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Membryo is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cellopod from the planet Caullulam.


Membryo is a mess of a creature. His body is a spherical mass connected to his spherical head by a thin tube of flesh. His head has his protruding snout, as well as a growth from the top that has a fin on either side, and his green eye at the front center. Off of his head, he has four legs that go way out, and end in suction cup feet. From his body, he has four arms ending in hands with long fingers and claws. His body is mostly red, with orange details at his joints, hands, and around his eye. His feet and fins are brown. He wears a black cloth over his body with a belt that alternates between white and green. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his belt.


  • Membryo's abilities focus on how his species reproduces. Rather than a live birth or laying eggs, the Cellopod's reproduce by stealing the young of other species and manipulating their genetics through the use of stem cells. This eventually causes the young to change from their previous species to Cellopods. Membryo, like all his species, is able to manipulate the speed at which this genetic alteration occurs.
  • Membryo's suction cup feet allow him to climb walls and walk on the ceiling.
  • Membryo has sharp claws.
  • Membryo's appearance is so horrifying that he could use his genetic powers as torture by threatening to turn his victim into one of him.


  • If Membryo uses his genetic powers too slow, the victim might not change fast enough for it to be worth it, but if he uses them too fast, he could cause a permanent, horrific mutation.
  • Gene manipulating opponents are not affected by his powers.






  • Membryo's name is a play on "membrane" and "embryo."
  • Membryo's species name is a play on "cell" and "cephalopod," a term referring to octopi or squids, referencing his many limbs.
  • Membryo's planet name is a play on the Latin words "caulis," meaning stem, and "cellulam," meaning cell, meaning his planet name literally means stem cell.


  • Membryo's means of reproduction, and thus his power set, were made by Aaron on the Discord. I'm pretty sure it was a joke at first but now it's a thing.
  • Membryo was the featured alien of March, 2020.
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