyr hopes shattered, xe fell into a state of reclusiveness and depression. As time passed xyr by, xe began to wither away, with the numbness in xyr legs seeming to spread through xyr entire body; that is, until xyr remembered something.

Somehow, someway, something sparked an idea in xyr head; xyr memories had been created to evoke emotions; maybe, just maybe, they'd be able to help xyr with this.

Xe began replaying the projections xe had created for the tournaments, starting with xyr most recent memories and ending with xyr oldest. Eventually, xe came across the Snowscape scene xe had made years ago; the memory that had truly started all this to begin with.

Some parts of the projection were hazy, xyr formerly infallible memory failing xyr in some places due to the injuries to xyr head, but the peaceful yet melancholic feeling of the scene remained. Xe stared into it for quite a while. It was unimpressive compared to xyr later works; a small, simple landscape with xyr standing in silence near the frozen lake. Despite that, seeing where xe had started brought back that spark xe had felt all those years ago: the spark of inspiration.

Xyr determination renewed, Memorista'r left Micoro to travel the galaxy, studying the scenes and decor of other planets and weaving them into xyr memories for good. Xe eventually arrived on a planet called Earth; a strange place that seemed to constantly walk the line between backwards slums and Plumber-backed revolutionary technology.

As xe left the spaceport of Salt Lake City, the ground covered in winter snow, xe heard other aliens murmuring about a human scientist named Dr. Krauze, who evidently worked with transhumanist technologies. Curious about these rumors, xe set up an appointment to meet this odd doctor. During their meeting, Krauze gave xyr a device called a SapioSwitch, allowing xyr to transform into a human, and after hearing xyr story, recommended that xe toured a few local neighborhoods famed for having grand holiday light displays, and finish by visiting a temporary attraction known as the "Ice Castles". A bit skeptical, but willing to take the doctor's word for it, xe began exploring the route the doctor had outlined that night.

It was like nothing xe had ever seen before.

Decorations everywhere. Lights, wreaths, trees, strange tacky inflatable displays that people still somehow think are cool, an entire world of aesthetic wonder. Truly, only humans could ever put so much care and effort into something totally useless.

One of the neighborhoods xe visited even had a row of houses with well-lit displays in their yards explaining what seemed to be the origin of the holiday currently being celebrated. It was a bit odd, but xe got the general idea; a magic baby born by a single parent (which was the standard on xyr planet, so xe didn't really get this part) that was given valuables and would somehow fix everything for everyone ever. Maybe a bit of a generic chosen one story, but it was alright.

After committing the lights and displays across the city to xyr memories, xe made xyr way to these "Ice Castles" the doctor had told xyr about. Xe wasn't quite sure what a castle made of ice would look like, but even if xe did, xe would not have expected what xe actually saw.

Millions of icicles, crafted together to build translucent castles of ice covered in snow and glowing with all the colors of the rainbow. This went beyond a simple decoration; it was a grand expression of mankind's infinite, priority-skewed quest to combine the beauty of nature with the beauty of modern engineering. To most, it was simply a highly impressive decoration of the landscape, but for xyr, it was exactly what xe had needed to see.

After that night, Memorista'r decided to stay on Earth, using xyr memories to design projections of unique dioramas and ornaments, which xe learned to craft into real objects. As it turned out, humans like to decorate a lot; like, a lot a lot; like, an inordinate amount. It seemed like there was a new celebration with a new set of decorations to go with it, and such, a new set of customers looking to buy.

Xe utilized xyr human transformation to perform more intricate tasks with actual hands. Both those and the ability to walk again were disorienting for xyr at first, but over time, xe managed to adapt to the new body and master how it moved. Settling into life on Earth, xe continued to craft, and though xe still somewhat missed the excitement and glory of the arenas, xe was happy at last. Xyr decorations may not have brought xyr the fame or financial gain of Memory Making, but in the end, they still carried xyr soul.

And that's all xe truly wanted.


Memorista'r is passionate and highly motivated, pouring xyr heart into xyr work no matter what the task at hand might be. When xe has something to work on that xe truly loves, xyr mind transforms into an energetic and seemingly bottomless pit of creativity, giving xyr works a unique glow.

If xe gets too involved in a project, xe has difficulty paying attention to xyr surroundings, a flaw that almost proved fatal. Despite this, xe still finds xyrself unable to work without getting in the zone, and so keeps most of xyr work confined to a saferoom in the back of xyr store.

Generally charming and easy to talk to, Memorista'r's approachable nature contributed significantly to xyr popularity, and is the reason xe still has a small but dedicated fanbase on Micoro to this day.


In xyr natural form, Memorista'r has the ability to create solid light projections of anything from xyr or others' memories using the "bulbs" at the ends of xyr arms. Xe initially had a photographic memory like the rest of xyr species, but head trauma from being crushed underneath the rockslide damaged parts of it.



SapienSwitches are small, Omnitrix-like devices that allow aliens to assume human form in order to make better use of Earth's human-focused infrastructure.


  • Memorista'r's name is a portmanteau of the words "memories" and "star".
  • Mynimi are a generally agender species with no direct correlation to human sex or gender, and their preferences in regards to English pronouns varies. Memorista'r's chosen human transformation is anatomically female, but xe maintains xyr agender identity.
  • The Fanon Con competition's theme of "Decorations" is initially incorporated into xyr character through the decorative nature of xyr memory projections, and later appears in a more literal fashion as xe is inspired by Earth's decorations and decides to become a designer of them.
  • I'm not sponsored by the Midway Ice Castles, but I could be if they ever RESPONDED TO MY GOD DAMN EMAILS.