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Mega buzzshock
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General Information
Species Ultimately evolved megawhatt
Home World Nosedeen Quasar
Body Humanoid Battery
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis

Electrical Transportation Flight Sonic Scream Self-duplication (with enough power or cut in half) Create storms Electric blasts Energy balls Electric lasers Regeneration Super intelligence

First Appearance -------------------------------------


Mega Buzzshock is similar to an earth battery. He is black with green electricity, green eyes. He has a white large lighting like line down the place where his neck starts to where his legs start on his front and back. He has a positive (proton+) symbol and negative (electron-) symbol on his back. He has a hole on his head that can release massive amounts of electricity.He is purple and black instead of yellow and black .

Powers and abilities[]

He can create storms .He can make blasts of electricity which have enough power to destroy Cities.He can release powerfull energy balls.He can shoot electric lasers with his arms.If he is destroyed he would regenerate.He is very intelligent unlike buzzshock.


Fire and water seem to take away his power.