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Sara Mothersage (aka Mega Mom) is a 1/5 Human, 1/5 Anodite, 1/5 Kinecerelan, 1/5 Vaxasaurian, and the final 1/5th is Aerophibian from the planet Earth in Ahmad 15.


Simply a mother, her heart warns her when kids are in Danger. She may trap villians in Pots which shrinks them. Her villians may be Bullies, Angry Adults, Teachers and any other Kid-Hater.


Similar to Super Man, She has super strength, speed, and Hearing. She also has:

  1. Mother's Heart (Alert)
  2. Super Hearing
  3. Super Speed
  4. Enhanced Reflexes
  5. Create Tornadoes
  6. Super Agility
  7. Flight
  8. Fast Swimmer
  9. Able to go into Hyperspace
  10. Underwater Breathing
  11. Neuroshock Blasts
  12. Super Agility
  13. Space Survivability
  14. Super Strength
  15. Super Durability
  16. Able to change size
  17. Mana Manipulation
  18. Mana Absorption